10 Best Screen Recording Software – [FREE & PAID]

Best Screen Recording Software

Screen recording or Screenshot refers to the act of taking a video or taking a photo of your activities on the screen. It is really wonderful to capture the screen when activities are implemented on your computer. You will make screen recordings for the following reasons:

  • To make video tutorials of different applications and software.
  • To create vlogs.
  • For helping his subordinates when they get stuck in an activity.
  • To record the live competitive of games online.
  • To record and save a live streaming video.
  • For recording significant video calls and online conferences.

For the reasons referenced, great screen recording programming is turning into a need for practically all PC clients. However, when wanting to buy a screen recorder, you will doubtlessly be befuddled about which one to pick.

List of 10 Best Screen Recording Software


10 Best Screen Recording Software – [FREE & PAID] 1

RecordCast screen recorder is a very simple tool for conducting video tutorials on computers online. With this program, we can record our entire screen, a specific application, or a particular Chrome tab. In this way, we can record what interests us without having to record our entire desktop. 

In addition to recording our desktop and our voice, it will also be able to record our face through the webcam and embed it directly in the video tutorial. In this way, we can have a closer approach to all users who see the video.


  • It’s completely free of charge. 
  • Users don’t need to add or download installations and extensions. 
  • It allows you to edit your recordings in the same app. 
  • The clean and modern user interface makes it very easy to capture.
  • The output video can be of high quality up to 1080p for free. 


  • It is an online recording platform that requires Internet access.


10 Best Screen Recording Software – [FREE & PAID] 2

Camtasia is one of the handy screen recorders for Windows and Mac OS. This screen recorder allows you to remain sorted out with its User Libraries, which encourages you to spare your recorded recordings in independent folders.

Camtasia offers you preset themes that look fascinating and eye-catching, also sparing your editing time. You can likewise include stunning effects, annotations, and transitions to your recordings. Its Music and Audio features permit you to set background music to your recordings.


  • Free 30 days trial version with full features and watermark.
  • Full functionality.  
  • It helps you make professional videos.  


  • Relatively expensive

OBS Studio


Studio OBS is an open-source tool that is viable with all working frameworks. It is fundamentally utilized for the distribution of live streams. This tool is also a great alternative as a videography software for professionals and plugin developers. Video editing options are comprehensive and complex and include transitions, frame masking, color correction, color coding, and professional audio mixing.


  • Open-source software.
  • Completely free.
  • Available on all operating systems.  
  • Complete video editing.


  • It is very complex.
  • It is not suitable for beginners.


10 Best Screen Recording Software – [FREE & PAID] 3

Screencast-O-Matic is another screen recorder and video editor that supports screen and webcam recordings. It has a free option and a paid option (from $ 1.65 / month). It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS. 

Although the application does not allow you to record in HD, you can record in 800 × 600, 640 × 480, and other standard definitions. You can also zoom, draw, and add overlays on video files. Also, you can share the recording on YouTube without having to download any desktop application.

Screencast-O-Matic likewise has extra highlights, including choices to alter PC sound and sync recording with video footage. However, many of the editing tools are given in its paid version. However, we are able to use the free version to upload content to YouTube.


  • Free version available.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automatic publishing options.
  • Intuitive interface.


  • Audio recorder for Windows only.



ShareX is undoubtedly another free screen capture tool available on the market currently. You can capture the whole screen or parts of the screen. With a high degree of customization, it promises to meet the needs of each user.

Furthermore, you have the option to use it to annotate recordings and screenshots, as well as upload them in various ways to multiple destinations. However, it is only available for Windows.


  • You can import videos, photos, and music.
  • It comes with a wide selection of color effects.
  • Image merge option (here, you can choose any number of images and combine them).
  • No watermark.


  • Its user interface is somewhat complex.
  • Loading large files can be a problem sometimes.
  • Scrolling window capture doesn’t always work.

Free Cam

10 Best Screen Recording Software – [FREE & PAID] 4

Free Cam is also an easy to use screen recorder that helps you capture video on your computer without a watermark. While recording your computer screen, you can highlight the mouse cursor and activate mouse clicks to emphasize the important things you want. This screen recorder helps you capture a 760p video seamlessly. If you want to get your video with higher quality, you can upgrade to its pro version. In addition to recording the screen, you have the option to record using the microphone or the system’s sound according to your needs.  


  • Record any part of the screen according to your needs.
  • Eliminate extraneous sound and polish the audio with easy steps.
  • It provides some essential editing tools like cropping.


  • It can only be used on Windows.

Wondershare FilmoraScrn

10 Best Screen Recording Software – [FREE & PAID] 5

Wondershare FilmoraScrn is a famous and very useful screen recorder that offers dual functionality. It integrated a screen recorder with a basic video editor. The Customizable Recording Layout function of this software allows you to record the entire screen or just a specific part of it. You are able to customize the cursor’s shape and size to your liking. 

This tool allows you to record two devices simultaneously, which you can record from your webcam and your computer at the same time. It allows you to import about 50 different file formats and export videos to MOV, MP4, and GIF. This software has the ability to record 15 to 120 images per second (FPS). This feature makes FilmoraScrn perfect for recording fast-paced games where frames change very quickly.


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • It is integrated with a video editor.
  • Simultaneous support for screen and webcam recording.


  • A little expensive.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

10 Best Screen Recording Software – [FREE & PAID] 6

If you want to record a presentation, show a tutorial, or even demonstrate the use of a program, give this software a try. Based on a browser, it is not advisable to transmit games, but it serves very well for other tasks. Basically, you will download a plugin containing the program’s menus when you access it for the first time. Then you will use the Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder normally from your browser. 

With it, you can configure several options, such as transmitting audio, video, resizing the screen, transmitting from the screen or webcam, and even configuring keyboard shortcuts for your convenience of use. In addition to saving the recording in several formats, you can export directly to Vimeo, Youtube, Dropbox, or Google Drive. 


  • Dynamic screen capturing options
  • Real-Time and full image editing features
  • User-friendly interface


  • You need to download a plugin. 


10 Best Screen Recording Software – [FREE & PAID] 7

Screencastify is an extension that allows its users to create video captures of the screen of the current tab of Google Chrome. It can quickly and practically record videos with a pre-defined resolution and allows you to store recordings in Google Drive or in the plugin itself.

The recordings are presented clearly in a specific location on the extension interface that keeps the created files well organized. When you click on one of these captures, it will automatically open in a new tab with an exclusive player. It is on this page that the users can download the recordings to their computers.


  • Easy to use
  • Records videos from the current Chrome tab
  • Captures audio from the computer’s internal microphone


  • You need to download a plugin too. 


10 Best Screen Recording Software – [FREE & PAID] 8

Bandicam is a screen recorder that highlights lightness as one of its main features. The program is a good alternative for those who want to record games, as it is compatible with external devices connected via HDMI. This includes video games, notebooks, smart TV dongles, smartphones, among others.

Among the additional features is the overlay of what happens on the screen by the webcam image, widely used by gamers. It is also possible to write and draw on the screen, add effects to the mouse pointer, and make a video with the famous green background.


  • Different screen recording options
  • Record high fps games without lag
  • Apply cursor effect


  • Windows only.
  • Watermark in the free version.


Before choosing a screen recorder, you can pick the one that consummately lines up with all your video prerequisites. It would be more of a successful business strategy to choose an ideal screen recorder today, and consequently, there is no place for mistakes.

Most of the tools referenced above are either free or accompanied by a free trial version, which is very practical if you want to try the tool out before making your final decision to purchase it. I think, personally, RecordCast is completely free, which you can have a try without any other consideration.

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