10 Best Online Communities for Writers

10 Best Online Communities for Writers 1

The life of a writer can be pretty solitary by design or necessity. While we may romanticize the dedicated artist working away while imaginary worlds and plots whirl around in their heads, authors are well aware that writing can be lonely. So, whatever kind of writer you are, you could benefit from some company.

Writing communities are excellent platforms to get answers to your writing questions and chat about the ins and outs of writing life with people who know what they’re talking about.

So, if you’re sick of hearing only your thoughts, have a look at our list of the 10 best online writing communities.


Wattpad is a unique online community of writers where writers get honest feedback on their work, even if they are unfinished. It has over 50 million members. It is a perfect social platform for writers and authors who want to share stories and gain attention and popularity through votes and comments. Writers have a chance to showcase their talent on this website, and they can make a deal to get their work published. Many publishing houses are also members of this community who are always looking for great content for their books. They select stories or any other writings based on the vote and comments it has received. It is a great platform for writers to start their careers and make some money.

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The Young Writers’ Society

The Young Writers Society was formed to promote creative writing among young aspiring writers. It is a community of young and talented writers where you can find writings of different writers on any topic. This website lets young writers share their short stories, poetry, reviews, storybooks, and novel chapters that encourage every aspiring writer to write something on their own and publish them on the website to express their views and feelings on various subjects. Young Writers Society is one of the best sites for young writers as it provides a platform to them, which only a handful of websites offer to newbies. Additionally, any young and aspiring writer can easily find writing jobs through this website by contacting different businesses and firms.

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The Writing Cooperative

Anybody who wants to start their writing career can start with this website. The writing cooperative is a pure writing community with a vast number of members, which means there is work for every writer there. The writing cooperative is an excellent platform for young writers and aspiring writers because you don’t need prior writing experience to show your skills on this website. Also, they provide training to those who require it, and this is the most beneficial feature for young writers. Your work on this website gets paid based on earning ‘claps’ from site members, and you will receive a portion of members’ monthly amount of $5.

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Critique Circle

It doesn’t matter in which genre you write; if you want honest feedback, then this is the perfect writer’s community for you. You will receive a grade from different authors based on the strength of feedbacks you receive. This community has more than 3,000 plus active members, and this is why it is highly recommended to young and aspiring writers. This website is most suitable for young writers because they can receive honest feedback from the community, consisting of experienced writers; this will help young writers improve themselves.

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Critters Workshop

Critter.org is a community of writers which helps writers with their content since 1995. There are a lot of writers on this platform where you can also receive feedback from them. It is very  

simple to register with this website as a writer, and you need to have some of you writing samples on different niche. You can share your different writing works on this platform. This website is good, especially for young writers, because you can start writing very basic writing. And every member on this site must submit critiques, ensuring involvement in an active and vibrant community of great and creative minds. You can share your work in progress and earn valuable feedback from its active members on this platform.

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Internet Writing Workshop

Suppose you are an aspiring writer or a fresher interested in writing poetry, non-fiction writings, and fiction writings. In that case, the Internet writing workshop writer’s community can be the best online writing community for you. It is an online community website where a writer can share their works. They aim to provide a nice platform to every writer based on their interest. It is an excellent platform for young writers as they can learn from other writer’s work. Internet writing workshop has guide available for writers on their website, which has various important information like how to write better headlines before pitching or how to write your article reader-friendly. Joining this online community is very easy. You need to send an introductory email listing your writing and reading interests, and it has site moderators who will add you to the group of your interests. You can receive valuable feedback on your work from your preferred group members, and it can help you improve yourself. 

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Storyaday is an excellent writer’s community, which gives only one task to every writer: to write stories every day of the week for a month and post on this website accordingly. It is a kind of challenge for any writer to write stories daily because writing even a short story requires hard work and a thinking process. This community’s main aim is to improve the writing skills of its members by assigning them the task. This site also has accountability groups and productivity resources, which help a writer to learn more about writings. Therefore, this site can benefit young writers very much as it has resources that help develop the skills that writers require.

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Fictionaut is a very good online community-based website that has content for every writer according to their area of reading and writings. Fictionaut is a sort of literary journal alternative. On this platform, any writer can share their work on fiction, short stories, and poetry. This website has many members who read and writes according to their area of interest and leaves their valuable feedback, which can help you improve, based on their observation. Fictionaut has a wide range of articles, and this website always welcomes writers interested in connecting through literary endeavors. The joining process on this platform is not so complicated. You need to send them your application with your writing sample, and if they find that your work is knowledgeable, you will be informed by them and admitted to their platform instantly.

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Writerschatroom is a fantastic platform where you can learn from other successful writers and authors. They conduct biweekly live discussions in the writers’ chat room. You will gain wise advice about writing in every genre and experience level on topics spanning a wide range of things, including grammar, critiques, query letters, and more. On this website, young and aspiring writers can learn every writing skill from experienced authors and writers. In addition, they share their life experience with the community members to benefit from their stories. This website also conducts weekly interviews with top bloggers, authors and writers like Gennita Low and Mary SanGiovanni, who share their publishing advice and writing tips.

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Camp Nanowrimo

Camp Nanowrimo is the kind of “summer camp” we had during our schools for writers and a dedicated writer’s community. This website is designed and dedicated to the skill development of writers. Camp Nanowrimo facilitates virtual writing retreat every April and November to help young writers in reaching their goals. It is an excellent initiative for aspiring and struggling writers. In this, writers will learn all those skills which are required to be successful writers and novelists. You can also submit your previous writing works on this website to get them reviewed by the experts. In each of their camps, experienced writers guide young writers with struggle stories and tell you about the things they can face as writers. This camp helps writers in every manner, from giving lessons on writing skills to finding a publisher for them, as many publishing companies also participate in this camp every year.

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Writing involves a great deal of effort. However, there are numerous writing communities to assist with all aspects of the process. Joining a writer’s community is one of the most effective ways to boost your confidence and sharpen your skills. Even though these communities are entirely free, you’ll be surprised by how much value they add to your life.

Hopefully, we believe that this article has helped you to join one of these writing communities. However, keep in mind that the target audiences for each of these writing communities are different. Hence, choose the one based on your niche to get you lots of attention and proper reviews! Feel free to join as many writing communities possible. Also join Facebook groups, Subreddits etc. to fuel your urge to being the best writer in the world.

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