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Google Pixel Slate Tablet Black Friday 2022 sales and deals

Google pixel slate tablet   black friday sale has become very popular due to it’s salient features which has brought many things to our tablets or laptops, whether it be picking up calls, seeing texts, watching time etc. It are available in a wide price range , ranging from cheap and feasible product to a bit expensive one also.

One genuine buyer interested in buying this product for reducing the work pressure and easily doing the desired work , waits for a perfect moment to buy it. Why await more when the google pixel slate tablet black Friday sale offers you with the best price range?

Google Pixel Slate Tablet Black Friday Sale

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The Black Friday sale is one of the largest and most waited sale of the year. And this occasion provides the best opportunity to buyers to purchase the best google pixel slate tablet black Friday.

Google pixel slate tablet black Friday has amazing features which attracts people towards it, which includes the following features :

Google Pixel Slate Tablet Black Friday Sale
  • Screen size : 12 inches
  • 45 watt charger.
  • It has 8 mega pixels front camera.
  • Internal storage : 32 GB
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • It has molecular display.
  • It has 8th generation Intel core processor.
  • 12 hours battery life.
  • Operating system : Chrome OS.
  • Resolution : 2000* 3000 pixels.


  • It has an amazing design.
  • The display of this tablet is very large which makes it comfortable for the users.
  • It has powerful speakers.
  • It can support many applications.
  • It can also help change the window size.
  • The operating system supports both tablet and desktop mode.
  • It is touch friendly.
  • It has a good battery life .
  • It can provide 2 hours of battery life with 15 minutes of charging.
  • It has good camera quality.
  • It has two USB – C ports.
  • It has a fast fingerprint sensor.


  • It’s storage capacity is a bit less.
  • It is a bit expensive product.

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This Google Pixel Slate tablet black Friday is considered as one of  the best watch for use which offers all the amazing features that are demanded and also at a very feasible price range that can be afforded by people. In the Black Friday sale it can be purchased at a very feasible price so, wait for what when the black Friday sale can give you the best Google Pixel Slate black Friday deal .