Top 5 Oil Painting Reproductions to present in 2022

Are you looking for a unique and timeless gift for your loved ones that is truly customized to make them feel special? If yes, then I would suggest gifting them with aesthetic oil painting reproductions that the receiver will certainly love.  

 If you want your loved ones to have a million dollar smile on their face, then gift them with the reproductions of custom oil painting. You can choose from a portrait or a classical reproduction of the authentic painting that will be personalized as per the taste of the receiver and trust us, it will be the best gift ever. Therefore, we’ve streamlined the top 5 oil painting reproductions to present.

Here are 5 Oil Painting Reproductions

Mona Lisa (or La Gioconda)

Top 5 Oil Painting Reproductions to present in [year] 1

Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is a well-known half-length portrait painting that is an astounding and ideal masterpiece that was fabricated during the Italian Renaissance. This painting is also known as La Gioconda, and the lady portrayed in the painting is assumed to be the wife of Francesco Del Giocondo.

The painting illustrates a woman wearing a dress in Florentine fashion and the background is an imaginative and mountainous landscape. This incredible painting has been made using the extraordinary sfumato technique that is clearly evident in the painting. Monalisa’s expressions change from reserved and formal to smiling, smirking and cold and then again smiling and distant, with a glance of side-eye. Our latest reproduction of Mona Lisa is one perfect example of an art reproduction that is apt to gift to a true portrait lover or anybody for that matter!

Starry Night

Top 5 Oil Painting Reproductions to present in [year] 2

This is an art reproduction of the Starry Night by the artist Van Gogh and it is a representation of dark view that was seen from the window of his asylum room. The artist witnessed constant emotional suffering from people around, which is why he checked himself in the Saint-Paul Asylum that has a natural landscape that provided him with the inspiration to create this masterpiece.  

What we see in the painting is a tranquil night. The painting looks like a graphic masterpiece due to the astounding effect of the circular wind mixed with the general scaling done from lower left to right. 

You can gift out finest reproduction of Starry Night to your loved ones and help them get close to the nature that is constantly in motion. The painting signifies that we need to realize that our everyday problems are very little as compared to the grand scheme of things.  

Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife

Top 5 Oil Painting Reproductions to present in [year] 3

This is an exquisite portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife by Jan Van Eyck. It is a famous reproduction that was not noticed or heard of, but is an astounding piece of artwork. This artwork is a detailed masterpiece of North Renaissance period and although the painting may appear like a simple double portrait, but in real it is one of the greatest riddles in the western art history.  

The painting showcases a rich couple, both hailing from big banking families in Lucca, summoning in a parlor of French fashion. The couple seems to be warmly and cordially dressed, plus their items   of clothing are cut with fur. One thing that the painting definitely highlights is the merchant’s wealth and the beautiful depiction of the couple, thus; our amazing reproduction of the Portrait of Giovanni

Arnolfini and his Wife could be presented to someone who is an exhibitionist and would love the portrayal of wealth and grandeur in the form of a painting.

Christus on the Cross with Mary and St. John

Top 5 Oil Painting Reproductions to present in [year] 4

 This famous reproduction of the painting Christus on the cross with Mary and St. John painted by artist Rogier Van Der Weyden is one of his greatest works that will connect with everybody, especially a follower of Christ.

The painting portrays the crucified Christ being lowered from the cross along with Virgin Mary and St. John who represent two complementary images of pain, one turned inward and the other outward and their garments seem to be stone-coloured.

Both of them appear to be standing in grief against an intense bright red coloured background that strikes a powerful note and enriches the emotional effect of the figures. Belonging to the Flemish school, our reproduction of Christus on the Cross with Mary and St. John is truly one of the greatest religious paintings one can present to somebody.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Top 5 Oil Painting Reproductions to present in [year] 5

Jan Vermeer Van Delft’s peculiar   painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring is considered to be one of his most famous works in the history of art. But what makes this painting of a young nonchalant girl so special?

Painted around 1665, this painting was nicknamed as the “Mona Lisa of the North” and it started competing with none other than Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa masterpiece in terms of exposure. There is something about this painting that people want to see it again and again. One thing for sure is that it is extremely beautiful.

The salient blue and yellow tones of the girl’s headscarf, set against a black backdrop, the scintillating pearl framed in hardly a few swift strokes, the proficient exhibition of light and shade on her gleaming skin, the liquid pools of her eyes, everything builds on to a work of great excellence and charm. The fact that the girl’s look is universal rather than specific, our latest the reproduction of  Girl with a PearlEarring can be presented to anyone who admires beauty, familiarity and mystery.


In the end, it is all about representing people and complementing the magical moments of their life in the magnificent paintings which they can keep safe and adore for life. So, go ahead and evoke the precious feeling of togetherness in your loved ones by presenting them a beautiful oil painting reproduction out of any of these amazing choices!