8 Small Kitchen Ideas that will Maximize your Space

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Often kitchen could be one of the smallest areas at your homes. The bedrooms and the drawing rooms have plenty of space to roam around and storage purpose, whereas your kitchen feels quite congested with the kitchen sets and the small kitchen ideas & gadgets.

Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

Small Kitchen Ideas
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You cannot totally renovate your kitchen space in a short time for creating storage and maximizing the space but you can use some short tricks and tips in order to show a remodelled kitchen.

Basically kitchen remodeling is the process of changing your existing area to make it a multi functional or a design area.

But undergoing structural reorganization could cost a lot of money. That is why, to make the small kitchen fully functioning with a ton of extra storage you need to follow some tips.

Remove upper cabinets and get custom hardware

Upper cabinets could usually take up a lot of storage space. Thus investing in open cabinets could be a easy way to use up and save space in your small kitchen.

They give so much easier access to crockery and becomes good for display purposes too.

Another option you could try us custom or invisible cabinets, all you need to do is keep cleaning up the glass surface to make it feel clear and invisible.

This gives a feeling of much more extra space since the invisible cabinets give a feel like the open cabinets.

Also get super organized with your cabinets, if you accidentally come across and extra space which is not being used up, use it to store some tiny items, this will maximize your small kitchen storage.

Use neutral / light colours

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Using light colours visually expand your kitchen, feels absurd to think about but the lighter colour is the kitchen, the larger it feels. Keeping a light palette on walls, countertops etc. make the mini kitchen feel more open.

Using white would also be a great option, since the colour white reflects light around which make the space seem bigger than it actually is.

Also if you aren’t renovating the space with a lighter colour, made sure to get some kitchen equipment in lighter shades.

Use a pegboard

Pegboards and display boards can be of use when you have a small space. Just attach and pegboard and you can hang your utensils like pans and spoons suspended by a thumb pin.

Also go vertical, this really helps up with creating up extra space in your mini kitchen. Flat pieces such as knives, pans can be hung vertically on a pegboard or just a normal screw. This is how these utensils don’t take up much of the space.

Also pegboards are easily available, you can get prefabricated or handcrafted pegboards online.

Make use of patterns

Use patterns in unexpected places, this makes the space look much elongated in a good way. Using patterns in an overlooked area of the kitchen such as floors and walls could be a great choice.

This high impact design element will surely give an illusion of expansion of your space. Wooden patterns or handcrafted tiles for the flooring would be a good option and also gives a bohemian feel to the space.

Talking about walls, patterned tiles, wall decal or wallpapers can be installed here.

Amplify your kitchen

Your everyday pretty products could revamp your space to a whole new level. Use of mirrors is a very effective idea since it would light up the space.

Since the mirrors reflect light, they give a sense of a larger room even when the room could be smaller.

Mirrors could be attached anywhere with the direction of natural light or opposite to it, since the mirror serves the same function.

Also using antique mirror tiles could do the work. Instead of installing opaque tiles, go for reflective tiles since they help bouncing back the light.
Adding up artwork also helps in revamping your kitchen. Put up a simple artwork in your kitchen which fits your style and your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Opt for smaller appliances

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Usually appliances such as a microwaves, blenders and stoves come in large sizes which could eat up almost half of your kitchen countertop.

This could be annoying it times, but opting for smaller and compact appliances could be a great option. “Small” does not mean cheap.

And if you want the feel of a luxurious kitchen, doesn’t mean you don’t buy small appliances. Nowadays since technology has gone so forward, high quality compact appliances are in demand.

Get an accent wall

Adding an accent wall to your kitchen for the illusion of more space could be beneficial. This happens because an accent wall adds more colour to a space and also brings individuality and variety.

Since this creates a focal point, it makes the room seem larger than the usual size. It can bring together a colour scheme in your room since it incorporates a huge colour pallete.

If you do not opt for having an accent wall, make sure to include complementary colours in your kitchen, experiment with tiles, cupboards, equipment or just add a contract colour rug to show the effect.

Create multipurpose spaces or structures

Creating a fold down table and having storage in the wall is a very good idea. You get the extra space which could be taken by a dining table, plus you get extra space.

Using your vertical cabinet for storing items vertically in the sides, storing jars in the top of the shelves and in the hidden drawers of the cabinets also gives you extra space.

Find some things which can be used as a two way purpose or just create them. They give you a ton of space instantly.

These were some of the tips and tricks to give you some ideas to revamp your kitchen, make the maximum use and maximize your space. Try to use at least 2-3 points in the beginning for starting up.

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