11 Best Monitor for Xbox Series X in 2022

Monitor for Xbox Series X

The finest monitor for Xbox Series X will defy the conventional wisdom that consoles and large televisions are the greatest, nearly exclusive gaming partners. Partly due to the Xbox Series X’s 120Hz high-refresh capabilities and partly due to a new generation of high-quality monitors aimed not just at PCs but also at games consoles, plus the fact that the Xbox Series X supports a wide range of resolutions, including 1440p, monitors become a viable option.

Many of these new panels use HDMI 2.1, which provides ample bandwidth for ultra-high-resolution 4K rendering at 120Hz with variable refresh and all of the HDR bells and whistles enabled. Of course, many televisions now have the same capability.

However, TVs have drawbacks, including input latency, poor pixel responsiveness, and too aggressive picture processing, which aren’t present on the finest Xbox gaming monitors.

The Xbox Series X displays, on the other hand, have been fine-tuned for what matters most to gamers: responsiveness, low latency, and accurate rendering. You’re also not paying for non-essential features like SmartTV interfaces or digital tuners, making the best monitor for Xbox Series X a precise and accurate solution.

You may also acquire Xbox Series X monitors, which have the same feature set as TVs but are considerably smaller and more ergonomic – for example, the finest 4K displays for gaming. Televisions as tiny as 30 inches and even smaller are available. But not with 120Hz screens, native resolutions of 4K or 1440p, and HDR support.

A monitor is a way to go if you want 120Hz gaming with 1ms response and HDR compatibility in a desk-sized box, maybe with a DisplayPort connector for tag-teaming with the best gaming PC or best gaming laptop. However, depending on your needs, tastes, and money, a console-optimized display might be your gaming weapon of choice in many situations.

Top 4 best monitors for Xbox series:

LG 27GP950-B Ultragear UHD

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The LG 27GP950-B is the finest gaming monitor for Xbox Series X that we’ve tested with full HDMI 2.1 bandwidth. Although the Gigabyte M32U can still achieve 4k @ 120Hz transmissions without trouble, it does so with compression. Thus the LG is a fantastic alternative if you don’t want to use compression. The screen is smaller at 27 inches, but it boasts a greater pixel density for crisper visuals.

It supports VRR to eliminate screen tearing and shows any signal from the Xbox Series X up to 4k @ 120Hz, thanks to the full HDMI 2.1 bandwidth and 144Hz panel. Because of the reduced input latency, gaming feels snappy. You won’t notice any motion blur behind fast-moving objects because of the extremely rapid reaction time at any refresh rate.

In addition, it offers good image quality since it gets bright enough to reduce glare and has a high HDR peak brightness, which makes little highlights in games pop.

Unfortunately, although having a local dimming option, it operates poorly since it is edge-lit and does little to enhance picture quality. It also has poor black uniformity, with clouding throughout and blacks that seem grey. Nevertheless, it’s the greatest gaming monitor for Xbox Series X if you do not intend to use it in a dark area.

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Samsung LC32G75TQSNXZA

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With a 1440p resolution, the Samsung LC32G75TQSNXZA is the finest gaming monitor for Xbox Series S that we’ve evaluated. It comes in two sizes: 27 and 32 inches, and both provide an incredible gaming experience with fast reaction times, crystal-clear motion, and extremely little input lag. The 32-inch model provides a more immersive gaming experience, while the 27-inch model has a crisper image due to its greater pixel density.

With a wide color gamut and high contrast, it’s also good for gaming in HDR. Because HDR isn’t particularly bright, the impact is minimal. Because of its high peak brightness in SDR and excellent reflection control, visibility is not a concern in bright settings, and it can readily overcome glare.

It also has superb ergonomics, which means you can quickly adjust it to your preferred viewing angle. It offers excellent gaming capabilities, including support for FreeSync, which reduces tearing in some games.

Unfortunately, the viewing angles are poor, making it unsuitable for playing co-op games or sharing material. However, the 1000R curve creates an extremely immersive gaming experience by bringing the screen’s edges closer to your field of view. Overall, this is a fantastic display, and it’s the greatest Xbox Series S monitor we’ve seen.


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The MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD is the finest Xbox Series S monitor we’ve tested for co-op gaming. It has the same 1440p resolution as the Samsung Odyssey G7 LC32G75T, so it’s a nice fit for the Series S, and you’ll be able to play 1440p games at 120 frames per second on it.

Because it offers broader viewing angles, it’s excellent for co-op gaming because the image remains correct even when seen from the sides. It also offers outstanding ergonomics, allowing you to quickly put the screen in an optimum position and modify it to your preferences, whether you’re playing co-op or solo.

Its maximum refresh rate is lower than Samsung’s, but it’s still high at 165Hz, and animation appears smooth at both 120Hz and 60Hz. It also supports FreeSync VRR, which reduces screen tearing during gaming.

Unfortunately, unless you use the sRGB mode, it has over-saturated colors. Even then, it locks most picture settings, so it’s not the greatest monitor if you want to tweak the picture settings to obtain the best image possible. It also has a poor contrast ratio, making blacks seem gray in dim light. Aside from that, it’s the greatest 1440p monitor for Xbox Series S co-op gaming.


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The LG OLED48C1 is the finest display for HDR gaming on the Xbox Series X that we’ve tested. It’s a one-of-a-kind display since it’s a TV that’s commonly used as a monitor, so we put it to the test. It boasts a 48-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, providing an immersive gaming experience.

It has outstanding HDR performance because of its amazing image quality, and it’s also great for gaming. For starters, the OLED display features a near-infinite contrast ratio and superb black uniformity for deep blacks.

It also boasts a wide variety of colors in HDR and strong HDR peak brightness, which allows highlights in HDR games to shine out. You won’t have any problems playing games on the Xbox Series X, which has HDMI 2.1 bandwidth and can play 4K games at 120 frames per second.

Unfortunately, because it’s a television, there are certain limits. For example, its stand has no ergonomic adjustments, so you’ll have to turn the entire screen if you need to change it.

Also, OLEDs are prone to irreversible burn-in, although this won’t be an issue if you play a variety of Xbox games. Aside from that, it’s the greatest Xbox monitor for HDR gaming.

Best Monitor for Xbox Series X

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The Xbox Series X screens have been fine-tuned to provide gamers with the most important features: responsiveness, low latency, and accurate rendering. If you want 120Hz gaming with 1ms reaction time and HDR capability in a desk-sized unit, a monitor is a way to go. On the other hand, a console-optimized display maybe your gaming weapon of choice in many instances, depending on your demands, tastes, and budget.

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