Long Tail Pro Review + 50% Discount [Verified 2024]

To boost your search traffic, you will need keywords and Long Tail Pro is the best tool to provide you with it. It has been created to find long tail keywords that are low on volume so that your traffic and sales get a major boost.

Black Friday is fast approaching and you can get huge discount up to 50% off on Long Tail Pro sale. This is the best tool for keyword research that can help you find keywords that are long tail and highly profitable for different businesses. If you are looking for remarkable deals for Long Tail Pro Black Friday Sale 2024 then this post is definitely for you. Here you can find deals for Long Tail Pro at 50% off and you need to grab them before they end. With this program, you can choose the perfect keywords by using features like Bid value, Competition, Average keyword competitiveness search volume, rank value, language and number of words.

Long Tail Pro Review+ 50% discount:

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Here are the Long Tail Pro Black Friday deals:

  •      Monthly starter pack: $18.5 (regular price $37)
  •      Monthly Pro: $33.5 (regular price $67)
  •      Annual Starter: $148.5 (regular price $297)
  •      Annual Pro: $268.5(regular price $537)

All you have to do is activate the 50% discount coupon for Black Friday deals on Long Tail Pro, which is an ultimate keyword research tool that is used by thousands of SEO experts throughout the world.

Why should we use Long Tail Pro?

Google Keyword Planner is free to use, which is why it is very common, but there are thousands of bloggers using it, so the keywords you find using it will not be unique. This is why there will always be competition with other bloggers for the keywords. Spending money on effective keyword research tool like Long Tail Pro is worthwhile as you can generate thousands of keywords from whatever niche you need.

Long Tail Pro is used by a large number of SEO experts and digital marketers to find better keywords as it is the #1 research tool for keywords and it can help you find better keywords that can boost your search engine traffic. We know that finding better keywords that increase your search traffic can be a tough job, but Long Tail Pro is quite handy to pick the right keywords that can boost your website traffic and sales.

So activate the Black Friday deal on Long Tail Pro and save 50% discount to get the best keywords. Long Tail Pro is a proven way to find highly profitable keywords that can help you rank higher on search engines and attract more traffic. If you are looking for the Long Tail Pro Black Friday deals then click here to save money.

Benefits of Long Tail Pro:

Long Tail Pro can also be used to analyze your competitors and filter all the keywords to find the best one. Here are some of the benefits of Long Tail Pro:

Effortless keyword research:

  • More than 70,000 people use Long Tail Pro for keyword research as it gives access to unique and highly excellent keywords.
  • No matter what niche you are in, you can find high-quality keywords with a little bit of effort. Long trail Pro is quite fast in finding ultimate keywords as compared to other companies out there.
  • There are up to 800 keywords available for a seed keyword and you can get unlimited sales if you target the right keywords for your website.
  • You can also find out which keywords are common so that you can target low competitive keywords that rank higher.

Competitor analysis:

  • It is crucial to find the right keywords that can enhance your search traffic and sales. With Long Tail Pro, you can find the right keywords that can help generate more traffic to your competitors through search engine rankings.
  • You can analyze your competitors with Long Tail Pro through top 10 search results on Google for any keyword you want to rank for.
  • All you have to do is analyze those keywords and know whether you should target the keywords or not depending on the competition.
  • You can find the SERP data of your competitors like Meta tags, Domain age, Domain and page authority or Mozrank.  

Real-time Keyword Filtering:

  • We cannot use all the keywords that we come across during keyword research, so we need to select the ones that will bring more sales and traffic.
  • Using the tool Long Tail Pro, you can easily filter keywords that are in sync with your products or services and can save more time and money by using the right keywords that enhance your search traffic.

During the sale, 2 more features are added to Long Tail Pro, which are:

  • Competitor Keyword research: You can also look up for your competitor’s keywords as Long Tail Pro gives you access to their keywords so that you can easily search for those keywords that rank higher on the search engines.
  • SERP Analysis: With this feature, you can get SERP analysis with great ease for any keyword along with KC, Monthly search volume, SERP availability and metrics of all pages in the SERP.

Grab Long Tail Pro Black Friday Discount:

Long Tail Pro is worth investing for bloggers that who understand SEO and it can be used for Keyword Research, Niche research, domain check, checking the competition, etc. it is an SEO tool that you need to invest in once and you can enjoy its benefits forever. The discount offer will start from Black Friday and will end on Cyber Monday so you only have a few days to grab this amazing deal.

Grab Discount Here

Long Tail Pro offers 50% off on all their plans during this time and it is a great time to get the tool for the lowest possible price. This powerful suite for keyword research is quite popular with bloggers and digital marketers for niche keyword research and checking the competition for target keywords. Long Tail Pro is available at the yearly or monthly plan and while buying an annual plan you can save a great amount of money. You can get a complete refund for your money, in case you are not satisfied with the software.

LongTailPro review:

Long Tail Pro works on Adobe Air and is a premium keyword research tool with a great discount during the Black Friday. Its user interface is simple and easy to use so anyone can use it. It is not only a keyword research tool but has tons of other features too which are:

  •      You can use it for multiple projects and projects
  •      Search for keywords using seed keywords
  •      Export the keywords in excel spread-sheet
  •      Find high CPC keywords
  •      Import keywords
  •      Find the available domain names
  •      You can check Google, Bing, and Yahoo rankings for the keywords
  •      Add the best keywords as a favorite
  •      Keyword competition checker

How to use the keyword tool:

      Go to LongTailPro.com and register for trial by paying $1 for 10 days

      Create a campaign here

      The country you choose is the country for keyword research

      After this, all the steps are easy and self-explanatory

      Add the seed keyword to start your keyword research

      Use it on your existing website or find a new micro-niche website and find the keywords

      If you want long tail keywords then enter the number of words in the Words section

      You can sort the list on the basis of local and global search and filter out the irrelevant keywords so that you get a clean and organized keyword list

      Click on the keywords that you need for your micro-niche site which will direct you towards Competitor analysis page

      Here you can analyze and fish out the keywords that that will help your site outrank other domains

      Go back to keyword research after the process and click on Export to transfer the final keywords in Excel file.

50% off on Long Tail Pro:

During the Black Friday sale, Long Tail Pro is offering a 50% discount which is applicable on all the plans of LTP. Activate the discount with the click of a button. It is a must buy at this time as the deals are amazing and can help you save a great deal. In order to activate the Long Tail Pro Black Friday discount, you need to follow the given steps carefully.

All the membership plans are available at a 50% flat discount. This discount will be available from 29th of November 2024 till Cyber Monday, so make sure that you buy them within the given time. Here are the steps:

      Click on the link to go to Long Tail Pro Black Friday sale Page

      You will see the discounted prices listed here

      Choose the package you want to buy

      Complete the signup and make the payment

      You have now availed the discount

Long Tail Pro works on Both Mac and Windows operating system and this powerful tool can be used at 50% off with monthly or yearly plans. With this, you can perform 10,000 keyword searches per month along with keyword competitiveness score.

It has all the features that can help you with the keyword research and with the license you will get the permission to install Long Tail Pro on 3 computers. The tool works with all the languages and countries that are supported by Google, which is nearly every language in the world.

What do you get with Long Tail Pro?

High speed with Longtail Pro:

Long Tail Pro functions at optimal speed so it can help find the keywords quickly that can save a lot of time in your busy schedule. It is better than several other tools available online in providing instant results.

Great customer support:

Long Tail Pro provides great customer support to all the customers and all the issues are solved with great ease with no bug issues.

Other features:

  1.      It helps in searching multiple keywords at once
  2.      It can filter the keywords easily
  3.      You will get 800 results for each seed keyword
  4.      You can find new domains automatically
  5.      You can check site rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  6.      It provides keyword competitiveness
  7.      Best competitor analysis for top 10 Google SERP
  8.      Import list of 10,000 keywords at once


      Which plan should I buy?

There are options for buying starter, Pro or Agency plans. If you are a beginner then you can start with the starter plan as you can look up to 1000 keywords in 24 hours and can track 30 keywords. If you are a small business owner with few sites then the Pro plan will be apt for you with 2500 keyword lookups in 24 hours and 300 tracked keywords. If you have an established and large scale business then the Agency plan will suit you the most as you get 6000 keyword lookups in 24 hours and can track 1000 keywords.

      How should I download Long tail pro?

It is not a desktop application any longer and has become a web-based application, so there is no need to download.

      How can I cancel Long Tail Pro?

If you want to cancel your subscription then login on the website and go to the billing section. Click on the Cancel account tab and your account will be cancelled.

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Now you will face no more struggles to get more traffic as the Long tail pro is a killer tool that can help you save up to 50 % off on the tool. Grab the long tail pro while the deal for 2024 is on as you can save big bucks during the Black Friday Sale. This tool can help your company or blog reach great heights without many efforts as it is easy to use and provides you with unique keywords that can enhance your traffic and sales.

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