[65% OFF] Arvixe Review in 2024 – Good or Bad ? & Pricing

[65% OFF] Arvixe Review in [year] - Good or Bad ? & Pricing 1

Are you curious Geroge? Would you like to know about the hosting services of Arvixe? Well, don’t go anywhere else except scrolling down.

Herein lies the Arvixe reviews that will help you understand this diverse company with a number of packages to offer.

 Arvixe is a web hosting company that started serving the community in 2003, it is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, USA. It is a privately owned limited liability corporation that provides reliable services all around the world.

Let’s move ahead with Arvixe reviews to know more about them.

The Hosting Plans Offered by Arvixe

Arvixe reviews will be incomplete if we don’t talk about their plans and packages. The services they offer are of fine quality and offer many things to a user.

Arvixe supplies its customers with both Linux (CentOS) and ASP. they use Windows for all of their five categories of hosting plans.

Arvixe Review wordpress hosting

The company provides shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting. The only facility they don’t offer yet is the cloud hosting service.

Arvixe reviews will walk you through the five hosting plans that they have. These are – Personal, Business, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated.

Arvixe Review pricing

PersonalClass Plan:

This is a shared hosting plan. This plan includes two services at different prices. They have Linux hosting or Windows hosting at a slightly higher price.

 Under this plan, the customer gets unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and up to 6 domains. The Windows hosting plan includes up to 6 dedicated application pools. 

This plan can also provide unlimited websites when upgraded to a Pro version. If using the Windows hosting then it will turn into unlimited dedicated application pools.

BusinessClass Plan:

Next, in the Arvixe reviews is the BusinessClass plan that provides for a dedicated IP. They increase uptime and help with traffic by ensuring that at any given point there are few users on each server.

ResellerClass Plan:

Arvixe has a ResellerClass hosting plan wherein too you can choose from Windows and Linux. It lets you have the desired amount of disk space and bandwidth. Depending upon your choice of Windows or Linux you can avail 200 GB disk space, 2000 GB of bandwidth, and unlimited domains.

VPSClass Plan:

The ResellerClass plan is followed by the VPSClass plan in this article relating to Arvixe reviews. It is a Linux based plan that provides 40 GB of disk space with unlimited bandwidth, 1024 MB of dedicated memory, 2 cores, and 2 IP Addresses. You can even avail services of  80 GB of disk space, 2048 MB dedicated memory, 4 cores, and up to 5 IP addresses, on upgrading it to the Pro version.

The next plan under VPSClass is the Windows hosting plan. This plan offers 40 GB of disk space with unlimited bandwidth, 1536 MB of dedicated memory, 2 cores, and 2 IP Addresses. All these can be upgraded to 80 GB of disk space, 3072 MB dedicated memory, 4 cores, and 5 IP Addresses by paying for the Pro version.

DedicatedClass Plan:

The last plan to be mentioned in the Arvixe reviews is the DecicatedClass plan. This plan first of all offers single-processor or multiprocessor servers. After then the plans can be upgraded as to one’s own needs.  

Thus, the Arvixe company provides its users with several plans. One of these plans is bound to meet your needs and end your search.

Customers who use  Linux hosting get one-click script installers – RVSiteBuilder, Fantastico and Softaculous. These support languages like Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSI, and Zend to name a few.

You can even get additional dedicated IP Addresses by upgrading your packages and paying a little more. On upgrading, you also get high-quality services like Coldfusion (Windows) or MSSQL reporting service (Windows).

Key Features of Arvixe Hosting Plans

Arvixe reviews are good because of the 99.9% site uptime guarantee, and it will refund you if the guarantee is broken in any given month. 

They offer a 100% uptime guarantee for dedicated servers with a pro-rata refund for any downtime. The data centers of Arvixe are under constant monitoring that makes it very secure.

 The Arvixe data centers are located in Dallas and Houston. At both places, they have backup generators and a UPS power control system. These have Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 Type II certification.

The different plans have different structures for back up. Like PersonalClass and ResellerClass are backed up daily and weekly. The BusinessClass and EcommerceClass are backed up hourly, daily, and weekly. 

Arvixe also recommends its customers to back up their data though they are provided the backed up data wherever possible.

For their Windows and Linux plans they offer different control panels. The Linux plans get a WHM control panel and for Windows hosting, they use Plesk.

The Pricing Policy of Arvixe Hosting Company

The plans are one of a kind and reasonable. The company is a big thumbs up because of its 60-day money-back guarantee.

You can sign up with them and if you don’t find their services satisfactory then you can just ask for a refund. They have user-friendly services.

The refunds can be taken by simply writing an email to the sales department of Arvixe. The refunds do not cover domain names, SSL certificates, dedicated servers, and marketing accounts. 

Support and Customer Service of Arvixe

Arvixe reviews are positive because of their customer services that are always ready to help you out at any time and on any day.

The customers can contact the support staff 24*7 in-house US-based phone support, live chat, and email support. If you want to discuss a concern then you can simply use their customer forum and have access to raise support tickets on the Arvixe help desk.

Just not that, Arvixe reviews display the huge customers get from their knowledge base that is lined with articles and videos. These are updated frequently and are a big help! 

Their blog even assists you with ‘how-to’ articles and write-ups conveying other information. They can even be reached on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Regularly they update their social media pages and post articles that help you in configuring or about the newest trends.

Competition in the Market

The Arvixe reviews will not be complete until we talk about the competitors in the global market.

Some of the other companies serving webmasters are SiteGround, BlueHost, and A2Hosting.

Pros of Using Arvixe Hosting Services

  • It provides both Windows and Linux services. 
  • It has a well-managed support and customer service network. It solves your problem in no time.
  • Arvixe reviews plus point is the free domain that you get when you sign up. It will renew as long as you pay for a plan. On transferring to a new company, you need to start paying for the domain name and transfer it away if you wish to.
  • Arvixe transfers the website for no additional cost when you sign up. 

Cons of Using Arvixe Hosting Services

  • It doesn’t support Cloud-based hosting services.
  • There are no provisions for automatic backups in any plan.


The Arvixe reviews have been summed up above in a few points. Overall, the services they offer are worth the money in your pocket.

Their services let you upgrade at any time and get your new needs fulfilled. It is a very efficient company with vast opportunities for a customer.

Therefore, don’t miss out on a great deal!

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