RoboForm Review: Is it the best Password Manager in 2024?

RoboForm Review: Is it the best Password Manager in [year]? 1

Are you looking for the Roboform password manager review? RoboForm is one of the best password managers that helps you take care of all your passwords and documents.

RoboForm Review – Complete Guide

RoboForm Review

This password manager has been created by Siber Systems and it can be used on applications on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS. There are portable adaptations that can be used in Androids and iOS gadgets too. RoboForm password manager can also be used in other browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

It is very easy to set up Roboform like other password managers as all you need to do is make an expert password. This is one of the best password managers of 2024 as it informs you whether your password is completely secure or not.

Should all work out as expected, the master password is the last remaining password you might at any point need to recall.


· Several opportunities for customizing your client’s experience

· It can adjust information imports

· Amazing autofill work

· It is a utilitarian versatile application

· Conceivable to get to information put away disconnected


  • Unrealistic to physically make login records inside the application
  • Significant capacities (2FA and multi-gadget synchronization) held for paying clients

Highlights of RoboForm:

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA helps improve security by asking you to give a second confirmation alongside your Master Password before you can reach your vault.

Password Generator

RoboForm offers a password manager that helps clients make new and solid passwords. It produces passwords that are 16 characters long and has Capital and lowercase letter, numbers, and images. It avoids comparable characters. 

Security Center

RoboForm offers Security Center which is a password examining instrument and it also analyzes every password in the password vault and provides a general security score depending on:

· Number of reused passwords.

· Number of copy logins.

· Strength of every password.

Emergency Access

Your password becomes unsafe in case of these scenarios:

· They become crippled.

· They lose their Master Password.

· They lose their gadgets.

With RoboForm, you can choose an emergency contact that helps you see your information in case of any emergency of the above sort. In case you unexpectedly lose a gadget or forget your master password, you can find out if someone else is logging into your information. 

Application Passwords

RoboForm saves not only your online login passwords but can also save passwords of the apps you use on your cell phone or work area. In case you sign out of your iTunes account from your working place, the RoboForm password manager offers stored passwords so that you can sign in again.

Secure Sharing

RoboForm clients get the liberty to share passwords, notes, and structure layouts with other people that use RoboForm. This is an amazing tool for groups and families. RoboForm incorporates limitless dividing within the clients so you can assign organizers to notes, passwords and structure formats at one time. 

To share your password with your groups and families all you have to do is Sharing and send. Using Sharing option,  any changes made to the login credentials are automatically adjusted with the group. Send allows the clients to send the password once without the receiver approaching the latest password changes. 

Automatic Form Filling

RoboForm began as an automatic form filling program and later started working as a password manager tool. This is why RoboForm’s web form filling is among one of the best when compared to other competitors. RoboForm offers seven different formats for Form Filling, and you can customize your own layout if your want. Here are the different choices:

  • Individual
  • Business 
  • Visa
  • Address
  • Financial balance
  • Vehicle
  • Custom

RoboForm also allows the clients to save several layouts in a single syllable.

Bookmark Storage

RoboForm Bookmarks feature is similar to internet browser bookmarks and it saves your bookmarks to any device that has RoboForm. Bookmarks can be accessed through RoboForm’s password manager from PCs and Cell phones. 

Plans and Pricing

RoboForm Review pricing features

There are three different types of pricing plans available- a free version, a premium plan and a family plan. All of these three versions are available on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS systems and they are available at great pricing options as compared to other competitors. 

  • RoboForm Free: It offers decent features but not the best. You will get unlimited passwords for one device along with automatic web form filling, auto-saving, and auto-filling online and app passwords. You will also get options like password auditing and secure password sharing. 
  • RoboForm Everywhere: This is a great plan at an amazing price. You will get several features for better pricing and will get unlimited password storage on unlimited devices. You will get advantages like Two-factor authentication, safe folders to share multiple logins, 24/7 customer support, and emergency access. 
  • RoboForm Family: This is an amazing plan as it offers unlimited password storage on unlimited devices for five different accounts. This plan provides breach monitoring, advanced 2FA options, and family-friendly vault sharing options. 

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RoboForm is a secure and low-cost password manager that offers powerful security. One of the best things about RoboForm is the form-filling feature and we also loved the bookmark sharing feature. Auto-fill desktop app passwords feature is also astounding and with so much available at such a low cost, we would surely opt for this. You will get powerful encryption of passwords with RoboForm that keeps your passwords 100% secure. 

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