A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals [2024 Verified] – 68% OFF

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals [[year] Verified] - 68% OFF 1

A2 Hosting Black Friday deals are the most anticipated deals of the year, and people eagerly wait for these deals throughout the year. Bloggers and webmasters can get some of the best discounts on web hosting products like VPS hosting, Reseller hosting or shared hosting. 

A2 Hosting Black Friday deals 2024 are incredible and must be bought without wasting time. 

A2 Hosting Company is one of the best hosting companies that provide SSD-based shared hosting services that are ideally configured at affordable prices. This company is not owned by GoDaddy or EIG Group.

Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year, and you will get unbelievable discounts on A2 Hosting on their various hosting products.

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A2 Hosting Black Friday deals

These deals will go live on 25th November 2024 and will run till Cyber Monday. There are several web hosting plans by A2 Hosting that are on offer during this time.

A2 Hosting plans List:

A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals [[year] Verified] - 68% OFF 2
  •      Shared Hosting and managed WordPress Hosting:

You can get up to a 67% discount on all the Shared and Managed WordPress hosting plans during the Black Friday Sale 2024.

You can activate the discount coupon to automatically avail of the discount when the deals go live.

  • VPS hosting plan:

During the Black Friday Sale, you can get flat 50 % discount on Managed VPS or Core VPS but not on Unmanaged VPS.

You can easily activate the discount by clicking on the relevant link provided here and the coupon will be applied automatically.

  • Dedicated Server:

A2 Hosting is offering amazing discounts on dedicated servers this Black Friday and you can get discounts up to 50% off on selective servers through coupons.

Click the button below to activate the discount that will be applied automatically.

  • Reseller Hosting:

A2 Hosting is offering about 40 % off on the Reseller hosting during Black Friday, so you must activate the coupon by clicking on the link, and you will get an automatic discount. 

How to choose the right offer?

There are several options available with A2 Hosting Black Friday deal, and there is a large amount of confusion about which option is the best for you.

Listed here are the Web hosting plans along with their benefits: 

Shared Hosting by A2: 

In the Shared Hosting plan, the server resources are shared with numerous other websites and with every hosting plan, there will be certain limits for server resources.

If your website uses more resources than the prescribed limits, you might need to upgrade the plan.

It is a great deal as you can use more server resources, but in case another website is using the resources, then the performance of your website will be affected.

This is why; Shared Hosting plans are suitable only for websites with low or medium traffic and not for E-commerce or other critical websites, as the pages will load slowly, leading to fewer sales.

There are three shared hosting plans, and you can choose the one suitable for your website.

Lite Plan: This is the most basic plan and is ideal for starting a blog or website. In this plan, you can host one single website and 5 sub-domains.

The storage and bandwidth in A2 hosting are not restricted but need to be used relatively. You will get 5 MySQL databases and can create around 25 cPanel Email IDs. 

Swift Plan: This plan is suitable for bloggers and small business owners who need to host multiple websites. With this plan, you will get 2CPU cores and 1 GB RAM.

You can also double the CPU cores and RAM at an additional cost if you experience more traffic on your blog.

In addition, with the swift plan, you will get server rewind backups, so this is an excellent plan for small business owners. 

Turbo plan: Turbo Plan is the fastest shared hosting plan, and it is the best plan for websites with high traffic, e-commerce websites and other critical websites which need to load quickly.

This plan can handle medium-traffic websites and 2GB RAM, which can be extended for extra charges.

The website loads quickly, and you will get a Railgun optimizer for free. 

A2 Hosting Managed WordPress hosting:

If you do not want to get into the hassles of managing and optimizing your own Linux Server, you can choose to go with A2 Hosting’s Managed WordPress Hosting Plan.

Managed WordPress Hosting is done through Plesk CPanel, but if you want the Linux CPanel, you need to buy the Linux Hosting Plan. 

A2 Hosting Black Friday deals provide three different types of Managed WordPress Hosting plans according to the number of websites you wish to host.

The plans also offer variation in storage, number of CPU cores and Virtual and Physical memory. 

  1. 1-Site hosting plan: With this plan, you will get 10GB SSD storage, 2GB physical RAM, 8GB virtual RAM, 2 CPU cores.
  2. 3-Site hosting plan: With this plan, you will get 25 GB SSD, 3GB Physical RAM, 3 CPU cores and 12 GB virtual RAM.
  3. Unlimited Website plan: With this plan, you will get 40 GB SSD storage; 4 GB Physical RAM, 4 CPU Cores and 16 GB Virtual RAM.

All these plans have Turbo Boost included in pricing so the website loads very quickly.

  • VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Server or VPS is a server on which multiple accounts can be hosted on the same server, and every account is given their own virtual resources so that they are not shared with other accounts. Due to this other website on the hosting server will not affect your website. VPS can handle more traffic as compared to Shared hosting so it is perfect for Bloggers, webmasters, E-commerce websites and small businesses that receive medium to high traffic. A2 Hosting provides you with Managed VPS, self-managed VPS, and Core-managed VPS.
  1. Self-managed VPS: With this type of VPS, you will manage your own server and can install WordPress or other apps or the free Webuzo control panel provided by A2 Hosting. When you purchase self-managed VPS, you can install CPanel on extra payment for CPanel license. However, A2 Hosting Black Friday sale deals are not applicable to Self-Managed VPS.
  2. Managed VPS: Managed VPS is managed by A2 Hosting Company and with this plan, you will get a free cPanel. A2 Hosting team will secure the server for you and will update the hardware, so the root access is with them and not you. You will also get all the features of cPanel and can opt for Turbo Boost at additional cost.
  3. Core managed VPS: This Type of VPS is similar to Managed VPS in other aspects, but you will get the root access with this so that you can change the settings of the server. The pricing and features are also similar to Managed VPS, but you will not get CloudFlare CDN in the cPanel and there will be no Server Rewind file backups and Railgun Optimizer.
  •  Dedicated Server Hosting: Dedicated Server is a great option for websites that receive a lot of traffic. A2 Hosting provides dedicated servers with three levels of management Managed, Unmanaged and Core Managed. The plans corresponding to these levels are Flex Unmanaged, Flex Managed and Flex Core dedicated servers. A2 Hosting also provides discount SSD servers that are completely managed with root access like the flex core server but the storage space is less. With A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal, you can get amazing discounts on Dedicated Server hosting so don’t miss the deals.
  •  Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting accounts give you the option to resell A2 Hosting Black Friday deals servers under your brand name and you can resell these accounts at your own decided prices.
  • This type of hosting is ideal for web developers that are looking to sell the hosting to the clients after website development and maintenance services and they can be used to start a web hosting business.
  • Resellers Hosting plans by A2 Hosting are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum and the difference in these plans are the number of accounts, you can host on a server and the available server resources.
  • You will get a free WHCMS starter license will all the plans by A2 Hosting but it’s not available with the Bronze plan. Other features are the same for all the plans.

With all the offers and plans made clear to you, you can browse through the coupons and discounts for A2 Hosting Black Friday deals 2024 and activate the discount to buy a hosting plan that suits your requirement.

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Reasons to buy A2 Hosting Black Friday deals:

Here are the top reasons to avail A2 Hosting Black Friday offer:

  1. Highest discounts: A2 Hosting products are available at the highest discounts during this time so whether you want Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting or VPS Hosting. Black Friday deals are not to be missed so make sure that you purchase your products during this time.
  2. High Speed: A2 Hosting products are amazing as your website loads faster than other hosting providers due to highly optimized servers. Due to the high speed of website loading, your website will rank higher on the search engines. Turbo plan in Shared hosting and Turbo Boost for VPS hosting makes use of caching that helps speed up your website loading time. With Turbo Plan, you will get Free Railgun optimizer which is quite useful for dynamic websites.
  3. SSD storage: Full SSD servers are provided by A2 Hosting Black Friday deals plans due to which you will get faster loading time and the server can handle more traffic. SSD storage is far better than traditional disks as they help websites load quickly.
  4. Top Class Hosting infrastructure: The infrastructure of A2 Hosting is of top-class that provides you with 10 Gbps superfluous network. The servers of the Hosting have around 12 cores and 64 GB RAM.
  5. WordPress is pre-installed: A2 Hosting provides you with blank servers or WordPress pre-installed servers. You can choose the one with pre-installed WordPress on it. There is also the option of the optimized version that is apt for the beginners.
  6. Free SSL Certificate: SSL certificates are very important and must for websites that require the collection of personal data like Names, Email, Credit or Debit card info, etc. If a website will not have an SSL certificate then the browsers may warn the users that the data is unsafe on the website so they must fill the form carefully. A2 hosting provides free SSL certificates, so you can save big bucks for buying SSL.
  7. Free Back-ups: A2 hosting creates snapshots of your blog automatically which can be restored in case anything goes wrong with the blog. In this way, your data remains completely safe and secure.
  8. CloudLinux OS for Shared Hosting: A2 hosting makes use of Cloud Linux OS that keeps the accounts isolated on shared hosting. With this, there is control in server resource spikes. Due to this, your website will not be much affected if another website on the server gets lots of traffic.
  9. Data centers are placed strategically: A2 hosting has two data centers in the USA at Arizona and Michigan along. one data center in Amsterdam Europe and one in Singapore Asia. With these data centers strategically placed across three continents, there is a data center close to your target audience which can help reducing latency.
  10.  Customer Support: With A2 you will get amazing customer support which is better than other hosting companies and these agents are quite knowledgeable and make sure that your queries are resolved quickly.

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Final Words:

A2 Hosting Black Friday deals is one of the best in the web hosting industry and provide great speed in web hosting. The plans during Black Friday offers are even more beneficial so grab A2 Hosting Black Friday deals that are highly beneficial and rewarding.

A2 Hosting Black Friday 2024 deals are yet to be announced and these deals are unbelievable and amazing.

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