How long do AirPods take to charge? Battery and Life Expectancy

How long do AirPods take to charge? Battery and Life Expectancy

Airpods have become quite the rage recently, with Apple releasing multiple versions. Airpods have the flexibility and sound quality far superior that anyone would have any complaint about it, except for one thing – their battery and life expectancy.

Airpods are highly functional and provide excellent noise isolation and sound quality with good bass, which can be used anywhere and anytime. Users have loved it overall, but the only concern remains the talk and listening time of these and their charging time. 

We all want our Airpods to last us all day, preferably 2-3 days in one go. However, it all comes down to how you use and care for them. Coming to their life expectancy, it vastly depends on how you use them and care for them.

However, it ranges between 3 to 5 years, except for Airpods Max, which lasts up to 6 years on average. 

How long do AirPods take to charge? Battery and Life Expectancy 1

So, what are the different AirPod models and their battery life?


Airpods charging case
At Battery percentageTalk TimeListening TimeListening time

Apple Airpods 2nd Generation100 %3 hours5 hours24 hours
Apple Airpods 3rd Generation100 %4 hours6 hours30 hours
Apple Airpods Pro 2nd Generation100 %4.5 hours6 hours30 hours
Over earApple Airpods Max100 %20 hours20 hoursN/A

Note: The above table represents the performance of all the Airpod models when working at 100% capacity, so it is their maximum output.

However, in reality, these numbers decrease significantly. 

How long does each Airpod model take to charge?

Here is a chart providing you with how long each Airpod model takes up to get charged up to 100% 

Model NameCharging Time
Apple AirPods 2nd Generation20 to 25 Minutes 
Apple AirPods 3rd Generation50 Minutes to 1 Hour
Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation50 Minutes to 1 Hour
Apple Airpods Max2 Hours 

You might wonder why AirPods 3rd gen and AirPods 2nd gen Pro have longer charging times.

It should be so that the next-generation models have shorter charging times but longer battery life per charge. However, this is different. Apple devices are built with lithium-ion batteries that charge quickly but degrade quickly.

So apple has introduced Optimized Battery Charging in AirPods 3rd gen and AirPods 2nd gen Pro. This feature protects your Airpod battery. It automatically stops charging at 80% and starts charging at 20%.

It keeps battery quality top-notch as overcharging or keeping too low a battery before charging results in faster degradation of the lithium-ion batteries. 

How long should you charge your AirPods? 

You can charge your AirPods while keeping them in the charging case using wire or wirelessly. The time required to charge depends on whether they are charged wired or wirelessly.

Wired charging supports faster charging as compared to wireless mode. Usually, there is a 30-minute time difference in both modes of charging. 

So, if you own a pair of Airpods, how can you make them last longer?

If you want to know how to make your AirPods last longer, you should take care of a few things.


Its battery is the first thing to go bad in a wireless device like Airpods. It vastly determines how long you can keep using your current AirPods without buying a new one.

One of the essential things you need to look out for to keep the battery in good condition is charging.

Batteries lose capacity upon each charge, which is the same for every battery. You can not do anything about it, though.

Research has shown that using your AirPods and charging them daily will last about two years. After that, 100% charged Airpods only yield about 1 hour of listening time.

So to keep a good battery life, you must ensure that Airpods last more time upon each charging. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure this: 

  1. Keep ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) off when not needed. To switch off ANC, go to Settings > Bluetooth > My devices > “your AirPods”> “i” icon > Noise Control > Off / Transparency.  
  2. Listen on low volume, which is good for your Airpod battery and ears.
  3. Disable any smart feature like Spatial Audio, device switching, etc.
  4. Try to use 1 bud at a time.
  5. Power off and keep Airpods when not using.


The best time to recharge your AirPods is when their battery is between 20% and 40%. Also, ensure to use your AirPods at most the 20% margin as it dramatically affects the battery and overall quality of your AirPods.

Store them in the Charging case

Always keep your AirPods in their charging case, switched off when unused. The case itself stores 24 hours of charge.

So it increases their use time between per charging and, in turn, makes them live longer. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning

Like any other gadget, it is essential to take proper care of your AirPods and charging case physically.

Do clean the pods at least once a month using cotton cloth along with the case. Dirt and lint can cause the AirPods to be hampered, resulting in a short life span.

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What to do if your AirPods Battery is already depleted and you face short listening and talk time during the charging session?

If you have had your AirPods for a while and their battery has depleted significantly, resulting in less use time after charging, we have a quick solution for you. Use one Airpod at a time instead of using both.

Let’s alternate between the two, i.e., use one when the other pod is charging and vice versa. This way, you can use Airpods for a longer time continuously. 


There you have it! In his article, we have given you a detailed list of which model works on how much battery life and a few tips on using your AirPods efficiently. As already stated in the article, the best way to ensure a good life expectancy for Airpods is to care for their battery.

The battery is the main reason AirPods stop working efficiently after 2 years and stop working after entering the 4th year of use.

Battery performances, in general, do degrade over time. It is their nature. Our tips will help you to slow down that degradation.

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