11 Best athletic socks to buy in 2024 – Reviews

Best athletic socks to buy

Socks are not difficult to underestimate except if you routinely look for work or jog on the path. Sprinters’ feet put in handfuls, possibly hundreds, of miles a month, so it pays to deal with them with the best running socks accessible. Sprinters fixate on everything about a running shoe to ensure they have comfort dialed for each progression. However, the best athletic socks are considerable for a lot of us will in any case stick an old cotton sock between that expensive shoe and our foot. The unassuming sock, nonetheless, assumes a significant part in keeping you dry and warm (or cool).

Top picked 11 Best athletic socks

Socks have advanced from plain cotton sweat-soppers to profoundly specialized, sport-explicit bits of stuff planned by and for sprinters. We glanced around and put many miles on asphalt and trails to discover you the best running socks we could discover. 

Some of the best athletic socks to buy in 2024–

Balega Hidden Comfort

Balega Hidden Comfort Performance No Show Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women (1 Pair), Denim, Medium
20,762 Reviews

Balega Hidden Comfort Performance No Show Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women (1 Pair), Denim, Medium
  • No-show cushioned running sock provides comfort and performance during extended training and activity
  • Proprietary Drynamix wicks moisture away from skin, and specially constructed, reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels keep feet dry
  • Hand-linked seamless toe box minimizes friction, preventing chafing on top of the foot; reinforced heel and toe for durability
  • High heel tab and extra deep heel pocket prevent socks from slipping down; enhanced Elastane provides additional no-slip security
  • High-volume impact resistant cushioning and plush 200 needle-count fabric offer race-tested foot protection

Balega is notable in the running business, and all things considered. At the point when we realize we will invest a great deal of energy on our feet, Balega’s Hidden Comfort athletic sock are the ones we go to.

The padding is perceptible when you slip them on, and they feel delicate and agreeable throughout the day. By one way or another, they pull off feeling amazingly comfortable without feeling massive.

The padding folds over the toe cap to the highest point of the toe to give defensive padding from the highest point of the shoe, while consistent toes forestall disturbance. Ventilation boards around the top vent out sweat and keep the feet from overheating.

The polyester Drynamics texture pulls sweat away from the skin and permits it to vanish, forestalling rankles and that horrible soaked sock feeling.


  • They are made of polyester and are extremely comfortable to wear.
  • They have deep heel cup and high padded heel tabs.
  • They have bulk free cushioning.
  • They keep the socks in place.


  • They are expensive.

Rockay Accelerate

Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks for Men and Women (1 Pair)
82 Reviews

Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks for Men and Women (1 Pair)
  • ↑ package dimensions above | RUNNERSWORLD AWARD WINNER – The Rockay Accelerate was chosen among the very best and not only that, we are also featured as a top sock on Business Insider, Forbes, Runnerclick and many others! A trusted sock by the leading experts!
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE – We stand by the quality of our all our running gear & take care of our customers – No conditions. No questions asked. This is not the kind of sock you replace after 10 washes! Every inch of this sock has been tested for maximum durability in extreme conditions like ultra-marathons & obstacle course races
  • 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS- Featuring Econyl, a premium quality regenerated Nylon yarn, made from recycling Ocean waste and landfill fabrics. Plus, a new Polygiene coating means you can wear them more and wash them less, better for the planet.
  • ANTI-BLISTER- Say goodbye to blisters and chafing. Our Accelerate socks are made with ventilation zones, that wicks away sweat. Enjoy a super breathable sock thats built to last mile after mile whether you are running, hiking or walking. Keep you feet bone dry and blister free no matter what you are doing.
  • 1 PAIR = 22 PLASTIC BOTTLES REMOVED FROM THE OCEAN – Rockay has partnered with ReSea Project to remove 125g of plastic from the ocean for every pair of socks we sell (the equivalent of 22 plastic bottles). This is a part of our commitment to help regenerate our damaged ecosystems and clean up our planet.

Running socks are spendy, which is the reason it’s ideal to purchase a couple forever. Rockay’s Accelerate socks (not to be mistaken for the more seasoned fleece model) are produced using 100% reused material and accompany a lifetime ensure, settling on them an incredible decision for the individuals who care about supportability.

Of the group of Rockay socks we tried, I especially like these lower leg socks for more sultry days, since they’re light, amazingly agreeable, very much ventilated, and accompany a marginally prolonged tab on the back for simple slip-on activity.

That tab has an intelligent Rockay logo for added perceivability as your feet mix the asphalt.


  • They are made of 100% recycled materials.
  • They come with a lifetime warranty.
  • They have many ventilation zones and are anti-blisters.
  • They are a very durable product and lasts long even in ultra-marathons.


  • Not found any.

Zensah Tech+ Compression athletic sock

Zensah L Tech+ Compression Socks, Black, Large (Men's 10-12.5, Women's 11.5-14)
684 Reviews

Zensah L Tech+ Compression Socks, Black, Large (Men’s 10-12.5, Women’s 11.5-14)
  • PREVENT INJURY AND ALLEVIATE SHIN SPLINTS: Compression helps stabilize muscles and provide support to the shin and calf areas. By improving blood flow and providing support to the lower leg, shin splints are relieved and calf cramping is prevented. Compression in the ankle area helps to stabilize muscles to prevent injuries. Whether suffering from a calf strain or pain in the lower leg, the Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks allow you to get back to your favorite activity faster.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: The compression socks feature a seamless toe, which prevents chafing and blisters. An anatomical fit means the socks are designed specifically for the left and right foot to ensure a perfect fit. The socks are made of Zensah Fabric, making them lightweight, moisture wicking, and thermal regulating. An elastic band goes around the foot to help support your arches for added comfort and to prevent fatigue.
  • TRUE GRADUATED COMPRESSION: Graduated Compression means that there is the highest amount of compression in the ankle area and less in the calf area. This helps promote blood flow by pushing the blood back to the heart through the veins. Not only does this prevent cramping and swelling, but it also helps improve muscle recovery time, as muscles receive a greater amount of the oxygenated blood they need to recover.
  • WHO SHOULD WEAR ZENSAH TECH+ COMPRESSION SOCKS: Everyone from runners, basketball players, fitness enthusiasts, travelers, and those on their feet all day like nurses are able to benefit from wearing compression socks. The compression socks feature graduated compression to help improve circulation and blood flow, reduce leg fatigue, and support muscles. Use while running or working out to help take your sport to the next level or while on your feet or traveling to prevent swelling.
  • MADE IN ITALY AND EXTRA-DURABLE: The Tech+ Compression Socks are made in Italy of a polyamide and elastane blend to ensure superior quality. The compression socks are also engineered using a 200 needle count construction. This results in a more durable and advanced compression sock that provides you with compression in the areas you need it the most.

A few group like the more tight, cozier feel of pressure socks during recuperation runs or when handling significant distances or trails with groundcover. For that, I like the Zensah Tech+ Compression Socks.

These Italian-made socks don’t have similar charming prints as the organization’s more limited length socks above, yet they proceed as guaranteed (and still come in wacky tones), keeping your legs comfortable during exercises. I additionally like them as ski socks, due to their length and tight fit.


  • They are imported socks and have ultra-zone ribbing.
  • They are made of 82% polyamide and 18% elastane.
  • They have ankle stabilization.
  • They have seamless toe which prevents blisters.
  • They have graduated compression which improves blood circulation.


  • They are very expensive as compared to other products.

Feetures Elite Max Cushion No-Show Tab Sock

Feetures Elite Max Best athletic socks

These underneath the-lower leg another athletic sock from Feetures have an anatomical plan with both ways assigned socks, making for an ideal fit. Pressure at the lower legs offers help while padding along the foot gives comfort from rehashed foot strikes.

The engineered strands repulse sweat, moving it from close to the foot to the outside of the sock, where it can dissipate. The venting at the highest point of the foot keeps your feet drier while you run.


  • They are made of nylon, polyester, and spandex.
  • They helps in aiding recovery.
  • They provide support to the ankles while running.
  • They are very comfortable to wear and run.


  • Sometimes they do not last long and are not much durable like other products.

Buying guide for the best athletic socks:


Perhaps the main parts of purchasing a couple of running socks is the way well they manage dampness. Dampness prompts grinding, and that erosion is the thing that causes most of rankles. 

One way that socks kill dampness is by permitting abundance warmth to leave the sock (breathability), which forestalls perspiring in any case.

The other is by pulling (or wicking) the perspiration off of the foot and moving it to the outside of the sock, where it can vanish. Both of these highlights are fundamental while picking a couple of running socks. 

Comfort and fit

Overheating and sweat collection can likewise be a reason for uneasiness. Ensure that your sock is made of breathable material or potentially has breathable lattice boards. These are not difficult to spot. Search for an alternate example on the highest point of the foot. This shows a more open weave than the remainder of the sock. 

Most running socks are unisex, so the best running socks for men and the best running socks for ladies are something similar, contingent upon how you plan on utilizing them. Look on the bundling or online for size scales for the two people.

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All the above mentioned running socks are the best athletic socks, so the buyer should check all the features and then but the best socks for him.

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