Keeper Password Manager Review : Is it any good in 2024?

Keeper password manager

Attendant is promoted as an exceptionally secure secret word chief with a lot of fantastic highlights. I needed to know whether these cases were valid — is Keeper secure, and do these additional highlights add to an individual’s general security, or would they say they are only an exercise in futility and cash?

First of all, Keeper utilizes solid encryption strategies (256-bit AES) to get all putaway login certifications and touchy records, and it offers a wide scope of multifaceted validation (MFA) alternatives — including Touch ID and Face ID confirmation.

Keeper Password Manager Review

Keeper password manager

Attendant uses the standard 256-digit AES encryption to get all client passwords and information. This is a similar degree of encryption utilized by banks and governments, and it’s for all intents and purposes rugged.

Despite the fact that Keeper stores passwords and documents in its cloud worker, all client information is scrambled and unscrambled at the gadget level. This implies that regardless of whether programmers caught passwords going through an organization, they would be not able to understand them.

Attendant additionally has an exacting zero-information strategy, which means Keeper’s workers can’t get to any of the information in client accounts.


  • All around planned applications and programs expansions with cross-stage synchronizing
  • Two-factor verification
  • Secure secret word sharing and legacy
  • Discretionary secure document stockpiling and informing
  • Holds full history of passwords and documents


  • Restricted free form
  • Web structure filling to some degree restricted

Key features:

Secret word Manager — Adding + Sharing

Like most secret key administrators, Keeper catches passwords as you sign in to get locales. To begin, you could simply sign in as you would regularly and afterward acknowledge Keeper’s brief to save those qualifications.

Then again, you can tap the Keeper lock symbols that show up in each username and secret word field to make another login passage in Keeper straightforwardly. Right now, you can give the section a well-disposed name and add a note. On the off chance that you pick this technique, Keeper will fill them in on the page after you save the section.

Program Extension

Guardian’s program augmentation made it advantageous for me to save and auto-fill passwords and installment subtleties into different web structures.

It was additionally truly simple to look for passwords put away in my Keeper vault. The Keeper expansion shows a spring-up window offering to save your record subtleties each time you sign into a site interestingly.

Personality and Payment Details

Attendant allows you to store your character and installment card subtleties to make internet shopping simpler and speedier. While making a personality, you can add your complete name, actual location, home, and cell phone numbers, and email address.


BreachWatch is Keeper’s dull web checking highlight. It’s an extra element, yet it tends to be bought with Keeper’s group bundles.

  1. Multifaceted Authentication
  2. Manager incorporates a wide scope of multifaceted confirmation alternatives, including:
  3. Two-factor verification (2FA) application similarity.
  4. Biometric logins (Touch ID and Face ID).
  5. Once SMS codes.
  6. Smartwatch similarity (Apple Watch and Android Wear).
  7. Progressed choices for business clients (DUO Security and RSA SecurID).

Security Audit

Manager’s Security Audit includes screens the strength of your passwords.


KeeperChat is a scrambled courier application. Like Keeper’s secret key administrator, KeeperChat utilizes start to finish 256-cycle AES encryption to secure all messages. KeeperChat likewise has a zero-information strategy, so even workers at Keeper can’t see any of your messages.

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Keeper password manager works well on both my PC and on my cell phone. Notwithstanding, I don’t really believe it’s an incredible choice for everybody, as you’ll need to persuade all regarding your contacts to download KeeperChat, and the vast majority are content with encoded couriers like WhatsApp. Nonetheless, the fall to pieces work, and the extra room makes KeeperChat worth considering.

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