15 Immersion Blender Black Friday Deals 2022

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It does not matter what kind of Blender it is, be it a hand blender, food chopper, hand mixer on an immersion blender all of them are a kind of food processor which blend, mash, crush the food.

During Black Friday Deals when the high products come at low prices, it is always better to fill up your house with this.

10 Immersion Blender Black Friday Deals

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Before getting into the recommendations let us look at some features an immersion blender should possess :

  1. Watts : Should be between 200 to 250 watts.
  2. Compact and portable : Should easily fit into small spaces.
  3. Speed : Should be moderately fast without creating any noise.
  4. Wireless : This is because you can use this anywhere and not only near a switchboard.
  5. Blades : Should come up with different size blades used to various purposes.
  6. Weight : Should be pretty light in weight so it can be moved around easily.
  7. Easy to use : Should be user friendly and come with guides for convenience. Should have a comfortable handle and should be easy to use even with one hand.
  8. Easy to clean : May or may not be dishwasher safe, but it should be easy to clean by hand.
  9. Cost : Considerable cost, within your budget.

Questions to ask yourself before getting an immersion blender

  1. How often will you use it?
    If you will use it very often, it is acceptable to get a blender with good features, which is durable and more powerful. These could be a little costlier, but good for a one time investment.
  2. Do you want a cordless or a corded blender?
    Corded blenders do offer more power than the cordless ones, but cordless ones give you an ease while using them. You do not have to be near a switch board for operation. Thus choose the one which suites yours need perfectly.
  3. What do you want to blend?
    If you are just planning on blending smoothies, soups, spreads and sauces, a regular blender could be the one for you. But if you plan on crushing ice or anything a little coarser, go with a traditional blender. Choose what do you want to it to use for the most and get the one accordingly.

Recommendations of some Immersion Blenders to get during Black Friday Deals :

Mueller Austria Ultra Stick Speed Immersion Multi Purpose Hand Blender :

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This Immersion Blender provides 500 watt speed and come in a beautiful silver colour.
Cons :

  • Comes with a non slip comfortable grip
  • Is versatile
  • It is affordable than most of the other blenders out in the market
  • Has a good company assistance

Cons :

  • The motor is pretty small
  • The plastic piece that connects the motor is very ordinary

KOIOS 800W 4 in 1 multi functional Immersion Blender :

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This 800W motor blender black friday ingredients to perfection by giving the finest whisks.
Cons :

  • Comes with 12 speed blending presets
  • Has a stylish compact design which takes up less space
  • Comes up with the accessories you need
  • You get total control and comfort over the hand mixer
  • The blender is quick and easy to clean
  • Has a good company assistance

Cons :

  • The metal is of thin quality
  • Could face attachment issues since the detachable part is a little difficult to assemble back
  • The outer part is made of plastic and thus overheating issues could cause melting

See also :

Mueller Austria Hand Blender :

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This is one of the best comfortable blenders in the market and comes in a classy grey colour.
Cons :

  • It comes with a comfy grip handle for a comfortable whisk
  • Also comes with instruments such as beaker or a measuring cup
  • It is quite affordable
  • Gives you a control over 12 different speeds
  • Has a good company assistance

Cons :

  • Produces a weird whining noise when in motion
  • Could be hard to control
  • The bell guard could scratch your pans because it is sharp
  • For prolonged period, this blender is not applicable

Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Hand Blender :

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This blender comes in the colour black and possesses powerful blending speed because of its patent technology.
Pros :

  • The blades are made of durable stainless steel that provide faster and finer speed.
  • Comes with a turbo boost option
  • Comes with a soft grip handle for easy functioning
  • Has an easy click feature
  • Comes with multiple other attachments

Cons :

  • Terrible with crushing ice
  • Tougher food like almonds and roasted nuts are difficult to completely process
  • Smoothies usually get a foamy texture

Elite Gourmet EHB-2425X Electric Immersion :

elite gourmet Immersion Blender

This blender comes in the classy white colour and is made of Metal which makes it super durable.
Pros :

  • Has a powerful 150 W Motor blender
  • Versatile amount of works can be done with this blender
  • This is dishwasher safe
  • The cleaning process is easy
  • The handle is comfortable and ergonomic
  • This blender does not take up much storage space
  • Has one touch operation for easy control
  • This blender is very affordable

Cons :

  • Expensive
  • Loud
  • Not very user friendly, unstable

Recommended –

These were some of the best Immersion Blender black friday deals and features you need to look into before getting one.

Since you will be getting one on a Black Friday Deal at a discounted price you don’t really have to worry about the rates since they’re usually 10%-25% off. So what are you waiting for, get yourself one blender and treat yourself a smoothie.

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