Top 9 Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender Review in 2024

Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender Review (1)

The Mueller Ultra-stick hand Blender is marketed as a European-engineered product by the business behind it. I previously examined a juicer from the same brand and discovered that they are Aicook white-labeling items.

Overall, the Mueller Austria Immersion Blender has impressed me. It’s a strong stick blender at a fraction of the price of the popular brands. It’s no surprise that it’s Amazon’s top seller in this category.

The Bella Immersion Blender, by the way, is another inexpensive option. At any given time, though, I would choose Mueller’s product.

It features a better motor, a nicer design, and more accessories, among other things. In many ways, Mueller outperforms other low-cost stick blenders.

It is not, however, without problems. Now we’ll go over all of the benefits and drawbacks.

Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender Review (1)


  • Affordably priced with a comfortable grip design
  • A 500-watt motor is used.
  • There are nine different speeds available.
  • The pulse or turbo button
  • It includes a frother and a whisk attachment.
  • Cleaning is a breeze with the detachable shaft.
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Free of BPA (mostly stainless steel)
  • The warranty period of one year


  • Not recommended for long-term operation.
  • The bell guard is a little pointy and will scratch your pots and pans.

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What’s the Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender’s performance like?

Despite its low price, the Mueller Ultra-Stick Hand Blender includes a 500-watt motor. When you add in the nine-speed settings, you’ve got yourself a flexible immersion blender that can tackle a wide range of tasks.

It can aid in the preparation of salsa, batters, pesto, smoothies, sauces, and whip cream, among other things. This is only the tip of the iceberg. In addition, you have a whisk and a frother attachment at your disposal.

Is it simple to operate the Mueller Austria Hand Blender?

The Mueller Hand Blender is a powerful piece of equipment. When using the turbo button, you must be cautious. If you need the maximum speed level, I believe you’ll need to grip it with two fingers.

You can observe how this stick blender gets sucked in by watching the video example below. The bell design has anything to do with this. Top brands have already rectified this fault, but you won’t find it in a budget model.

In my opinion, the Mueller Austria Immersion Blender is great in terms of use.

Switching between attachments, on the other hand, is relatively simple. Furthermore, all of the removable parts are dishwashing safe.

The Mueller Austria Immersion Blender is a corded stick blender that is both powerful and inexpensive. It has a 500-watt motor that can handle a variety of kitchen tasks.

A whisk and a frother attachment are also included. Furthermore, the Mueller Immersion Blender is backed by a one-year warranty.

The Mueller Ultra-Stick and Blender (also known as the Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick and Blender) is a low-cost immersion blender for blending hot ingredients directly in a pot or skillet. It makes good smoothies, but it’s cheaply constructed and prone to breaking. 

The body and blending arm are made of metal, but the gear that links them is made of plastic, which can shatter if you use it to process hard items like almonds or ice cubes. 

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In conclusion, the Mueller Austria Hand Blender does not have a problem with blend quality and offers great blending for small portion blending. It doesn’t come with a jar, but it does come with whisk and milk frother attachments that can be used to make salad dressing and lattes, making it more versatile.

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