OPPO patents three smartphone designs with Mi 11 Ultra-style secondary displays

In April 2022, OPPO filed a patent in China for three smartphone models, each having its own secondary rear display implementation located within the camera module.

OPPO patents three smartphone designs

The patent was recently made public on December 23rd, and it was discovered by LetsGoDigital, who also created a few illustrations to better highlight the patent’s distinctive features.

Both squarish and circular camera modules are appealing to OPPO.

OPPO patents three smartphone designs with Mi 11 Ultra-style secondary displays 1
Image credit – letsgodigital.org

However, while the squarish module will simply feature two cameras atop a display, the circular form will have four lenses surrounding the secondary display, making it more exotic.

Some may recognise the design as a clear homage to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which had a massive camera module that took up most of the device’s back and housed a tiny display.

Better smartphone design

However, there are a few differences: OPPO’s design better combines the display with the rear cameras, allowing for a smaller camera module.

On the other hand, the display does not appear to be affected by the downsizing, as it appears to be approximately the same size as the Mi 11 Ultra.

There are also other advantages. For example, when the display is installed in the center of the camera system, the user is able to gaze directly into the camera when they look at it.

More benefits of rear displays in general include easy high-resolution selfies with the rear camera and, of course, information when the phone is lying on its front.

However, there is an additional reason for OPPO– under-display cameras.

While UD cameras have come a long way since their introduction, they still fall short of the quality of traditional front cameras.

A back-mounted secondary display should assist consumers overcome this limitation by providing a high-quality alternative.

A realme official already stated that 2022 would be the year of foldable phones and under-display cameras, and it’s safe to assume that OPPO will follow suit.

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As a result, we could see a phone from the business with both a secondary screen and a camera hidden beneath the display.

If that’s the case, the Reno series, which has historically been a great testing ground for OPPO, will be the most likely candidate.