How to Find the Perfect Casino App in 2024

How to Find the Perfect Casino App

The pandemic has impacted many industries differently, but one that has benefited from venues closing for in-person traffic is the online casino industry.

According to Forbes, this industry has seen massive increases in traffic and revenue across the US. But, of course, the pandemic isn’t the only reason these sites have been successful. 

The US has seen a steady increase in internet speeds over the past five years, as reported by Vox. This, coupled with people spending more time at home and having access to bigger and better smartphones to play on, has meant the online casino industry has a lot going for it.

If you’re one of the millions of people who want to get in on the action, it can be intimidating to try to find the proper outlet to join in on. 

With so many options available, picking the right online casino is essential and requires finding a place with the right combination of features, stability, and security. With outlets like CNBC reporting on the increase in online fraud in recent years, this is one aspect becoming more and more of a concern.

Here are a few of our top things to look for in an online casino before you put your first dollar down on the table.

How to Find the Perfect Casino App

Variety of Games

In a physical casino, space is at a premium, so they can’t always risk rolling out something new. The cost is much higher to experiment when you have to install a physical game and teach staff to run it, all at the risk of it not catching on with a crowd who simply want to play what they are familiar with. 

However, most online casinos don’t have the same restrictions and worries that these venues have. Once it is designed and uploaded to the servers, rolling out a new game is much simpler than at an in-person casino. Ladbrokes’ range of online games typifies a developer’s approach to variety; they have live-hosted games such as Mega Fire Blaze Roulette and online slots such as Amulet of the Dead. 

These appeal to a broader range of gamers, which is something to bear in mind when hunting for your perfect provider. Maybe you only want casino games, or you prefer a provider who can vary your play without leaving the app. Taking a look around the site and seeing what they have to offer is key before you decide to sign up.

Local Access

It is easy to overlook but important to consider how easy it is to play online casinos in your state. Though more places are regulating the activity, many states and counties still have laws prohibiting most players’ online gambling. As TechRadar explains, there is a whole host of things you need to be aware of before you look at joining a casino app. 

There are some thorny federal laws to be aware of, but you also need to check on your local state laws. Before you attempt to spend your own money on a game, check your local laws to see if this style of online gaming is legal where you live and what sort of restrictions it might have. 

This can be done with a quick Google search for your state laws, but it can also be done on most online casinos’ websites, which will break down what states they are currently able to operate in. While you’re there, be sure to other important factors like their Privacy Policy to know what data they are collecting and how they use it.

Payment Method

Of course, you’ll need to pay if you want to win actual money at an online casino. But how you pay can have a massive impact on how secure the online casino is. In addition to most credit cards, many online casinos also accept methods like PayPal and even cryptocurrency to help make it easier for players to participate in their games. 

Like any other retailer, Casinos want to make it as simple as possible for you to pay in your money, seeing as almost 70% of all online transactions are abandoned at the point of check out due to the check out process being too complex. More important than how you pay money into the casino is how they pay money out to you. 

Most reputable sites will give you a separate wallet for the money you pay in and the money you are paid out, which helps limit the chances of falling victim to online fraud or security breaches from the site. You’ll also want to check how quickly the site pays out money that you have won.

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Many sites can have delays of up to a week for paying out winnings, so it is worth checking how soon you can get your hands on your hard-won cash.

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