Here are 15 Best Pandora black friday Deals- sale is live now


This year’s Pandora Black Friday discounts have us excited. Based on our years of expertise tracking the Pandora Black Friday sale, our predictions are for deals on their gift sets, charms, bracelets, and more. Over the years, we’ve seen fantastic Pandora Black Friday prices, from stacking rings and charms to bracelets and gift packages.

Pandora announced hefty reductions on their sought-after jewelry last year, with 30% off site-wide in the US and 20% off in the UK.

Handpicked 15 Best Pandora black friday Deals

While the 2024 Pandora Black Friday deals have yet to be announced, we also anticipate comparable discounts across the brand this year.

Black Friday 2024 will take place on November 25, with discounts expected to last throughout the weekend through Monday, November 28.

Following the sharp rise in global inflation, rising costs are linked with silver and gold, pushing the jewelry price. This implies that this year’s Black Friday jewelry offers will be scrutinized even more closely.

We’ll scrutinize each to ensure the selling price represents a legitimate discount and a ‘good deal.’

Start and End Dates for Black Friday 2024

Pandora’s Black Friday sale usually starts with early access around a week before the long weekend for everyone who has signed up for their email newsletter and those with a Pandora credit card.

After that, it usually opens to the whole public the day before Thanksgiving and closes on Cyber Monday.

Here are 15 Best Pandora black friday Deals- sale is live now 1

Will Pandora hold a black friday sale in 2024?

Pandora hasn’t made any official statements about the dates of its Black Friday sale this year, but they have confirmed on its website that it will be open on those dates and that there will be offers and “amazing promotions” in 2024.

Based on our five years of tracking Pandora Black Friday offers, we believe Pandora’s 2024 Black Friday sale will begin on Friday, though it may begin a day or two before to stay ahead of other merchants.

If the firm follows the same trend as last year, the Pandora Black Friday bargains will stretch all weekend and into Monday, known as ‘Cyber Monday,’ giving us at least four days to fill our (virtual) shopping bags.

Black Friday is the ideal moment to invest in luxury Pandora accessories, whether you’re shopping for yourself, looking for one of the greatest Christmas gifts for her, or looking for unique Christmas gifts for your friends. But if you can’t wait, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Pandora deals.

Last year, What were the best pandora black friday deals?

Last year, the finest Pandora Black Friday deals were available at Pandora stores and on their website; this has been our experience year after year.

Last year, the firm, selling some of the most fabulous jewelry online at reasonable costs, offered consumers up to 30% off bracelets, charms, earrings, necklaces, and rings, resulting in significant discounts.

As with many businesses, gift sets saw the most reductions at Pandora last year, and we expect the same to remain true in 2024.

Some of the most significant offers included £45 off the Pandora Rose Timeless Heart Gift Set, which consists of a heart-shaped earring and necklace set, and a discount on the Disney Beauty And The Beast Charm Gift Set, which has three character charms and was dropped from $165 to $119 in the US.

There were also some fantastic Pandora Black Friday prices on bracelets. The Pandora Moments Snake Chain Bracelet was reduced in the UK, while the Moments Bangle was cut by $120 in the US, down from $400 to $280. The Celestial Bleu Charm Bracelet Set has also been reduced by $61.50, from $205 to $143.50.

Pandora’s rings were similarly heavily discounted in both nations. In the UK, the Electric Pink Sparkling Stacking Ring Set was lowered from $190 to $133, and the Wishbone Stacking Ring Gift Set was cut from £125 to £100.
While there may still be reductions on single rings, it may be worth looking for Pandora Black Friday bargains on ring sets in 2024 if you want to save even more.


Pandora’s Black Friday sale usually starts on Wednesday morning, the day before Thanksgiving, and finishes the following Tuesday, the day after Cyber Monday.

However, we may see a few days’ early access to the sales event granted to all Pandora Credit Card Members and Pandora Club Members once again.

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