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Whether you require cameras for your homes or commercial spaces, Lorex provides them all. Black Friday 2024 is fast approaching and we all know that there will be numerous deals and offers on several products. Lorex Black Friday 2024 deals, sales and ads are also expected to come out before Thanksgiving and they offer limited deals on their high-quality products.

Lorex Technology is a leading company providing a wide variety of high-quality products in security and surveillance systems. The products are quite effective and easy to install. Lorex specializes in providing specialized systems like wireless cameras and HD cameras that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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These home security products are not only a wise investment but also an affordable one. With Lorex Technology, you will get the best solutions in security and surveillance and these products include wireless systems and HD cameras that are high-tech and amazing. During the sale, you can get the best deals on Lorex security systems as it is the best time to buy these products and keep your home and family safe.  

Lorex Technology Black Friday 2024 sale:

The sale by Lorex Technology will start on Black Friday morning and will continue till Cyber Monday; however, best deals will only be available during the beginning of the sale, so make sure to shortlist beforehand and buy products quickly, before they are gone.

Lorex technology will offer coupons during the sale along with promo codes, which will be available right here so make sure to visit the website. Lorex might also offer free shipping promotion from the retailer. If you want to know about the latest holiday deals from Lorex technology, then make sure to keep checking with deal hunters at overview.com. If you are concerned about the security of your home and looking for security cameras then you must check out the Lorex Store that offers high-quality cameras and security systems.

Lorex has built up a great amount of trust and reputation as they are the best in providing high-quality security products to the consumers. Lorex is all set to release their Black Friday deals that can help you save a large amount of money. So here is a great opportunity to save a huge amount of money on security systems.  

Here are few items that will be on sale:  

  •   Outdoor Cameras
  •   HD Security Cameras
  •   HD IP Cameras
  •   PTZ Security Cameras
  •   Wireless security cameras

If you are looking for serious security systems then Lorex systems are the best ones that you can get for your home or offices. If you want to save money when buying the best products from Lorex then Black Friday deals are the best. You can easily avail Lorex Black Friday 2024 deals, sales and ads on our website and no need to waste any time by going to other websites.

You can also share these deals with other people who are looking to buy security cameras and help them save their hard-earned money. This is why you need to get your hands soon on Lorex Black Friday crasher deals. Whether you wish to revamp your existing security system or buy a whole new security system, you can find something according to your individual needs.

All the systems are sold separately and items are limited to one per customer. Crasher deals include 500 Gigabyte surveillance hard drive, 4 channel series security DVR system with 1080p HD camera, full 1080p HD night vision security camera and 4 channel security DVR systems with 720p HD dome cameras. Black Friday site crashers are a huge hit with the customers and with Lorex you can get the best video surveillance technology that is durable, long-lasting and future proof.  


500 Gigabyte Surveillance Hard Drive:

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  • if you need extra storage space for video recordings then this hard drive is the perfect solution as you can expand your storage capacity with great ease.
  • This hard drive is quite versatile and is compatible with both analog and digital security systems so that they can be integrated with your existing DVR or NVR.
  • This hard drive is designed for surveillance needs and will run smoothly and continuously.
  • It has enough power to store footage from 32 HD cameras, so you can easily store week long or month long recordings for future reference.  

Full 1080p HD Weatherproof Night vision security camera:

Lorex Black Friday [year] Deals, Sales & Ads - GRAB DISCOUNT 2

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  • This multipurpose analog camera is built especially for outdoors but can be used indoors as well.
  • It records in the resolution of 1080p HD resolution which provides amazing video footage with clear color depth.
  • This camera provides a wide coverage even during the night as it uses the infrared LEDs that can help you see up to 40m in dark.
  • The camera is lightweight and weatherproof and can endure harsh climates and extreme temperatures.  

4 Channel series security DVR system with 1080p HD Cameras:

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  • This HD camera is perfect to monitor large open areas and since surveillance is required 24/7,.
  • the DVR has a sturdy security grade hard drive so that it runs smoothly and helps you get customized recording settings.
  • The cameras help you get a sharp and well-defined HD footage during both day and night as it has an infrared cut filter that ensures accurate color representation.
  • It can record up to 40m in low lighting and is fully weatherproof with a polycarbonate body.
  • These cameras are amazing for both residences and commercial spaces.  

4 Channel security DVR systems with four 720p HD dome cameras:

4 Channel security DVR systems with four 720p HD dome cameras

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  • This system includes 4 dome cameras and they have a powerful DVR for the best functionality and can record 720p clear footage.
  • The entire on-screen motion is quite smooth and natural so the movements are not unnatural.
  • The camera design is sleek and vandal resistant so it keeps a vigilant eye on your property at night.
  • The dome cameras have a night vision of 34m in ambient lights and 23m in darkness. It can withstand harsh temperatures, especially during freezing conditions.
  • The system has several recording settings and provides immense flexibility for the security needs for both families and small businesses.  


  1. All the Lorex security cameras can be monitored easily with free and easy to use mobile apps and all you have to do is download the app and instantly see the live video.
  2. These systems allow you to review the recorded footage and receive program motion alerts so that you are aware of any disturbance in the property.
  3. Get the best security and experienced surveillance by purchasing products during the Black Friday sale.
  4. We all know that these security systems are not easily affordable during the normal time of the year but during Black Friday sale, they are available at affordable prices.
  5. Overview.com provides you with the best and latest offers related to Lorex security systems and equipment.  

Black Friday comes only once a year and the sale is open only up to Cyber Monday. The deals on Lorex systems are very rare so the products sell quite fast. Overview.com provides you with the latest Lorex Black Friday 2024 deals, sales and ads on a wide range of collection of security cameras and advanced security systems that will be available on Black Friday 2024 sales. You will get a chance to avail the Lorex deals of 2024 on our coupon store, right here. During the sale, you can get amazing deals on various categories of security and surveillance systems.  

About Lorex:  

Lorex specializes in bringing the latest and greatest video security technology to customers in the USA and helps the people in protecting their homes and commercial spaces. Whether you are looking for security systems for your home or for your business, Lorex has the perfect cameras for every property. You can easily take advantage of the exclusive deals during Black Friday and buy a security system at quite an affordable price.  

Get more savings with Lorex:

If you are looking for special Lorex deals then check our daily deals page and pick up a camera bundle at very low prices. Looking for 4K HD night vision cameras or simple ones, Lorex bundle will be available at low prices, but the stocks are limited so don’t wait and miss something you want as the sale will not be there forever.  


  •   How much will be the shipping for my Lorex order?

Shipping fees will be calculated at checkout before making the payment and cost will depend on the chosen shipping method like standard, expedited and three-day shipping.

  •   How to apply Lorex deals on my order?

Add the product to the shopping cart and click on checkout. Locate the promotion code and enter the offer code in the box. Tap the apply button to redeem.  

  •   Can I return the product for a refund, if I am not satisfied?

Yes, you can return the Lorex product within 60 days of purchase for any reason, so sign in to the Lorex account to start the return process.  

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