How to become a BGMI Esports player, a step-by-step guide

How to become a BGMI Esports player-2

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI (previously known as PUBG Mobile India) is a very popular esports played by millions daily. This online multiplayer battle game had quite the hype as soon as it was released.

It is one of India’s most played, if not the most played, esports mobile games. Many Indian gaming buffs play this game with a certain dedication and passion.

So, if you are one of these people, Battlegrounds Mobile India is an amazing platform to test your skills.

So, Do you want to test your skills, battle with fellow BGMI players, and be a pro? Then you are in the right place! This article will teach you how to become a pro with an easy step-by-step guide.

What is esports? What are online gaming and the hype around it?

Esports is short for “electronic sports.” An esports is mainly defined as a multiplayer online video game played competitively on a national or international level by professional gamers. It is online gaming but in a broader spectrum.

Some popular esports games in 2023 are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, league of legends, Fortnite, Dota 2 and Overwatch. BGMI is a very popular Esport that is exclusive to Indian gamers.

How to join a BGMI team? What are the requirements?

The first thing you would need to start gaming, be it BGMI or any other sport, is to know about the game. You must know about the controls, the rules and the game levels.

Then you can start slowly with trial games as you gain hold of the controls. It will also be beneficial if you look at guidance from YouTube tutorials.

It is very easy to join a BGMI team. You can easily get access to a team, but the challenge is to be able to be, you have to stay steady and remain in the team. The simple trick is to keep a good score record with the least losses.

You will also frequently get chances to take part in tournaments. These tournaments allow you to keep your scores good, and you can win some cash prizes and in-game goodies.

How to become a professional BGMI esports player in India in 2023?

We have already talked about the requirements for becoming a BGMI esports player. Now let us talk in detail regarding how to grasp the full BGMI platform.

  • Sign up free – The first and foremost step is to get acquainted with the game. You must sign up for free on the Battleground Mobile India app to play the game. Next, get acquainted with the rule book and try playing it on a smaller scale for practice.
  • Play and learn BGMI regularly – Truthfully speaking, the game is challenging to learn and play, but with the right amount of practice and effort, everything is possible.
  • You can quickly become a well-accustomed player in a month with regular practice. Also, to know how the game works, you should watch live streams or recorded stream videos.

The three main aspects of the game are zone, defend and play your class. It would help if you learned how to acquire your character zone, defend areas, and provide backup.

Acquiring zones is the most crucial part of Battlegrounds Mobile India. And if you successfully acquire zones, you will get high scores and game development increases.

Also, just acquiring zones will not do. You need to be proficient in defending them as well. And lastly, you should know how to play strategically to win the game.

  • Master the game – The trick to being the best player is that you need practice, practice and more practice. You most definitely need to practice and completely know the mechanics, tactics and scenarios of BGMI.
  • You have given in a lot of time for practice. You should schedule pacific hours for practicing to be consistent and regular.
  • Also, make notes about areas you need to work on or improve.
  • Here is a list of specific segments that you need to work on to become a professional BGMI player :
    • Practice in BGMI training mode for at least 1 hour per day
    • Play T1, T2, and T3 Scrims to learn more
    • Practice improving your Gun Spray
    • Learn how to wipe a squad/team in the game,
    • Connect with other players and take their help and advice
    • Observe and learn from top players and their teams

Watch and study other players – Esports is a highly competitive market, and as rightly said, keep your friends close and enemies closer.

Closely watch and study your competitors and develop an understanding of how other players may play a certain game.

You can watch live streams of BGMI gamers and get a hold of their skills, tricks, and what they do when they are in a tight spot.

Find other BGMI players and connect with them – Once you get into the BGMI community, you need to acquaint yourself with multiple players and learn from them. Remembering that the best player always tries to learn something new daily would be best.

Join a squad or make your squad – To play in the tournaments BGMI holds, you need to be part of a team. You can either join an existing team or create your very own team. The team needs a minimum of 4 players. Most teams have 4-5 players.

Play Scrims – Now that you have a team, you can play Scrims. You can play T1, T2, T3 Scrims. These Scrims are nothing but practice matches, which gives you an environment where you can practice for upcoming tournaments. It is a great way to improve your overall team quality and coordination.

BGMI Tiers and Guide:

BGMI offers about three tiers, namely T1, T2 and T3, to which your team can belong, with T1 being the highest. So now let us get acquainted with the tiers.

a. Tier 1 – It mainly consists of teams made up of professional players. These include popular teams like Soul, TSM and such. It is the highest tier, and to become a tier 1 player, you need to have a lot of skill and experience in BGMI. They are the best in the field.

b. Tier 2 – This tier includes teams of pro players and players with relatively higher experience. These players have participated in various tournaments and completely grasped the game and its tricks.

c. Tier 3 – This tier includes beginner teams and other casual players. These players take part in small tournaments and events in the game. A beginner player is already considered to be a tier 3 player.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How to become a BGMI Esports player?

To become a BGMI Esports player in India in 2023, follow the steps below:
a. Sign up for the game
b. Play and learn the game
c. Practice the game
d. Analyze top player streams and pick on tricks and tactics.
e. Join a squad or create your squad
f. Play Scrims

What is BGMI esports player salary?

The best of the best players make around 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh rupees as salary, excluding the prize money. The decent players make about 40 thousand rupees to 70 thousand rupees. The best player gets around 3 lakh rupees as his salary.

Who is the highest-paid BGMI esports player in India?

The highest-earning esports player from India is Vivek “ClutchGod” Horo.

Who are popular BGMI esports players?

Some of the popular BGMI Esports teams are :
1. Team XO – Sensei (IGL), Punkk (Assaulter), Snax (All-round player), Immortal (Support player), Fierce (Assaulter)

2. TSM – ShadowOG (IGL), NinjaJOD (Assaulter), Blaze (Assaulter), Aquanox (Support player)

3. Soul – Omega (IGL), Akshat (Assaulter), Goblin (Assaulter), Hector (Support player)

4. Skylightz Gaming – Saumraj (IGL), Pukar (Assaulter), Gamlaboy (Assaulter), Vexe (Assaulter)

5. GodLike Esports – Clutchgod (IGL), Jonathan (Assaulter), Zgod (Support player), Neyoo (Assaulter), Gill (All-round player)

Is Esports a good career in India?

The Esports industry in India is developing and expanding like never before. The industry itself stands at a net worth of INR 250 crores. Among Indian youths, esports is a very sought-after career. India has around 370 million gamers as of 2023, which is quite a promising market. The youth sees esports as a legit career, and many people have also seen promising careers.


Thus we conclude our step-by-step guide on becoming a Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI player in India. The guide contains all the details a beginner needs to know about starting with esports.

This article is right for you if you have a passion for esports, especially BGMI. Of course, practice and a high skill set are essential to becoming a professional BGMI player. But this is only possible if you first learn how to plan the game and have 

proper guidelines, which will help you gain the needed skills. Start as soon as possible, as millions of competitors are already on the platform.

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