Abu Garcia Black Max Review [Updated 2024]

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When you think about bass fishing, the first thing that comes to your mind must be the cost involved, and you get intimidated by the thought that it is only meant for elite anglers.

Then, you see your more experienced friends doing it, you watch several videos on YouTube, read articles about it, learn about hi-tech gear, and form a conclusion that bass fishing is only meant for rich people.

We are here to prove your notion ‘false’. The Abu Garcia Black Max reel makes it possible for everybody to catch as many bass fishes as they want. 

Abu Garcia Black Max Review

Abu Garcia Black Max Review


When we compared the baitcasting and the spinning reel in the Abu Garcia Black Max series, we found that the baitcasters tend to be better. Moreover, it was easy to see why some anglers, both beginners and professionals, call Abu Garcia Black Max reel the best entry-level baitcasting reel. 

Abu Garcia Black Max is the perfect choice for fishing in deep, shallow, fresh, and saltwater. This reel can hold your favorite 12 lbs. line with ease. If robust construction, sturdiness, ergonomic design, ease of use, are your selling points and that too at a low price then this reel is a match made in heaven for you. ​ 

It is not without reason that Abu Garcia has received the honor of being called “Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court”. 

An Overview 

As our technology is technology becoming more and more advanced, and new manufacturers kicking off their heads with good products from time to time, (that  not only seem to be low cost but perform well too) the competition is rising. This ends up in companies being forced to supply even better products frequently. 
Abu Garcia is one of the most popular fishing gear brands in the world, and has stayed constant for years, now. One of their most prized inventions is that the  Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel. They have redefined bass fishing experience with this invention. 
The Abu Garcia Black Max reels have snatched this experience from the hands of the elite few and made bass fishing accessible to common anglers like most folks. This baitcasting reel is suitable for both beginners as well as for the seasoned anglers. The Abu Garcia Black Max Review presents to you both baitcasting and spinning reel in a completely new light. 


​Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel and the Spinning Reel took the fishing community by a storm through their launch. It not only wiped out many of its competitors but also forced other big brands to upgrade their products in a very similar range. 
Such was the impact of these wonderful inventions by Abu Garcia, so what are we waiting for? Allow us to take you on a tour to find out what qualities do Abu Garcia Black Max reels possess that make them so desirable among the anglers.

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​Due to The Abu Garcia Black Max reel’s sturdy construction, they do not contribute to an angler’s nightmare like most reels. They are very comfortable and easy to use.

Due to their ergonomic design, you can solely focus on the cast and retrieval without other distractions bothering you. 

The Abu Garcia Black Max baitcasting reel features a small handle with a slight bend that enhances its comfort.​ Also, the baitcasting version weighs around 7.9 oz, whereas the weight of the spinning reels ranges from 6.40oz-13.30oz depending upon the model in question. ​Overall, Abu Garcia Black Max reels are lightweight, so your arm and wrist will not get tired while pulling in big game fish for long hours. 


Abu Garcia Black Max reels come with comfortable and excellent grips. Even in wet conditions when your hands might be slime-covered, the handle does not fail to provide a firm hold over the reel. Unfortunately, we only see such grips on some of the more expensive reels in the market.  


Designed for longevity, the Abu Garcia Black Max Reels have a durable construction. It is not only pretty smooth but also hauls in those heavy bass fishes easily. Sometimes, it seems that it was designed for this purpose—the reel body is made of graphite. 

It features a one-piece design so that the reel does not weigh much but still packs some serious strength. The side plates are also made out of graphite. Every cast and retrieve super smooth due to the anodized aluminum spool. 

Since Abu Garcia Black Max reels are robust and durable and consistently give us smooth performances, the Abu Garcia Black Max reel is a favorite among anglers who love basses. 


Abu Garcia Black Max reels are a stunner while casting and retrieving, mainly if you aim for those large bass fishes. The baitcasting reels boast 4 stainless steel and 1 roller ball bearing, whereas the spinning reels have a 3+1 combination of the same type. ​They are a charm to work within both deep and shallow water. The hook is always set securely with minimal resistance due to a state-of-the-art drag system. ​ 

Abu Garcia Black Max reels are extremely impressive, whether an amateur or a pro. 


​Have you ever been bothered by lines snarling around your spool when you tried to bring fish in? If so, then your days of misery are over with this innovative wonder from Abu Garcia. With a superior brake system on the baitcasting reel, you can expect a smooth operation every time. On the spinning reels, you have an Everlast™ bail system for assistance. 

Abu Garcia Black Max reels feature a MagTrax™ brake system for a steady application of pressure while casting and retrieving. This aids our line in wounding back quickly without letting go of the fish we hooked. Moreover, the bent handle design is convenient to reach. 

​There will be no sound while retrieving the Abu Garcia Black Max reels continue to operate to the best of their abilities for a long time, feeling brand new every time. 


Since Abu Garcia Black Max reels feature durable construction, it is perfectly capable of withstanding any abuse a beginner can subject this reel to. ​  

And what’s there for experienced anglers? Memorable performances. ​Not only do we get super-long casts, but the reel isn’t too ‘finicky’ when you try to tune it with a particular lure. 

Even those thick and stubborn fluorocarbon function correctly on this reel. In addition, the PowerDisk™ drag technology on the Abu Garcia Black Max reels aids in catching species that are hard to pull. 


Bringing brass in the gears makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. Thus, t Abu Garcia Black Max reels can withstand any abuse, even in saltwater. 


​Bringing with them a limited one-year warranty, Abu Garcia Black Max reels give us true peace of mind and confidence in our purchase. 


​The baitcasting and the spinning reels have been priced to fit almost any angler’s budget and not mess up their finances for the month. 

Pros & Cons

  • The lightweight graphite frame is in one solid piece. 
  • The unique MagTrax magnetic braking system helps with casting. 
  • The comfort grip of this reel’s handle makes it easier to hold onto your gear. 
  • This reel has a tough aluminum spool that will hold up in a variety of weather conditions. 
  • The spinning brass gear (from Duragear) will help minimize tough reeling. 
  • The handle has two ends, so it’s easier to set the hook. 
  • For under $100, this reel is a good bargain. 
  • The warranty can be a bit limited, depending on the details of your purchase. 
  • Some new fishing enthusiasts might have an issue getting used to the controls for the drag. 
  • If you do not keep this reel clean, it will become noisy. 



As mentioned earlier, out of the spinning and baitcasting versions, we found the Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcaster Reel to be a more robust choice.

But if you are a spinner fan, go for the opposite one. Our angler readers have caught up to five. Basses with the bait caster reel have been in control throughout the fight.

Abu Garcia Black Max has an appropriate winding power for techniques that aim at both deep and shallow water. Moreover, this reel was used in high winds during some tests, and the administration and casting ability was impressive, to mention the smallest amount.

Finally, even for beginners, the simplicity of this reel allows you to learn about its operation quickly and easily.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to match it with some higher-end models of Abu Garcia, just like the Revo X or the pro-Max, but the Abu Garcia Black Max has still made its mark. We feel this has been a long review, and it’s time to bring it to an end.

I hope we were able to make you aware of the immense power of the Abu Garcia Black Max reel series and that you’d be adding them to your arsenal very soon.

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