7 Best Website Builders in 2024: Reviews & Comparison

Best Website Builders

Nowadays every business needs a website. Don’t you agree? Creating your online presence is what makes your business unique. A strong web presence can grow your business and that’s where the website building software comes into the top-notch! A modern business simply cannot afford to be without an online presence. Whether you are a small business, artist, photographer, consultant, blogger, or writer, there are the best website builders out there for you.

To be honest, gone are the days when you need a web developer with a lot of time, money, and coding skills. Do you want to spend less and earn more with your professional website? The well-known website builders are SpaceX, Wix, and Weebly to make a simple event for a beginner. The growth and complexity of website building mean you have more choices than ever before. You can easily find the best website builder tailored to your wants and needs.

Top picked 7 Best Website Builders

The first step that you should look for is the best website builder comes for you, if you are planning something unique and want to build your online presence then this is high time to reach out to these best website builders of 2024.


wix Website Builder

Wix is the clear front-runner in the race for website builder dominance. The biggest player since ever I guess with 110 million websites built and boasts the greatest quantity of tools, capabilities, and freedom.

Wix covers the full of the ease-of-use spectrum by offering an AI-fueled automatic website creator on one end. This doesn’t require much effort. To Wix Corvid, an open development platform for advanced applications that include, databases, Javascript, etc. Wix offers a basic free website builder plan for beginners. Well! You won’t see any drawback to this.


  • Customizable Designs
  • Intuitive Website Builder
  • One-Pagers
  • Free and Reliable Hosting
  • Optimized Mobile View


  • Good Site Speed
  • Massive Template Collection
  • Can market your website easily
  • Tons of extra feature
  • Good help & support


  • Templates not interchangeable
  • The site is not transferable
  • Premium Plans are available for site plan only
  • Free Plan Forces


squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace strikes when you talk about the best website builders in 2024. Squarespace is recommended because it is a good analog for what you get with its products: clean, professional, and inviting design, but without the layers of design power or freedom as you compare them to other builders. The personal plan at Squarespace is a $12-a month personal plan, which includes unlimited storage, bandwidth, and a domain.


  • Flexible Layouts
  • Custom Color Palettes
  • High-Quality Images
  • Built-in Photo Editing Capabilities 


  • Responsive Design
  • Templates are contemporary
  • Good Speed 
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Options can be difficult to navigate
  • No third party apps


weebly Website Builder

Weebly offers you the 50 million websites created but offers some excellent options depending on your needs. If you want a simple and easy to handle website builder then Weebly can be one for you. What does easy to use mean here? The editor is more limited in the terms of add-ons and design flexibility and doesn’t have a range of options or mobile customization. The prices here are somehow similar to the Wix and SquareSpace.


  • Free Subdomain
  • Responsive Templates
  • Drag and Drop website builder
  • App integration


  • Solid Site Speed
  • High Design Flexibility 
  • Extra bonus
  • Simple and Easy to use editor
  • Can be easily operated with mobile


  • Limited Blogging Tools
  • Freeloaders are stuck
  • Need to pay for the help
  • Offline Photo Editor tool is worth better


duda Website Builder

Duda is the best website builder with 15 million websites built and mainly focused on specific market segments. Many people are trying to build their brand name and for that, they need an easy-to-use and powerful website builder, it’s emerged as a good option for anyone who is looking to start new. Duda’s price is a little higher as compared to the other. The basic plan of Duda’s starts from $14 per month. Duda is a bit expensive!


  • Responsive Templates
  • Site import capability
  • Dynamic Content
  • Basic Analytics
  • Unlimited Storage and Images


  • Easy to use
  • Multilingual Website
  • Good website personalization tool
  • Easy drag and drop editor


  • No third-party widget store
  • No ability to port the site to another host
  • No email newsletter integration


wordpress Website Builder

When most people talk about WordPress, they’re usually referring to the free open-source software available through WordPress.org. That’s very powerful, but it takes some time to learn and still requires that you find a website. WordPress does offer you advanced mode with more features. It is quite similar to the other builders with bloggers and writers. WordPress caters to bloggers who don’t want to spend much time on website design.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy theme system
  • Full Standard Compliance
  • Extend with Plug-ins
  • Easy Installation and Upgradation


  • User-Friendly CMS
  • Responsive Website
  • Less expensive website
  • Great content management system


  • Need Plugins for additional features
  • Slow Page Speed
  • Frequent Themes and plugins update


shopify Website Builder

Shopify marks its expertise in e-commerce stores. The platform offers you an easy-to-use and user-friendly way to get an e-commerce website store up and running online. The business owners are a bit happy with the tools that Shopify offers to them. Shopify is considered to be a safe place if you want to start a business.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and online storage
  • Fraud Analysis
  • Manual Order Creation
  • Easy Fraud Analysis


  • Customizable
  • Ease of Marketing
  • Availability of Themes
  • Fully Hosted Platforms


  • Expensive
  • Customizable Limitations
  • You have to control your data by yourself


bigcommerce Website Builder

BigCommerce lives up to its name, now it is considered to be the best option for online stores. The store site builder might not be quite easy like Shopify, but it needs more time in setting up. Bigcommerce prices are quite similar to the Shopify i.e. $29 basic plan, $79 plus plan, and $249 Pro plan, but what you get at each level differs.


  • Content management capabilities.
  • An easy-to-use checkout.
  • Search engine optimized code and layout.
  • Reporting tools and custom report features
  • Promotion and discount code tools.


  • Customizable and Functionality is good
  • Secure Performance
  • SEO benefits
  • Omni Channel Selling


  • Limited Free Themes
  • Themes are expensive

How to choose the best website builder for 2024?

There are many options open for you to choose the best website builder in 2024.  It is important to know which one better suits you. It is easier to find the perfect match for the best website builder. In terms of pricing, most website builders offer you different plans each with different sets of features.

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If you are in search of the best website builder 2024 to create your online presence then you can find everything here. I hope this article will help you with the easy comparison. You can reach out to me for any doubts and questions in the comment section.

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