10 Sphero BOLT Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for 2024

Sphero BOLT black friday

Are you looking for the best Sphero BOLT Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? You are at the right place as we have all the deals listed right here. Sphero BOLT is a programmable robot ball that you can control and program, allowing you to be creative and have fun while learning.

You may study programming, participate in hands-on activities, and share your creations with the community in this advanced yet friendly environment.

STEAM learning may be readily enabled and guided at home with BOLT.

Under product manuals and documentation, you can find the BOLT At-Home Learning Guide.

Sphero isn’t just a robot.

Sphero Bolt Deal Predictions for Black Friday

Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robot Ball with Programmable Sensors + LED Lights - STEM Educational Toy for Kids - Learn JavaScript, Scratch & Swift
1,219 Reviews
Sphero SPRK+: App-Enabled Robot Ball with Programmable Sensors + LED Lights - STEM Educational Toy for Kids - Learn JavaScript, Scratch & Swift
  • MORE THAN JUST A ROBOT: Sphero SPRK+ is a programmable robot ball designed to inspire creativity and curiosity through coding and play. Easily learn programming, complete hands-on activities, and share your creations with the community.
  • PROGRAMMABLE SENSORS & LED LIGHTS: SPRK+'s programmable sensors include a gyroscope, accelerometer, motor encoders, and colorful LED lights to create countless play experiences and coding conditions for all levels.
  • EASY TO CODE & CREATE: Powered by the Sphero Edu app, you can program SPRK+ across several platforms using JavaScript. Looking for more fun? Use the Sphero Play app to drive and play games with your coding bot.
  • BUILT TO LEARN & PLAY: With an hour of play, this educational robot is scratch-resistant, waterproof, charges inductively and connects via Bluetooth SMART so you can see your commands and creations come to life.
  • INSPIRING THE CREATORS OF TOMORROW: Founded in 2010, we set out to redefine creative play experiences with the original Sphero app-enabled robot ball. Now, with our undeniably cool fleet of programmable robots and educational tools, we're inspiring a new generation through hands-on applied learning of coding, science, music and the arts.

Sphero’s Bolt Robot is a brand-new product that will be available in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Furthermore, it is the company’s “most advanced app-enabled robotic ball to date,” according to the company. For the following reasons, both of these elements are expected to have an impact on the likelihood of Sphero Bolt Black Friday offers in 2024.

To begin with, because it is a new product that is not yet in the decline phase of its life cycle, there is a fair probability it will sell — with or without discounts. Sphero may be less likely to provide Black Friday discounts on the Bolt Robot as a result of this.

With new releases like Anki’s Vector and Spin Master’s Boxer Robot to contend with, the educational robotics market is heating up quickly. Both of which are expected to feature Black Friday deals. This could be a motivation for Sphero to offer Black Friday 2024 Bolt robot deals.

On the other hand, the fact that Bolt is Sphero’s most advanced robot to date suggests that a large amount of money was spent on its development. This may cause businesses to be hesitant to offer bargains since they want to recoup as much money as possible without jeopardizing margins.

Sphero Bolt Robot Key Features

Bolt is Sphero’s newest teaching robot, meant to teach youngsters — and anyone, for that matter – about robotics and coding. You may learn the principles of coding by programming the robot’s array of sensors through exciting challenges and games. 

Alternatively, you may simply control Bolt from afar. If you’re thinking about getting a Sphero Bolt for Black Friday, familiarise yourself with the major characteristics listed below to see if it’s the appropriate choice for you or your child.

App-Enabled — To program and control Bolt, you’ll need to first download the free Edu App. Sphero has done an excellent job ensuring that it will function with a wide range of devices, as the app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.

Remote Control — After you’ve downloaded the App, you’ll be able to control your Bolt robot from afar. With your robot, you can drive around, race, or play games.

Learn to Code – Programming your Bolt robot is another important approach to control it. Sphero has put a lot of effort into making this component accessible and enjoyable for people of all skill levels. 

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First and foremost, you can program by simply drawing a path on the App. Scratch, a graphical interface, is the next step. This is an excellent way for novices to learn about coding logic because all you have to do is drag and drop code blocks into a sequence to develop programs.

Finally, Javascript offers a text-based coding option. Java is a useful language to master since it has so many varied applications in the real world. Visit the Sphero Edu developers site to learn more about the activities and challenges.

Totally Wireless –You might be asking how the Bolt gets charged or programmed because the outside shell is watertight. To begin with, it uses inductive charging, so all you have to do is plug it into the charger – no cables required! Second, for wireless control, the Bolt connects to your device via Bluetooth.

Advanced Sensors — We just spoke about how to program Bolt, but you’re probably wondering what else you can do! First and foremost, Bolt is equipped with a variety of sensors, including an infrared sensor, a compass, a light sensor, an accelerometer, motor encoders, and a gyroscope. 

These enable you to create complex movements and actions, as well as monitor all sensor data in real-time via the app! This robot is fantastic value for money, and it’s even better if there are any Sphero Bolt Black Friday offers!

Multi-Bot Interaction — Bolt robots can interact with each other and avoid collisions thanks to the 360-degree infrared sensors. Great for hanging out with friends or having a good time in class.

Google Classroom – Bolt is compatible with Google Classroom, making it ideal for educators who want to offer assignments and assess students’ progress from afar. We believe that, as with other Sphero robotics kits, bundle prices will be available for instructors who purchase multiples.

The 8-by-8 LED matrix is another fantastic piece of technology. This device can display real-time sensor data, play games, and be independently configured to display characters or vector images, among other things.

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That’s just a taste of what this fascinating robot is capable of. To see it in action, check out the Sphero promo video below. Even though it’s aimed at children, it’ll be difficult not to desire one after seeing it! If you’ve already made up your decision, return to the top to check our 2024 Black Friday Sphero Bolt sale predictions.

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