MaxCDN Black Friday Deals [2024 Verified] : 50% Off

MaxCDN is a WordPress content delivery network that speeds up the network of your website. MaxCDN Black Friday 2024 deals are amazing and you can get up to 25% off on MaxCDN packages so that your site is super-fast and speedy. MaxCDN makes use of the most powerful WordPress Caching plugin, and W3 total cache that makes the integration easy.

If you use MaxCDN on all your websites then the site performance can speed up to 100%. During the Black Friday Sale, you get amazing deals on MaxCDN, and these deals are not to be missed as they can provide you with unmatchable discounts.

About MaxCDN:

It is a company that provides network so that you can circulate your website quickly throughout the world. CDN or content delivery network is a server network that exists in numerous countries. This network distributes copies of your site files to the servers under Content Delivery Network.

Whenever the user hits the link to your website, MaxCDN supplies your site’s file from a server that is nearby to the user’s location. Founded in 2009 by Chris Ueland and David Henzel, MaxDCN headquarters in Los Angeles. MaxCDN is a remarkable content delivery network provider and emphasizes on providing excellent content delivery through its multiple servers throughout the world that allows the customers to replicate the files.

MaxCDN Company mainly serves enterprise clients and has servers in Europe, Asia, and North America. It makes use of the Anycast stateless routing to provide one-to-nearest content delivery on multiple connections. With such fantastic services by MaxCDN, do you think that you should miss the Black Friday deals 2024, as you will not get this much discount again.

Why should you use MaxCDN?

 MaxCDN uses Open-source software and is well-known as one of the best CDN providers. It is an accomplished network with edge locations placed tactically in areas of high demand. MaxCDN is powered by Anycast routing that has 100% SSD servers. MaxCDN provides you with a network that is controlled by you as you can make use of the control panel to instantly deliver or eliminate content.

generate the reports or change the way content is cached on every location. With these reports, you will get a detailed view of history and current status of CDN usage including custom domain reports, file size distribution or status codes. MaxCDN Black Friday 2024 deals are only available during Black Friday to Cyber Monday and it is the best time to grab these discounts as it is the maximum discount you can get.

MaxCDN reduces the physical distance between your hosting server and the user of your website so that your website loads faster with reduced distance. They have a large network globally so that the user f your website has the best experience in speedy loading. If your website server is in a remote place, then it is important that the server of your hosting company is near the user’s location.

MaxCDN features:

  • You can monitor your website’s important statistics with a list of various types of reports
  • MaxCDN has a powerful network around the world and is spreading out
  • It has updated hardware like speedy RAM so that your site is delivered quickly.
  • MaxCDN compresses files using Gzip which reduces the amount of data that is transferred.
  • MaxCDN uses intelligent routing software to alternate networks when needed.
  • You can easily monitor traffic, bandwidth usage and other insights with MaxCDN reporting tool.
  • MaxCDN offers plug-ins to integrate and install CMS like WordPress and Joomla.

Benefits of MaxCDN:

Website speed is very important if you want to rank higher on the search engines and using MaxCDN, you can rank higher and get more traffic as your website will load faster and there will be more visitors on your website. MaxCDN provides top-notch efficiency and customer support along with high quality and reliability.

  1. Installation and setup: it is very easy to install MaxCDN as it has plugins that can manage content easily. Set-up can be done within five minutes and all you need to do is install the plug-in for the website and configure it accordingly. After you have finished the installation, your website users will start receiving fast website speed instantly.
  2. interface: you can easily manage your content delivery network with the dashboard of MaxCDN which has been developed to help you manage your account in a simple and easy manner. With all the required statistics of your website on the dashboard, you can find the data usage information to monitor the traffic on your website. You can change the packages you have bought by upgrading, removing or adding services from the dashboard menu, which is quite simple and convenient. This control panel can also be operated from smart devices like tablets or iPads.
  3. Easy to use: Since MaxCDN supports Magento, WordPress, Joomla, PRESTASHOP, XCART, etc. it can be easily integrated with your website.
  4. Help and Support: MaxCDN provides amazing technical support 24/7 so if you face any problem regarding your network, their team will support you almost instantly. You can communicate with the live chat so that your issue is resolved quickly. There is a phone number available on their website so that you can approach the support team with ease.
  5. Price: The quality of their services is amazing along with the strength of their network so the starter pack starts from $79.99 per year for a starter to $99.99 a month for Business package. Discounts during Black Friday 2024 on these packs are unbelievable, so do not miss the MaxCDN Black Friday 2024 deals.

You can easily set up MaxCDN within few minutes and enjoy a powerful network by them. It will help augment the website traffic almost instantly and will help you earn more revenue. If you decide to buy a package from MaxCDN then make use of the coupon code provided here to avail 50% discount on the current price.

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How to install and setup MaxCDN on WordPress?

Websites can be promoted and made faster with the use of Content delivery networks like MaxCDN so that your website can reach your customers faster. MaxCDN servers are set up throughout the world and people can enjoy quick access to your website from any country.

All you need to do is set up a user account, purchase the MaxCDN package using Username and Password and download the third-party plug-in to activate MaxCDN on your WordPress blog. Several third-party plug-ins are available to integrate CDN on WordPress websites like W3-Total Cache and WP SuperCache.

Installing W3-Total Cache:

This Plug-in can be downloaded by using the Admin Panel of WordPress and by clicking on the Plug-in menu on the dashboard. Click on the Add New tab and a page will appear with a search form. You can now search for W3 Total Cache to find the plug-in and then all you have to do is hit on the Install now button.

Once you have finished the installation process, it’s time to activate the plugin. After this, a new menu will appear named Performance on the dashboard menu. Before installing and activating the W3 Total Cache, you need to uninstall other caching Plug-in.

Setting up MaxCDN with W3 Total Cache:

Open the Performance menu on the dashboard and go to CDN feature. Click on enable checkbox and select CDN type. Hit save all settings button to activate MaxCDN.

Enter your details on the Pull Zone like Pull Zone name, Original Server URL, Custom CDN domain, Label, or Compression. After filling up this form, all you have to do is click on the create button. A success message will appear on the screen and you will find the URL for CDN. Copy this URL and save for later use. The zone you created will appear on the dashboard.

Click on the Manage button and the clock on the Settings. Next, hit on the edit button of the custom domains to add them. Click on the Update icon and make sure that GZip compression is enabled. You will now need to create a CName record by signing in to the cPanel and going to Domain section. Click on the Simple DNS Zone Editor and a new page will appear with Name and CName. Hit on the CName record and follow the process for all custom domains.

The MaxCDN configuration is now complete and you can go to the CDN settings to edit the configuration form. Now you can get cheaper deals for MaxCDN as you can use the coupon which offers a 50% discount on all the packages. MaxCDN Black Friday 2024 deals are a knockout and you will be blown away with the big discounts that will come your way.

MaxCDN for WordPress:

WordPress has been used since the past many years as a blogging tool and most of the new blogs are using WordPress to run and other oldies are switching to this. MaxCDN can promote WordPress blogs with great ease as it is highly compatible with the platform and can help your business grow faster.

MaxCDN delivers a powerful CDN network that can circulate your product around the world. The static files of your website are stored on your website and sent to the users from the server close to the user’s location. With MaxCDN you can reduce the distance between the user and the website server. If this distance is long, your website takes longer to load on the user’s machine and MaxCDN is a great solution for this problem.

With Servers located in 90 countries, MaxCDN has a wide range of network spread out all around the world. Due to a server close to the location of the user, your blog will take less time to load on User’s laptop or mobile. With MaxCDN deals on Black Friday till Cyber Monday, you can get huge discounts on MaxCDN, which can help you save big.

Implementation of MaxCDN for WordPress:

Implementation of MaxCDN for WordPress is quite easy with several third-party plug-ins available that make MaxCDN work for WordPress. Users can deploy the content delivery network of MaxCDN for WordPress Blogs using this plug-in.

How MaxCDN works on your blog?

MaxCDN makes the websites and blogs faster for the users by enabling all the static content on your website load faster. This happens due to their wide server network located throughout the world that helps in faster loading of your website. Every website has some static elements that don’t change often and MaxCDN takes these static files and distributes them to its servers.

When the user hits the link to your WordPress blog MaxCDN sends these static files to the user’s machine from the nearest server. The distance between the user’s machine and the server directly controls the website loading speed so that your static files are sent from a nearer location to the user and the site loading time is reduced. The WordPress blog will become faster in this manner and visiting your website will be more convenient for the users and your blog will be more popular.

Final words:

MaxCDN is one of the best options for those website owners who wish to circulate their website throughout the world. With an amazing network that stays active, provides the users with the best services in making the loading faster. There are two price plans for buying MaxCDN which are the Starter and Business and these packages are quite affordable. MaxCDN offers a 30-day money back guarantee for the users.

You need to grab the MaxCDN Black Friday 2024 deals today or repent later, so activate your coupons now and get 50% off on the listed price. Make use of this great tool MaxCDN to make your website load faster anywhere in the world. Steal the deal by heading to the official website of MaxCDN and choosing the plan and payment.

There are different packages with different bandwidths and you can choose the right one that saves you loads of money. Don’t miss the exclusive MaxCDN Black Friday 2024 deals as website loading speed is quite significant.

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