10 Best Vlogging Cameras for Vloggers in 2022

Best Vlogging Cameras

Video blogging which in short is termed as Vlogging has become popular in the recent years everywhere in the world. So many YouTube personalities on their channel create vlogs with some of their best video cameras to capture the beauty of our planet.

The cameras made for travel blogging are built pretty differently, they consist of high quality digital cameras and camera lens for capturing the best shots. If you need some camera recommendations for vlogging, you have come across the right page.

Firstly, let’s talk about what to look for in a vlogging camera while purchasing one, some of the important features are mentioned below :

How to buy a vlogging camera

black and grey camera
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Camera Video Resolution

Recently 4k resolution video cameras are in popularity, but I would still recommend getting a HD camera with 1080p resolution for travel vlogging.

If you are just getting started, it’s better to get this instead of a 720p camera.

Lens selection

The brand of the camera plays a major role in lens selection. But if you get a mirrorless or a DSLR camera then you will have a variety of lens options to choose from.

Such cameras will allow you to use interchangeable lenses, this allows you to change the lens according to your vlogging style. It gives you more control and an ultra wide focal length.

Low light performance (ISO)

This is a setting which makes the camera more sensitive towards light. The more is the low light performance, more is the light captured by the camera.

Depending upon the settings you make, the more you will be able to click pictures in a low lighting area.

One drawback of high ISO is that it creates noise and grain which ultimately reduces the picture quality. This could be important if you are a nightlife photographer or a Vlogger.

Video Autofocus

A lot of time could be wasted when a camera does not have the video autofocus on.

Vloggers would rather invest in a camera which has video autofocus otherwise the camera would focus elsewhere and it could be a disaster in many cases.

Flip screen camera

It is nearly impossible for vloggers to make vlogs if the camera doesn’t have a flip screen.

This allows you to view the camera screen while recording, will allow a good focus and exposure. This also allows to monitor the audio levels.

Camera microphone

For vloggers even the audio option is pretty important. A good quality video with a bad quality sound will ultimately result in a low quality video.

The breakage in sound would not capture the beautiful elements and would look vague.

Camera size

It depends upon your type and place of vlogging, but such camers are usually smaller in size. While travelling the gear could be much heavier so getting a smaller camera is a better choice.

Now when you’ve known the features, let’s move on to some vlogging camera recommendations

7 Best Vlogging Cameras in 2022

Fujifilm X-S10

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This small size vlogging camera has an excellent build quality. It has an amazing finish and a handling quality which gives the camera a broad appeal.

This camera doesn’t provide external exposure controls but it is still termed as a high performance camera. This mirrorless camera has in-body image stabilization and vari-angle touchscreen and can be used by intermediate or expert level vloggers.

Sony ZV-1

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This compact size Vlogging camera is made by combining the finest bits of Sony’s RX100 series. It has real time tracking and a huge amount of depth for this size.

Has an inbuilt ND-filter for people who embrace colour grading. It can be fit in a pocket and has a class leading autofocus which makes it perfect for vloggers to use.

GoPro Hero 9 black

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This waterproof camera has an excellent image stabilization and video quality. It has options for brightness, display and light more can be slotted for different kind of shots.

You can also go livestream from GoPro’s app through this camera. This is actually a studio camera but it’s great for recording on the move.

Panasonic Lumix 100

panasonic Vlogging Camera

Vloggers will enjoy this camera since it has great audio recording capabilities. This is a cute and a compact camera with good quality video and stills.

This is the best camera you would get if you are just starting your vlogging journey.

DJI Pocket 2

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The compact size of this camera makes it the best for solo filmmakers. It has a large censor, brighter lens, a wider field of view and inbuilt microphones.

This is the best camera for low light situations and high contrast areas. Because of it’s effective focal length it is a great buy.

Mevo start

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This is a HD 1080p camera with high resolution sensor to create multiple and tight shots. This can be connected with a Wi-Fi network or your phone’s data to start live streaming immediately.

This can work for 6 hours without external power source which is very good for travel vloggers.

Sony A6400

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See also:

This mirrorless camera provides high quality image resolution and 4k video performance. This is great for single handed shooters since it is a front facing camera. It has a great autofocus system which makes it amazing for vlogging.

All these vlogging cameras are really good for travel blogging and you can see an increase in your YouTube views when you use good digital cameras. Travel vlogging is made very easy because of high quality photos and videos but it’s best to buy a camera which suites your vlogging style and according to your needs.

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