19 Best Putlocker Alternatives for Movies And TV

Well, the movies part can’t be ignored if we are severely frustrated because of the monotonous routines that we have in our daily lives. The entertainment and peace of mind have just flushed out from life. With the hectic schedules, we are hardly left with some me-time. Our concern is the same to fill your lives with some doses of movies and shows that will add some respite in your so engrossed lives. We are here to tell you about some amazing Putlocker Alternatives that you can visit for some really incredible stuff.

Giving a small introduction about Putlocker. Many of you would have chosen this platform to stream movies and videos online.

Best Putlocker Alternatives List :

It offers a variety of options to the users from where they can choose to watch the content of their choice. One of the top choices of the users and it really holds a good rank.

However, it is really controversial whether it is safe to use this platform or not. So, why worry when here is an index fully loaded with Putlocker Alternatives that will prove their worth once you try your hands on it.

123 Movies Hub

123movieshub Best Putlocker Alternatives

123 Movies Hub is a site worth trying. It is a really amazing Putlocker alternative. It provides you with a whole range of movies and T.V. series for free. It does not require any kind of registration from visitors which makes this site more accessible.

 Here you will find IMDB ratings, time duration, and country of origin which makes your stream more facile and enjoyable. All of the content is easily downloadable so you can watch anytime you want.

If you are the Bollywood Person then you would have to try this site. You can stream online your favorite Bollywood movie easily. One of the best Putlocker Alternatives.

It provides you profusion of content so that you can select according to your preferences. Online streaming is not the correct option to be selected every time. This platform provides you with a solution, hence allows you to download your favorite movies and save them to watch later.

Free Flix

Free Flix is the next commendable option in the list of Putlocker Alternatives, which allows you to watch your favorite movies and series. Here you can also easily download your movies. 

One of the most interesting features of this site is it is free of pop-ups which makes your streaming more hassle-free and pleasing. This site allows you to download multiple movies simultaneously which is a feature most appreciable.


Monoline comes next stop in the list and is a tremendous Putlocker alternative for movie lovers. People always have uncertainty about the quality of movies and they have always been in the dilemma of either watching a particular movie or not. 

Monoline will help you out and hence provides IMDB ratings of movies which makes your selection easy. It comes with an adblocker so that you would not have to face any hindrance. Must try a wonderful site.

C Movies HD

Take your popcorn with you and get ready to enjoy your favorite movies with C Movies HD.

It is another Putlocker alternative to stream your movies.

 Almost all the genres are available here for you to decide which you want to watch. It provides you with additional information to make you a bit more updated and selected. IMDB ratings, country of origin, and time duration all details are present here which makes streaming movies more interesting and easy. 


Vumoo is another option that allows you to select from a large number of TV shows and movies available on it.

A must-try option as Putlocker Alternatives. It contains movies and shows of various languages and grants you access to select varied countries’ options. It does not ask for any kind of sign up.

One problem with this site is it does not have any filter option available to differentiate your content. Apart from this, the site is fabulous and worth using.

Yes Movies

Next in the list is Yes Movies. Sometimes registration, sign up, kind of verifications create a lot of chaos. Yes, Movies make you free from this trouble. It has ultimate faith in its visitors and hence doesn’t ask for any registration. So, you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows easily. It contains ads and pop-ups in between but you can block them with adblocker. Overall it is a magnificent site to have fun and it doesn’t disappoint you with anything.

You must surely try this amazing Putlocker Alternatives.


Here comes another platform to take a look into. It provides you with top-notch content to have endless fun. You find so many movies and shows here. All the movies are mentioned with their year of release. 

It has a remarkable feature that categorizes all the movies accordingly from old to new. This keeps you updated with the latest releases so that you would not have to miss anything new. In a nutshell, this site is of great use and is one of the best. It is worth trying Putlocker Alternative.


The next name on the list is CineBloom. One of the best Putlocker alternatives to watch movies of your favorite hero or heroine. Here you can watch so many movies, shows, series, etc. 

It contains shows and movies from various genres so that you can easily pick out your favorite. You can easily filter out content here according to your preferences which makes your job so easy. Just select and apply and have so much fun and joy.


Who does not want to get access to his favorite shows and movies without spending a single penny? Yes, so here is the key to achieving this. Popcornflix is the site in which you can easily stream your movies absolutely free. 

It contains a lot of movies from different genres so you can enjoy your favorite ones accordingly. It is a very good Putlocker Alternatives to try. It provides you with IMDB ratings so that you would not have to compromise with quality. Overall, a superb site and for sure you would be having an amazing experience. 


If you are a movie buff then you have to try this site for sure. It does not require any kind of registration so you can get easy access to movies of your beloved celebrities.

 It has an amazing variety of content from almost every genre. 

You just have to open this site and you will be having the best time along with your favorite stars. And yes don’t be worried about expenses, Yo-Movies cares about its visitors and is free so watch your movies freely and enjoy. You will love this amazing Putlocker Alternatives.


Vudu is another Putlocker Alternative that contains diverse content for its visitors. But the only problem is that this site comes with some limitations. 

It provides you paid services but if you love watching ads during your stream and can bear it for 30 sec then it would allow you to stream for free. Another headache is that registration is required which makes your streaming more complicated. Nothing to worry about, you can try other alternatives listed here.

Solar Movies 

If something is easy and handy to use then it would be best. Solar Movies comes with an amazing interface. It is a very organized and handy site. Solar Movies is a very good Putlocker alternative.

This makes your streaming a bit easier and disturbance-free. You can stream your favorite movies and shows in different genres. Doesn’t matter where you live, it supports visitors from almost every country. Be ready to have an astounding experience of watching movies and shows here.


Not always you are allowed to stream and as well as download your favorite shows and movies. Niter is an excellent Putlocker alternative that gives you access to both streaming and downloading your favorite movies and shows. 

It provides you with IMDB ratings and release year. It is absolutely free so that you can enjoy your exuberant experiences of movies. One of the best alternatives, you must go on through this.

Prime video

When it comes to personal choice then this is my favorite Putlocker alternative to choose. It provides a wonderful streaming experience that you will not go anywhere one to stick to this amazing platform.

You can watch a plethora of TV series and carious programs for kids as well. We really recommend you to try this amazing interface.


Netflix, An Excellent paid platform that will meet your expectations and will provide you with a wonderful streaming experience.

It is a legal site that means of course you will not land into any trouble once you start using this platform. So do try out this phenomenal Putlocker Alternative.

Pluto TV

Our next stop is Pluto TV. You don’t have to dig into your pockets If you switch to this platform for your fun time. 

You must try out this Putlocker Alternative to watch amazing content that will fill you with joy and fun.


Another Putlocker Alternatives is Snagfilms. It is a great platform where you can find a sea of content that you have been longing to watch.

It offers free and legal streaming that means all in one site that will take care of your pocket as well. 

No sign-ups are required so just go and watch the content that’s it!


Last but not the least Fmovies is worth trying a platform that will cater to all your demands for movies. A variety of Genres to choose from be it romance or comedy you always have your PVR in your hand. 

So just switch to these Putlocker alternatives and here you go!

Hope you have gone through all the Putlocker Alternatives that we have chosen for you so that you can always watch the movies of your choice and enjoy your leisure time to the fullest!