15 Fun Outdoor Games & Activities For Kids To Stay

Fun Outdoor Games And Activities For Kids To Stay

Today’s generation gets less opportunity to spend time outside, let alone playing with their friends. Studies have shown that this has impacted the new generation with loneliness and the inability to socialize independently. Playing with people their age in playgrounds is extremely necessary for kids as this allows them to socialize and exercise while having fun. Outdoor activities also contribute to better brain development in children, and they grow up more alert, positive and smart. 

Thus, there is no doubt that playing outdoors is very beneficial for kids. But the question is, what kind of activities should they do? So, we compiled a list of 15 Fun Outdoor Games And Activities For Kids to enjoy outdoors. 

15 Fun outdoor games for kids to stay

Capture the Flag 

This game is fun to play in groups. It usually needs at least 4 players per team, but the more, the merrier.

Each team has a flag that they need to protect from the opposing team’s players while also trying to seize the other team’s flag.

The one to fetch the opposing team’s flag back to home base wins the game. But if a player gets tagged by a player from the opposite team, he is put on hold and can not participate in the game until his teammates free him. 

Bike ride

Bikes at Whitby Harbour

Bike riding for kids is a very healthy activity as it is fun and healthy to do while learning to be a biker. It is handy even as an adult, as you can go places with a bike on your own later. 


This game is played exactly like hide and seek but in reverse. Unlike hide and seek, in sardines, only one person hides, and others have to find him. Once a person is found, they have to join him in hiding.

It keeps happening until everyone except 1 person goes into hiding in that spot. Then the last person remaining loses the game.

This person then becomes the next person to hide, and thus you can continue the game.

Tug of war

man and woman playing tug of war

In this game, you split up into groups of two with equal numbers on either side. Then a rope is used, and a handkerchief or other marker is tied around the middle of the rope.

Two parties hold two ends of the rope and start pulling. The direction towards which the handkerchief moves is declared as the winner.

It is purely a game of strength. 


Suikawari is a trendy Japanese game, meaning “watermelon splitting.” It would be best if you had a bat, a watermelon and a blindfold for this game.

It is played individually as a player is given a time limit to smash the watermelon with the bat while being blindfolded. Others watching can help him with directions! 


Hopscotch is an entertaining and favorite game for children. You have to use chalk to draw a pattern with numbers from 1 to 10.

Draw them big enough so you can stand in them. Then you take a pebble and throw it in the boxes and make it land on one number. Next, each player has to hop on one leg in each box and stand on that number without missing any box.

Once you reach the box with your pebble, pick it up and continue with one leg. The goal is to do this till number 10 and return the same way. 


Racing is a great game for kids that don’t need any equipment to play, and it tests children’s agility and speed. The rules are very simple.

You start from a place and finish at another point, and the first to reach that point wins. 

Red light, Green light 

This game has been made popular by the popular Korean Netflix series “squid game” but has been around the world by many other names like statues or Fairy footsteps. Everyone in the group except one person stands in one line, away from the player who will be saying the red light, green light and turning back.

The goal is to move slowly towards the tagger while he is chanting with his back turned on and touch him to run back to the starting line before the tagger catches you.

When the player turns back to continue the chant, you have to move toward him, stop immediately, and stand like a statue when he turns back. If caught moving, you must start again from the starting line. 


As the name suggests, you must dodge the ball in this game.

This game is played in two teams, and the goal is to hit opponent team players with the ball to eliminate them while dodging the balls thrown at you. The first team to lose all players loses the game. 

Jump rope

The jump role can be played on your own or a minimum of 3 players where two players hold the rope handles and swing it, and another player has to jump over the swinging rope without falling.

If the rope is big enough, even 2-3 players can take part in the jumping. It is a fun game in your backyard and only needs a little space. 

Find your friend 

This is a very, very fun multiplayer game that needs an open space. Here one kid is blind, and he needs to use his hearing to find and tag others. At the same time, the other kids have to keep running from him.

But this game needs adult supervision as kids may fall and hurt themselves since they are blindfolded. 

The handkerchief game 

The handkerchief game is also a multiplayer group, and players are to be divided into two groups. Assign numbers to each player in the team and use the same numbers to assign players of other groups.

Now place the handkerchief in the middle of both groups and call out a number. One player from both groups with that number has to rush to grab the handkerchief. The one who gets the handkerchief wins a point for their team. 

Hula Hoop passes 

In this game, the kids first need to hold hands and form a circle. The aim is to pass the hula hoop through the full circle without breaking hands as quickly as possible. 


Swimming is an excellent activity for children as it not only teaches them a sport but also is a tiring sport that tests their energy levels and strength.

You can race in swimming and also play other games like tag and pool volleyball. 

Kick the can 

The game starts with allocating a tagger, and the rest needs to run away from him. A player kicks the can and starts the game. Now the tagger needs to find the can and bring it back in place.

The tagger’s goal is to find all the players and jail them beside the can while preventing free players from kicking the can again and freeing the jailed players. 


Here are the 15 games and activities your kids can enjoy with their friends in a playground or backyard. Outdoor activity is vital for kids as it helps them grow mentally and physically.

There are other popular games like these that you can consider introducing to your child.

However, we suggest adult supervision for most of these games as children do often hurt themselves while playing these games and need medical treatment immediately after.

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