LEGO Black Friday 2020 Deals & Sales- Get max discount

Black Friday is that time of the year when all your local toy stores and shopping malls are packed to the rafters with fellow shopaholics! Anxious children looking for a rare toy-set can only be topped by one thing: Anxious parents searching for the best deals on their children’s coveted toy-set! With Lego, you can ensure the best of both worlds for your family, this Black Friday 2020! In the forthcoming Black Friday, Lego has fantastic deals and discounts available on the Lego site on select products.

Lego has some of the best discounts and coupon program planned for their esteemed buyers. Parents, you no reason to worry about cutting costs when you have up to a whopping 55% discount on select categories which may include plane and space sets, robotic sets, train sets, car sets, and of course, building sets. So, before you start assorting a wish-list for your child this year, remember you can count on Lego for Black Friday 2020.  

Introducing Lego

‘Introducing Lego’ sounds fairly like a bit of an oxymoron for Lego needs no introduction. Lego has been a household name across the globe, for generations. Lego’s toy-set products have been equally valued by parents, academicians, child health experts and of course children of pre-pubescent age groups. Lego’s toy-sets have single-handedly been responsible for sharpening the skill sets of numerous children in several cognitive aspects.

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Add to this the fact that besides learning oodles, your child also gets to invest hours of his life in mastering constructive toy-sets that cost you a bargain compared to their original price. So, if you wish to buy your children to not just enjoy toys, but have a comprehensive, educative recreational experience, then you can fully count on Lego for Black Friday 2020. There is so much to choose for the little ones when you take a look at Lego’s inventory. You can take a gander at their range of game-sets, brick-sets, train and truck-sets, construction sets and so much more. Forward-thinking parents can cash-in on the discounts and stock up on future presents for their children, as well!

Attractive discounts from Lego for Black Friday 2020

Lego has over 30 different varieties of building sets for you to choose from, come Black Friday. The range of building sets alone promises buyers a discount up to a lucrative 25%. Some of the deals and discounts that you can look forward to when purchasing Lego building sets are as follows:

Super Hero High School Set

For Lego Black Friday you can gift your child the joy of building their very own Super Hero High School set. This building set caters to the evolving minds of 8-12 year olds, helping them sharpen their creative skills as they go along with putting together a school set for Super Heroes nonetheless. The set includes popular female superheroes from the famed DC Comics assortment of characters. Buyers can expect a discount of 20% instantly when they buy this durable toy building set. That is a lucrative discount from $ 79.99 to $ 63.99.

Beach Hut Set

Help sharpen your 7-year old’s mind with this coastal flavored building set from Lego. The Beach Hut set is available from Lego for Black Friday 2020 for a lowly price of $ 23.99, after a $ 6 discount on the original price of $ 29.99. Now is that not the sweetest, sure-fire deal to get you in the spirit for Black Friday so many months early. This intuitive building set offers your child 90-120 minutes worth pure construction joy, appealing to their logical skills. There is also a seagull and a sea turtle to go with the Lego Beach Hut Set.

The Joker Notorious Low Rider

Lego has discounts planned for their car sets as well. Thrill your child with this Lego vehicle set based on the famous DC character as seen in motion picture and the comic book pages. The fantastically designed features the Joker in his iconic violet and green costume. What is in it for you, lucky parent, is a cool discount of $ 6 on the original price $ 29.99. Yes indeed, you can note down the perfect toy to gift your child if they are aged between 8 and 14 years, and you can count on Lego for Black Friday 2020 for that discounted pocket-pinch of $ 23.99.

The Bugatti Chiron Set

If your child is aged 7 and above then you can gift them the Lego Buggati Chiron Set. Lego reinvasions a classic car model for children with a knack for automobiles and toys that require assembly. The car-building set comes with a removable windshield which gives way to seat a miniature, Lego driver. There are other accessories to spruce up the automobile too! So, be sure to let your kid find out what else goes into making the Buggati Chiron; and you can count on Lego for Black Friday 2020 with a convenient discount of $ 3 on the original price of $14.99. Plan ahead, do not miss adding this Lego car set to your Black Friday cart!

The Batwing Adventure Set

Behold the Batwing Adventure Set! Where would Batman be without his trusted aeroplane? So, give your child the chance to assemble this state-of-the-art, Lego Batman vehicle building set. The durable toy is available from Lego for Black Friday 2020 at a special price $ 6. So, now you can take home the iconic Batman aeroplane in its Lego rendition. The toy is meant for ages 2-5. So, expect your toddler to spend hours helping everyone’s favourite superhero save the day!

Beach Side Vacation Set

The Beach Side Vacation set from Lego is available this Black Friday at a lucrative price of $ 23.99 after a discount of a whole $ 6 from the original price of $ 29.99. Specially produced bearing in mind the inquisitive and sharp minds of today’s 7 and 12-year-olds, the Beach Side Vacation Set from Lego for Black Friday 2020 is the ideal gift to occupy young minds. The accompanying buildable sea turtle and seagull further make this building set an interactive experience worth a good 90 to 120 minutes for your child.

The Riddler Riddle Racer Set

Who comes to visit this Black Friday with a green suit and a spring-support action car? Why the Riddler, of course! Head over to the official site of Lego for Black Friday 2020 since they are going to offer a lot of a discount on the Riddler Riddle Racer Set. The toy is going to be available come Black Friday at a special price of $ 23.99, after a $ 6 discount on the original price of $ 29.99.

The Riddler Riddle Racer Set is the ultimate gift to give children of ages 7 through 14 years. The interactive building set boasts of an assortment of DC Lego goodness in the form of Riddler’s spring-loaded shooters and secret blasters, all mountable on the car build-up.

My First Carouse Set

‘My First Carousel Set’ is an offering from Lego for infants aged 1 to 3 years. The Lego construction set contains 24 safe-sized, childproof pieces for your infant’s curious mind to master. The educational toy also gives your child the joy of a toy with small gear wheels. The functional and constructive building set is available from Lego for Black Friday 2020 at a discounted price of $19.99. Buyers can expect a discount of $ 5 from the original price of $ 24.99.

Deluxe Train Preschool Set

Let the joy and learning experiences roll into your infant’s recreation room with the popular Deluxe Train Preschool Set from Lego. The trainset offers the age-old fun of building a railway set from scratch using the familiar Lego pieces. The toy is meant for pre-pubescent children of all ages, as it offers a riveting hour of one with trains, tracks and even a crane to assemble a comprehensive toy train experience!

The building set also comprises of two wagons, a truck and of course Duplo bricks and flowers. Buyers, do not forget to make the most of the grand discount from Lego for Black Friday 2020. The set is available at $ 87.99, after a jaw-dropping $ 22 discount on the original price of $ 109.99.

The Lego Ninja Go Video Game

So, you bought your child a Nintendo Switch? Nice, but how are you going to top that gift with something more amusing, interactive and value-for-money? Why, by purchasing the Lego Ninja Go Video Game of course! Head to the website of Lego for Black Friday 2020 to avail a brilliant discount of 30 % on the original price of the Nintendo Switch’ Lego Ninja Go Video Game.

What more reasons do you need to buy this game? Well, the game offers a 4-player cooperative gaming experience across multiple battle maps. Help your children boost their competitive skills as they join hands with their friends in making to the online Leaderboards.

Lego Batman Movie Joker Watch

Bring out the mischief in discipline with this Lego Batman Movie Joker Watch gift for your child this Black Friday. This uniquely designed, multi-colored watch from Lego for Black Friday 2020 features an analog face design and is water resistant for up to a 50m depth! The icing on the cake for the lucky child who owns one, are the different straps that come free with the purchase.

Do not worry, Lego has something for you too; a discount of a cool 8% on the original price of the watch when you purchase it come Black Friday. You can save on your Black Friday gift and your child can have a different watch to wear every day! This November, gift your child the gift of discipline with the one and only Batman from the Lego Movie!

Lego Movie Harley Quinn Alarm

Put a little pizzazz in your kid’s room décor with the Lego Movie Harley Quinn Alarm. The alarm clock is based on the fan-favourite DC Lego movie character Harley Quinn, known for her antics with the Joker! The flashy design comes in a stylish black and red color from Lego for Black Friday 2020 at a discount of $ 9. So, parents looking for a value-for-money buy for their children within $ 20 are in luck. This $ 27 novelties is available at a cool $ 18 from Lego this Black Friday.

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Lego Notebook With Studs

The Lego Notebook with Studs is available for an attractive discount of 50% on the original price. The $ 7 discount can be availed when you use the coupon voucher from Lego for Black Friday 2020. The notebook features almost 120 stud base plates that allow your child to follow their creative muse into making fun, amusing designs. There are also 61 studs that allow your child to experiment with designs.

Lego Ninja Go Movie DVD

The Lego Ninja Go Movie DVD is available for a groundbreaking discount of 50% from its original price. So, if you are looking for popcorn and movie time with the children and your family on Black Friday then you are in for a gem of a deal. You can turn to Lego for Black Friday 2020 for an instant discount of $ 14.99 on the original price of the DVD. What’s more, you ask? Why there are a number of deleted scenes that you will not find anywhere else, packed along with the full Ninja Go movie! The movie is an ideal gift for children ages 6 and above from Lego for Black Friday 2020.

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Lego Ninja Go Customizable Sword

The Lego Ninja Go Customizable Sword is available this Friday for a flat 50 % discount on its original price. If you are looking to gift your child an intuitive toy that requires assembly, then you must go for the customizable sword. The creatively designed, customizable sword allows your child to follow their muse. If your child is above ages 6 and above, then you must buy this customizable sword from Lego for Black Friday 2020 sales & deals.

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