10 Wall Decor Ideas to Bring Style to Your Bedroom

Wall Decor Ideas bedroom

Many walls in the bedroom look pale and blank because they lack home decor in them. This doesn’t give the space a chance to shine and thus interior design is needed. This is to be done by combining all the elements of in the space including the bedroom furniture, colours, textures to give a good completely but this could be overwhelming since we aren’t experts.

So here in this article we present you 10 wall decor ideas that will instantly bring shine to your bedroom.

10 Wall Decor ideas for bedroom

First we need to understand the seven building blocks of interior design for creating a perfect and a neat volume.

These are as mentioned below

Space : Understanding where you want to draw you attention, how high is the ceiling, where should furniture be placed, is it open or close and what works best for such areas.
Lines : Understanding the lines in your house, are the clean or curvy, horizontal vertical or diagonal, which decor would be the best for you.
Form or shape : The style of the volume, angular or curve, open or close, what suites best here.
Pattern : The kind of wallpapers, pop colours ceilings, furniture pattern etc.
Light : What kind of light is present in the space, artificial or natural, the colour and the intensity of the lights, how the light looks with different colours and patterns.
Colour : Warm or cool tones, feelings or the colours in each space and what looks good here.
Textures : Wall texture, furniture and rug/carpet texture, understanding visual and actual texture.

After analysing your room you must have a clear idea about what kind of decorating styles you must incorporate in your Bedroom, now here are some ideas you can try :

Large scale arts

This adds texture and depth to your Bedroom. Along with the kind of elements in your room you can hang up a tapestry or an area rug behind your bed which would enhance your room to some extent.

Adding the same textured carpet on the floor would be a good option to make it look evenly colour matched, but make sure not to repeat the same texture many times.

Woven baskets

wall decor ideas for bedroom

Adding these could be a great option in traditional styled rooms, especially the brown ones. Depending upon your wall area you can add as many woven baskets you feel to, make sure that they aren’t to equal sizes unless you want to go with a symmetrical room design.

An asymmetric design in your room catches the eye instantly and brings a more “lived in” feel. These can also just be kept in shelves, for blankets and pillows, for toiletries etc.

Install shelves

10 Wall Decor Ideas to Bring Style to Your Bedroom 1

This makes the room very classy as well as multi functional. If you have wooden flooring in your bedroom go for wooden shelves in a pattern which makes the walls look fuller.

The moods of the room can be changed by switching different items on the shelves according to the colour. Instead if books you can also keep tiny plants, statues, photo frames or anything which fits the aesthetic of the room.

Wall hangings

10 Wall Decor Ideas to Bring Style to Your Bedroom 2

There is a huge scope for wall art decor. You can have some pieces of vintage paintings, photo frames, travel inspiration frames, wall hangings like dreamcatchers, display or pegged boards on your wall.

Add any of them according to the area in a symmetrical or an asymmetrical manner, both really look pretty if the edges are not curved. A single dreamcatcher can be hung according to the textures present in the room.

Embrace everyday objects

wall decor ideas for bedroom1

Hanging plants can be hung or maybe guitars in a particular arrangement. Some recycled goods, flower vases, pillows, small figurines and what not. You can incorporate anything in your space if it goes with the aesthetic.

This is a budget friendly approach since you do not get anything else from outside, rather reuse the things you have in your own house. Sometimes simple and ordinary things light up the place instead of heavily furnished areas.


mirror wall decor ideas for bedroom

Adding mirrors in the room enhance the colours and the lightings present in the room. Mirrors of different shapes and sizes with textured or coloured frames can be fixed in the room.

If your room is small and compact, do fix mirrors since it tricks the eye and creates the illusion of a bigger space. But remember, according to Vaastu the mirrors shouldn’t be placed in front of the bed, so keeping some things in mind you can add mirrors in your room.

Accent wall

10 Wall Decor Ideas to Bring Style to Your Bedroom 3

If you have a neutral wall colour, an accent wall would look really amazing. An accent wall simply means to add another extra colour in the room, these are made to add extra space in your room since it gives an illusion of enlarging the room.

Enhance your room by thinking something beyond just solid colours, also keep an eye on the texture of your room. Making on an accent wall also adds more colour in the room to bring a sense of individuality and variety.


10 Wall Decor Ideas to Bring Style to Your Bedroom 4

Hand painting has become popular since we’re on a lockdown. You can let your imagination wander and create a stencil art, mural, regular patterns or anything you like. Wall art and wallpapers are pretty common since a long time, sprinkles or drops of a light colour paint are done on a darker area to enhance the room.

If painting is something not what you do, stick to shapes. Use stencils or maybe a tape for getting clear edges.

3D Art Wall decor

Anothing very popular technique which involves the ideas of mixing up textures with complement well with each other. Creating a 3D texture is pretty easy, you could use wooden frames, foam or even cloth textures to bring depth in your room.

You can also just get some wooden wall hangings or artificial flower bouquets and arrange them in a particular order.

The benefit of this is, it creates a focal point, brings the sense of texture, provides and instant colour pallete and thus give away fullness to the room, and makes it look furnished.

Try colour palettes

Trying out different colour palettes in your room would also be a budget friendly idea. Use your existing bedsheets, curtains, pillow covers, rugs or carpets to bring out colour.

You could try a monochrome style, something neutral, something dark or maybe something colourful.

Experiment and check what suites best for you.

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These were some of the room decoration ideas to instantly revamp your room. Being more personal I would like to incorporate a minimalist approach and place things up in small clusters instead of scattering the decor all over my place. So check what suites the best for you according to the elements in your space.

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