Here’s Betterment or Enhancement to Asus Laptops might be a better purchase

Here’s Betterment or Enhancement to Asus Laptops might be a better purchase 1

Asus is a well-known brand, a highly successful brand when it comes to buying a laptop. Some of the Asus devices are highly customized for the students whereas others are recommended to the corporate crowd.

Asus is a brand name that tends to have competitive prices in the market. You can’t deny that the devices by Asus gives you better experience but there are some drawbacks too. Before buying it’s better to know what are the drawbacks?

Drawback of Asus Laptops


Here I have listed the drawbacks of Asus Laptops that can be improved:

Asus Updates its line-up too soon

Asus never hesitates in modifying and issuing in Laptops. The company is too quick to bring the change. Have you ever purchased the laptop? Well, with my personal experience I can say that after buying it you will notice after a couple of months you will notice the better variant at best price.

It made me believe that I should wait for a few more months to buy the better version with affordable pricing. Whether it is for laptops under Rs 30000 or for higher priced products, Asus has launched updated variants after a year or more of its latest launches.

Low Battery Life

In most cases, the specs and features of such a device justify the Asus laptop price. However, these computers are lacking when it comes to battery life. Most of us look for decent battery life and longevity. Asus fails in providing decent battery life to the users or either it there are few laptops that match the battery Specification.


These laptops are not too dedicated, they can be sturdier and durable. Asus competitors offer better quality to the customers for better experience. Individuals looking for portable computers with the ability to avoid wear and tear.

Another area where Asus can improve significantly is its customer service. Doing so should ensure consumer satisfaction every time they need to deal with a manufacturer representative. Since, many of us use the laptops for official use then any malfunction to the devices can leave one stranded.


The primary drawback for Asus laptops is their affordable pricing. The gaming enthusiasts may need to spend a substantial sum for acquiring the desired model. Well, these were not the points that can’t be ignored. But as a customer you should know about the pros and cons carefully before making a purchase. Asus laptops are ideal to use.

Asus laptop price, other areas where the company’s device can impress include its gaming and video editing performance. Asus laptops thus have exclusive features to the brand’s computers. Asus Laptops can be a better choice with some improvements.

Asus Laptops are never bad, but it does require some improvement. When you talk about affordable pricing then Asus will be the first recommendation. So, before buying go have a look at the drawbacks before buying!

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