7 Best Bootable USB software windows/ Mac 2024


To install a new operating system on a PC or generate a backup, we all used to burn the system to CD/DVDs in the past. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing a CD or DVD, but with technological advancements, you now have better choices. 

With a USB flash drive, you may now easily backup or install the software. To boot the USB, all you need is the finest USB bootable program. You are ready to go once the USB becomes bootable.

Now comes the question of which is the finest bootable program to utilize. Such commodities abound in the marketplace.

However, many people inadvertently install subpar software and subsequently get dissatisfied with it. 

As a result, to guarantee that our readers do not find themselves in the same predicament, we have compiled a list of the very best USB bootable utilities for Windows and Mac.

The 7 Best USB Bootable Software in 2024 are as follows:

Bootable USB software windows/mac

The following are the top USB bootable software tools that you will need to boot the USB to effortlessly install the OS and create backups.


When it comes to the finest USB bootable software for Windows, Rufus is unmistakable. You may effortlessly boot the USB to install an operating system using this open-source software.

Furthermore, it enables you to use the USB for a variety of additional applications, such as running low-level tools.

Not only that, but you can also change the partition schemes, file system, and cluster size using this free USB bootable program for Windows. Furthermore, it allows you to inspect the USB drive for faulty blocks, which may be removed if any exist. The icing on the cake is that this is a portable USB bootable tool.

USB/DVD Tool for Windows

This is one of the best bootable software options if you want to easily generate both USB and DVD bootable devices.

The tool is rather simple to use. Simply insert a USB/DVD, pick ISO, and press the Next button. You’re done in three steps. Isn’t this incredible? Certainly, it is.

Looking at the negative side of things, this best bootable software lacks several complex customization and optimization functions, such as scanning for faulty blocks.

USB Installer Universal

As the name implies, this top USB bootable Pendrive program allows you to create several types of bootable USBs.

You may use this software to build a variety of bootable USB devices for Windows, Linux, antivirus rescue discs, and other purposes.

It also offers a simple and easy-to-use UI. To create a bootable USB, just select OS from the drop-down option, select the ISO file, and then click on install.

The best thing is that you can even generate bootable USBs with persistent storage with this free USB bootable program for Windows.


The most feature-rich, configurable, and finest USB bootable Pendrive program for Windows is now available.

It has a plethora of features and settings to please users. Customizable bootloaders, QEMU emulators, and file systems are among them.

Another advantage of this free USB bootable software for Windows is that it does not necessitate a reboot of the machine.

You may use this program to generate a bootable USB drive without even restarting the system.

It also allows you to install bootloaders such as grub4dos, bootmbr, and others.


This entry on our list is also one of the finest bootable USB utilities for both Mac and Windows. In just a few simple steps, you may convert your USB drive into a bootable disc using this software.

This is an open-source program that makes creating a bootable USB drive simple. The free version currently has limited functions, but the creators want to add the ability to use a live USB drive as a hard disc in future releases.


Universal USB Installer and YUMI are both creations of the same creator. Unlike the former, though, this best USB bootable program allows you to construct a multiboot USB drive.

The multiboot USBs allow you to install various operating systems, antivirus software, and other things.

YUMI is the successor of Universal USB Installer. This is because, unlike the latter, it allows you to unlike the latter, it allows you to backup essential files within reboots with persistent storage.

DiskMaker X

This is one of the greatest bootable USB utilities for Mac that can be used with various macOS versions. In just a few simple steps, you may make a bootable install DVD using this program.

It also allows you to completely reload the operating system and install other Macs without having to re-download the entire installer.


The finest USB bootable software for creating the 7 best bootable USB Software Windows/MAC 2024 drives are listed above.

These USB flash sticks may be used to install operating systems and backup data. 

Furthermore, these USB sticks may be reused for various applications such as storing images, movies, and other documents.

Finally, before you depart, please leave your valuable suggestions in the comment box provided below.

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