8 Best VPNs for torrenting Safely and Privately in 2024

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Tracking down the best VPN for torrenting can be interesting, as only one out of every odd standout amongst other VPN administrations can really do the work. However, we strongly suggest utilizing one. While torrenting is gigantically valuable for sharing documents at incredible speed without depending on a concentrated worker, it additionally presents some special dangers that must be cured by a VPN for torrenting. 

It is a genuine danger, coincidentally downloading ill-conceived content that isn’t the solitary peril of torrenting. At the point when associated with a P2P network your online movement basically becomes public information, and anybody with the correct devices can follow your action back to you.

Top Picked 8 best VPN for torrenting

Having a quality torrenting VPN dynamic on your machine is the most ideal method of guaranteeing no action can be followed or used to recognize you. 

CyberGhost :

CyberGhost VPN for torrenting

They have been naturally designed for quick downloading speeds and to shield your torrenting action from spying eyes. These workers permitted me to get to mainstream torrenting locales effortlessly — including The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, RARBG, and then some. 

CyberGhost chips work at Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Fire Stick. 


  • Improved worldwide workers for secure torrenting 
  • Quick downloading speeds with no data transfer capacity limits 
  • Situated in Romania without any logs strategy 
  • 256-digit encryption with a programmed off button and hole assurance 
  • Gets up to 7 gadgets at the same time on one record 
  • $2.25/month for the 3-year plan. 


Not discovered any. 

NordVPN :


NordVPN utilizes shared IP locations, and transmission capacity is limitless. It keeps neither association nor traffic logs and uses 256-bit AES encryption with the wonderful forward mystery of course, alongside discretionary twofold jump encryption and Tor over VPN highlights. 

It very well may be utilized for Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android. 


  • Keeps no logs 
  • Quickest VPN we’ve tried 
  • Up to 6 synchronous associations 
  • Explicit workers enhanced for torrenting 
  • Interaction explicit off button 


  • Work area applications can now and then require a significant stretch of time to associate 

Surfshark :

Surfshark doesn’t log any actually recognizable data. P2P traffic is allowed across all workers and with no transmission capacity limits, you can deluge however much you like. It secures your traffic-utilizing 256-cycle AES encryption, an off button, wonderful forward mystery, and assurance against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC spills. 

It is operational in Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. It tends to be physically introduced on upheld network switches. 


  • Wide scope of safety highlights 
  • Sensibly quick 
  • No association limit 
  • Torrenting supported 


  • Doesn’t have the biggest organization

ExpressVPN :

ExpressVPN doesn’t keep traffic logs and is situated in the British Virgin Islands, which has no information maintenance laws. It’s an incredible attachment and play-choice for the individuals who would prefer not to object to various designs and simply need something that will ensure information security and secrecy while torrenting. 

Applications are accessible for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, some wifi switches, and Linux. 


  • Greatest security with 256-digit encryption 
  • Absolutely security – keeps no logs of individual information 
  • Incredibly quick download speeds 
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other web-based features 


  • Marginally greater expense than different administrations 

IPVanish :

IPVanish views security appropriately and has been working in light of torrenting. It makes no logs, not even the association logs utilized for investigating like ExpressVPN. IPVanish utilizes shared IP addresses and even has an underlying element that allows clients to switch IPs intermittently, like at regular intervals. 

Applications are accessible for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. 


  • Organization explicitly intended for torrenting 
  • Has a ‘no-logs approach 
  • Mysterious information exchange and installment 
  • Simple to use with Kodi and Amazon Fire 


  • Doesn’t unblock Netflix or Hulu 

PrivateVPN :

It utilizes 256-digit encryption with an amazing forward mystery on the OpenVPN convention. No web traffic or association logs are recorded. A discretionary off button is implicit. PrivateVPN is likewise extraordinary for unblocking geo-bolted content like US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. 

Applications are accessible for Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android. 


  • No logs put away and solid encryption 
  • Incredibly quick association speeds in our tests 
  • Unblocks web-based features like Amazon 


  • Little organization of workers 

SaferVPN :

Formally, SaferVPN permits P2P record sharing when associated with its Netherlands, Canada, and Spain areas, yet stringently talking, nothing is preventing you from torrenting on different workers. SaferVPN can unblock both US and UK Netflix, and we’ve likewise had accomplishments with Amazon Prime Video, Sky Go, and BBC iPlayer from abroad.


  • Off button on all stages 
  • Quick velocities 


  • Covers fewer nations than numerous adversaries 

Hotspot Shield :

Hotspot Shield utilizes shared IP addresses and forces no transmission capacity limit. It can unblock a lot of well-known web-based features, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

With a liberal 45-day unconditional promise, you can generally test the help out to check whether it’s a solid match. This supplier offers incredible security highlights, including solid encryption, release insurance, a work area off button, and programmed wifi assurance.

Applications are accessible for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. 


  • Huge organization of worldwide workers 
  • Solid encryption and other security highlights 


  • Doesn’t acknowledge cryptographic money installments.

VPNs Buying Guide: 

Security – Encryption guarantees outsiders can’t sneak around on the movement of the VPN client. Specifically, encryption helps keep network access suppliers away from you. A VPN off button and DNS spill insurance are absolute necessities to guarantee no distinguishing information leaves your work area or cell phone. 

Logging strategy – A P2P VPN administration should be logless, which means it doesn’t record and save data about your action. IP addresses are additionally not logged. Preferably, the supplier gathers no data and along these lines can’t be hacked or pressured into surrendering data about clients. 

Transfer speed limit – Some VPNs have information covers or transmission capacity that restricts that choke or stops downloads up to a specific breaking point. We need to keep away from these as deluges frequently require a ton of information. 

Speed – The downpour VPNs we suggest all score better than expected in our speed tests. 

Shared IPs – We favor VPNs that utilization shared IP addresses for torrenting. This implies you share an IP address with handfuls, maybe even many others. Shared IPs add a huge layer of secrecy, which makes it harder to follow movement back to you.

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All the above-mentioned VPNs are the best VPN for torrenting and could be very beneficial to keep your files, documents, and systems safe. So, buy these best VPNs for torrenting and keep your systems secure.

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