Live Sale on Burlington Black Friday 2024 – Ad & Deals

Burlington Black Friday

The Burlington Coat Factory will hold its Burlington Black Friday 2024 sale in a few weeks. With an endless shopping list, people are going crazy and can’t wait for the Burlington Black Friday Sale; after all, it’s the year’s biggest shopping festival.

Suppose you are new to purchasing items from Burlington’s Black Friday 2024 Sale. In that case, you should be aware that Burlington Coat Factory is a leading retailer that offers off-price apparel, home products, linens, and in-store Baby Depot locations.

In addition, Fila, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Anchor Hocking, Samsonite, Zoo York, and Swiss Army have heavily discounted names.

Black Friday 2024 in Burlington

Burlington offers everyday savings of up to 65% off other retailers’ prices on coats, handbags, clothing, jewelry, watches, fragrances, and other items. It’s your shopping destination if you want to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget or find the perfect holiday outfit.

In addition, Burlington black Friday offers special holiday items such as family pajamas, toys, dresses, and suits during the holidays.

More Information on Burlington

In addition to the already low prices offered by Burlington, shop the clearance section for up to 60% off. Plus, orders of $75 or more qualify for free shipping.

If you’re looking for designer items, browse the Designer Showroom section of Burlington’s website to find the best deals on your favorite brands.

Ad Scan for Burlington Black Friday 2024

Burlington operates nearly 600 stores and is headquartered in New Jersey. The Black Friday Sale 2024 is quickly approaching, and Burlington Coat Factory will offer the biggest and best deals and discounts this year!

So if a winter coat or boots are on your shopping list, Christmas is the event for you. Burlington has not yet released its Ad Scan, but you can learn about this year’s deals by looking at the previous year’s Ad Scan.

Burlington Black Friday 2024 Deals – Store Hours

Burlington Black Friday Deals - Store Hours

Burlington Stores will be closed on Thanksgiving 2024 and reopen at 7 a.m. to promote Burlington Black Friday Deals, which will kick off their eye-catching sale.
“Our Gift Shop Is Always Open on Burlington Stores,” the store says, implying that sales will be available online all day.

Burlington Black Friday Sales from Previous Years

The store serves a dual purpose for those who want to stay at home in their PJs and shop for themselves and those who want to rush to the Burlington store and shop for their family and friends this Black Friday! Check out the deals below to see what we can expect from this Black Friday Sale.

Is Black Friday celebrated in Burlington?

During their Black Friday sale, Burlington offers everyday savings of up to 65% and more on national brand merchandise.
They have items for the entire family, and everything will be heavily discounted this holiday weekend.

Is it true that Burlington only sells coats and outerwear?

Burlington sells more than just coats, despite their former moniker! They are more of a full-service department store with lower prices. They also buy overstock items from other major department stores and sell them at deep discounts.

Is Burlington going to be open on Thanksgiving?

Burlington will not have any physical stores open on Thanksgiving.

Shopping in Burlington for clothing, kitchenware, beauty products, and toys is always an adventure because you never know what you’ll find at an unbelievable price!

Instead, you can shop their Black Friday deals online on Thursday or wait until their stores are available for business on Friday morning.


We assume you’ve already made your shopping list and plan to visit the Burlington Coat Factory store to take advantage of the Burlington Black Friday Deals. The store will likely open as early as 7 a.m.

Black Friday fever is approaching, and items on your shopping list will be sold out in minutes!

This year’s Burlington Black Friday Deals will occur on November 25th, 2024. This day, Burlington’s emphasis is primarily on its “gift” theme.
If you want to buy something for your loved ones this Black Friday, the Burlington Black Friday Sale is the best deal for you.

On our website, you can find the most current discounts and deals! Subscribe to receive popular sales deals. Burlington Coat Factory has yet to release its advertisement, but we will keep you updated as soon as it is! Make a list of everything you need from Burlington until then!

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