AirPods Microphone Sound Muffled? How to Fix! [SOLVED]


Have people told you that your voice sounds muffled when using your AirPods to call others? Do not worry. We have got your back! Be it AirPods Pro, AirPods Max or any other model, we will help you to fix your issue in no time.

The muffled sound can be caused due to many reasons, but no matter what the reason is, it is easily fixable. 

Why does your AirPod microphone sound muffle?

There could be many reasons why your AirPods sound muffled. Most of the time it is because of dirt or lint stuck in your AirPods.

A little cleaning with a Q-tip will completely solve the problem for you. Another reason could be the low battery on your AirPods while you use them.

Also, you should note that Bluetooth cannot support high-quality sounds for both input and output together.

Connecting your AirPods to your MAC may also contribute to the muffled sound. The last reason might be the AirPods themselves.

If you have been using your AirPods for a long time and see the mic getting turned on and off on its own, it is time to replace your AirPods and get a new set, as most electronic devices have a lifespan. 

How to Fix Muffled Sound on AirPods?

Now that you know what might be the reason for the muffled sound on your Airpods, let us get to the solution.

1. Clean your AirPods regularly.

As already said, a prevalent reason for muffled sound in AirPods is that dirt accumulates on the Microphone.

It physically obstructs the sound and thus makes your voice muffled. So, ensure to clean your AirPods with a Q-tip at least once a week to get clear, crisp sound all the time.

You can also use toothpicks, rubbing alcohol and dry microfiber cloth to clean your AirPods. If your AirPods are newly purchased, it is the only reason for the lousy sound quality. 

2. Charge Your AirPods 

You may also face sound quality issues if your Airpod battery is below 10%. Sometimes low charge on your AirPods leads to muffled sound.

It is because it affects both the input and output of AirPods. So charge your AirPods and try not to use them below 30% charge.

3. Ensure a stable Bluetooth connection

AirPods are wireless and run via Bluetooth. Thus, they must have proper and stable Bluetooth connectivity to function correctly.

If you need a better Bluetooth connection, it may lead to muffled sound on your AirPods.

For example, you may hear sound breaking and half of the transmissions not reaching altogether. Thus, in this case, it’s the Bluetooth connection’s problem, not your AirPods. 

4. Ensure no Bluetooth interference is there

A bad Bluetooth connection results from Bluetooth interference. It happens when multiple active Bluetooth connections work in nearby spaces.

It disrupts your connection leading to muffled sound and delay in sound.

So, if you want to fix this, close all your Bluetooth devices near you and if somebody else’s connection is creating the problem, try to move to a different location where there aren’t too many active Bluetooth connections.

5. See if your connected device is updated or not

The problem may be with something other than your Airpods but with your iOS device at times. For example, sometimes, if you run an outdated version on your iPhone, many apps and devices may need to be fixed.

They have been configured to work with a certain version and above. So, it might create problems.

So, to update your iOS to the latest available one, go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install > enter passcode > Install Now.

6. Change to one Microphone in your AirPods

Each of the AirPods has 1 microphone attached to each bud individually. If you switch to one Microphone, the muffled sound may be eliminated, as sometimes only 1 microphone can turn out faulty due to some damage. To switch the Microphone, follow the steps below:

  • Pair your AirPods with your iOS device.
  • Then go to “Bluetooth settings.”
  • Next, select “Airpods” and click on the “Info” option.
  • Next, select the option “Microphone.”
  • Change the settings in “Microphone” from “both” to “left” or “right” upon your preference.

You can try left and right one by one to check for the issue and see which one helps you with the muffled voice.

7. Turn off Noise Cancellation

Sometimes the muffled sound on your Airpods may be due to the Noise cancellation option. First, check if the sound quality improves once you turn it off.

If you do not know how to turn it off, follow the steps below.

  • First, pair your AirPods to your device if you still need to be paired.
  • Next, open the “Quick Access Menu” on your iOS device. 
  • Now select the “Airpods sound bar” option from there.
  • There, press the “off” button, and you are done.

8. Update your Firmware

Every Airpod works on a specific version of the Firmware. If that Firmware is outdated, it can cause issues with the Airpod connectivity and sound quality.

Firmware updates happen automatically, but in case it hasn’t, you can check for the update or update manually.

To update the Firmware, pair the AirPods with your device. It forces the update. Now you can check if the update has happened by going to Settings > Bluetooth > Info.

9. Reset your Airpods 

If all of the clauses mentioned above are not why your AirPods are giving muffled sounds, then it’s time to reset them and check whether there was some problem with the initial configuration itself. So, to reset your Airpods, follow the steps below:

  • Unpair your AirPods from your connected device.
  • Press the setup button on the Airpods and hold for about 10 seconds.
  • The LED will change color to white.
  • Next, it will flash yellow and change back to white.
  • Now your AirPods have been reset successfully. 
  • Now pair them again to your device to check if it works properly. 

Frequently asked questions

How much time do to charge my Airpods for good sound quality fully?

Airpods take about 20 minutes to 1 hour to charge to experience the finest sound quality. But if you do not want compromised sound, do not use them below a 30% charge.

Do Airpods get less loud when they have a low battery?

Yes, by default, that is the battery-saving setting for Airpods, but you can change this in your iPhone settings. 

Can dirty Airpods affect sound quality?

Yes, dirty Airpods can lead to bad sound quality as there is a physical obstruction to the sound you hear. It also may lead to ear infections if you do not clean your AirPods.



Hence, we have come to the conclusion of the topic. In this, we discussed all the possible problems that make your AirPods or iOS device sound muffled.

The most common problem is physical obstruction, i.e., the AirPods aren’t clean, hence the bad sound.

If you need help with the suggested solutions, you can always contact Apple Support by visiting

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