20+ Boot Brands Every Man Needs to Know


Boots are one of the most popular and versatile shoe styles that have been around for a while. Boots can make any outfit a bit spicier. Boots are highly flexible as they can be used for sports and fancy wear.

However, finding the right pair of boots can take time and effort. Be it for everyday wear, sports or a fancy dinner, we have got you covered.

Here we have created a list of 20+ boot styles and brands that every man needs to know.

Our inventory consists of boots that are appropriate for every occasion and would suit your taste.

Top picked 20+ Boot Brands you should know

20+ Boot Brands Every Man Needs to Know 1

1. Cobbler Union – Cobbler union is a small batch shoe manufacturer aiming to produce fine-quality shoes.

They believe that a well-made shoe can completely transform a man. The brand is based in Madrid and Atlanta and caters to a global consumer base.

The brand aims to give out luxury, high-end boots to customers at an affordable price.

2. Church – The church aims to bring the best of both worlds. It provides its customers a high-end boot design with top-quality leather, texture, rubber sole and finishing. The brand has been around forever after being established in 1873.

3. Morjas – Morjas is known for its timeless boot designs. This Stockholm-based men’s boot brand is known to make classic boots designs by using good quality materials like rubber soles, leather and Goodyear welts.

The founder, Henrik, aimed to provide the overpriced shoe market with good quality shoes or even better ones at a reasonable price.

4. Myrqvist – Myrqvist produces handcrafted quality timeless shoes, so you pay for the quality, not the retail price.

Myrqvist has amazingly produced shoes from the Scandinavian perspective. Their shoes are marked by their sleek and low design and can be styled with anything and everything.

5. Crown Northampton – Crown Northampton Shoes are handmade in Northampton, England. The brand is versatile as it makes everything from boots to sneakers.

The brand has been making shoes since 1908, which tells a lot about its timeless and beautiful shoes.

6. Aurélien – The brand is synonymous with pure luxury and comfort. It is a brand that is best known for its handcrafted Italian shoes.

These shoes are made individually by expert craftsmen and have a timeless Mediterranean design.

The brand focuses on casual elegance, evergreen designs, good quality and authenticity.

7. Ugg – Uggs remind us of the y2k fashion in a bitter way, but now uggs are again coming back in style as they are toning down their design to suit more of a casual street style vibe.

8. Amberjack – Amberjack is already a famous premium shoe brand for men. They have kept classic boot designs for men with a little twist to each design to make them follow today’s fashion trend. Their goal is to make comfortable and sustainable shoes.

They make shoes from an ISO-certified sustainable tannery with a fair work environment for shoemakers.

They are a Portugal-based shoe brand that aims to deliver good quality shoes at affordable prices.

9. Frye – Frye has made it onto this list because of their sturdy shoes and contemporary Chelsea boots.

The brand was established in 1863 in Massachusetts are in the shoe-making business ever since.

10. Grenson – Grenson has been making shoes continuously since 1866, and they put time and effort of about 8 weeks into each of their pairs. The brand was established in 1866 and made boots for soldiers in World War I.

This British footwear brand is known for its rugged footwear that is appropriate for various occasions.

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11. Danner – Danner footwear aims to make rough and rugged boots with a sense of style. These boots are meant to last a lifetime and are very heavy-duty.

12. R.M. Williams – This Australian-based shoe manufacturer is known due to its fine craftsmanship and premium quality materials used in their shoes.

The brand focuses on the rugged appeal of its shoes but is classic enough to be appropriate for every occasion.

13. Dr. Martens – Dr. Martens is easily recognizable in the crowd with their infamous yellow stitching. The boots symbolize durable shoes with their high tops and cushioning and have now become a part of pop culture.

However, the brand mainly caters to the grunge or punk aesthetic, as seen in the original Dr. Martens 1460, manufactured on April 1st, 1960.

14. Hunter – Hunter boots have been there for a while now. They are best known for their rubberized wellington boots and have been a fan favorite since their release. People of all professions opt for these pairs of boots.

Recently, Hunter has cut its way through manufacturing contemporary-styled boots and has mastered the art since.

15. Timberland – Timberland boots have always been known to produce quality boots. The brand is known for its classic tan-colored boots with a high top, rugged tread, and a soft upper.

Timberland reached its peak popularity for men in the 1990s.

However, these stylish, classic and timeless boots have already made a name.

16. Belstaff – This Britain-based shoe manufacturer has been doing excellent work in the footwear industry.

It is best known for its style, the sleek yet rugged boots. They use superior quality leather, and each shoe is made to perfection. You can always go right with a pair of Belstaff.

17. Tricker’s – Tricker’s are probably Britain’s oldest shoemakers and are known worldwide for their refined country boot styles and aesthetic. Tricker’s is still owned by the founding family and has expanded far and wide.

The brand aims to produce practical and stylish boots of good quality to suit the taste of the fashion-conscious young gentlemen of today.

18. Fracap – Known to make shoes for Navy and Air Force people, the brand has been manufacturing streetwear-inspired designs to cater to everyday wear.

19. Red Wing – Red Wing is known for its durable, heavy-duty, sturdy boots. The brand was established in 1905 and had been going strong ever since.

It manufactured bots for soldiers to be worn in World War I and World War II. This way, you can get an idea of how durable Red Wing boots are.

20. Clarks – Clarks are known for their unique desert boots, a brand of their own. These sand-colored suede boots are iconic in their own right.

The brand, established in 1950, still delivers high-quality suede, crepe soles, and high-top boots, which are comfortable and trendy.

21. Oliver Cabell – Oliver Cabell is known to make classic minimalistic shoe designs that are appropriate for every occasion.

They manufacture high-quality leather shoes and are handmade in Italy.

In addition, the brand makes shoes that are “built to last” and can be worn for a long time.


22. BlundStone – This is another brand that specializes in Chelsea-style boots. They are known to make all varieties of boots, from rugged heavy-duty to sophisticated and elegant ones.

Thus you can find boots for every occasion in BlundStone.


This is the list of the best boot brands you will find globally. Most of them have existed for decades and have stuck with the classic styles.

These are the most popular styles for men of all ages and can be worn for multiple occasions, be it for a corporate job or a marriage party. We have provided you with many brands and their signature styles, so we hope you can find your own style.

Frequently asked questions

Are boots fashionable for men now?

Boots have always been fashionable for men and are still relevant in the fashion world. These are multifunctional and look fantastic.

Can you wear boots with jeans?

Absolutely! Boots go with anything! But we suggest a boot cut, elegant, non-ripped jeans to be the best match for boots.

Why should men wear boots?

Men should wear boots as boots are stylish and very comfortable and will protect your feet from mud and dirt and keep them warm in winter. 

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