Huawei Buds Studio Review- [Buying Guide]


Planning to buy Huawei buds then here we are with the Huawei buds studio review. Huawei’s purchaser business has been growing past only cell phones over the previous years, with workstations, tablets, smartwatches, earbuds, and surprisingly keen shades, and now comes the organization’s first-ever ridiculous earphones. 

The Huawei FreeBuds Studio is the first over-ear earphones from the Chinese organization.

They offer premium sound with High-Res Audio, superb clamor retraction, and best-in-class correspondence innovation.

Dark protein cowhide folds over the aluminum groups and ear cups, with headband length flexible through a sliding instrument covered up inside the calfskin. 

The cups are rotatable up to 90-degrees into a level situation for simpler capacity in the included conveying case, which has a space lodging a USB-C charging link.

The earphones pull this off with a mix of AI smarts—the Studio includes Huawei’s own chip worked in-house—and six receivers incorporated into the two ear cups, four of which are utilized to effectively recognize encompassing clamor.


  • Incredible sound
  • Agreeable
  • Strong battery life
  • Good ANC


  • Application issues
  • EMUI restrictive highlights

Features of Huawei buds studio:

Huawei Buds Studio reviews

Plan and Build

Up until this point, Huawei has made in-ear earphones, however, the Studio is customary earphones with an over-ear plan.

They look like pretty works of art and are more minimal than numerous adversaries, especially the size of the earcups.


Huawei has made no trade-offs with regards to comfort: The Huawei buds Studio sits consummately without squeezing, even on my huge ears and glasses. Significantly longer meetings are no issue.

Sound Quality

As is run-of-the-mill for over-ear earphones, the FreeBuds Studio has genuinely huge 40mm drivers.

Huawei cites an amazing recurrence scope of 4Hz to 48kHz, far greater than the regular human hearing reach, just as the L2HC codec for speeds up to 960kbps and a decreased loss of value.


The ANC itself works extraordinarily. The standard thing “foundation commotion” of the climate vanishes, and vehicles clamor and passing trains are no more. ANC is abrupt, uproarious commotions.

Hammering entryways for instance. At times, there is impedance to the ear on the grounds that the ANC is attempting to check this.

Battery life

Huawei publicizes with 20 hours of runtime and 25 hours without ANC. With no guarantees so frequently the case with such gadgets, it is difficult to complete a careful estimation in the event that you tune in to music to a great extent, settle on telephone decisions, and have ANC on or off.

The battery life was very acceptable, and seven days without charging was very feasible for me. On the off chance that they are vacant, only 10 minutes on the PC are sufficient for 8 hours of running time.

Natural activity

This is finished utilizing 3 catches, two on the right, and one on the left auricle. The ANC controls the left, the force and Bluetooth catches are on the right.

There is likewise a touch field on the privilege earbud that is liable for media control.

This would then be able to be utilized to control the volume and play/stop or forward/in reverse and acknowledge or reject calls.

In the event that you keep the touch surface squeezed, either the voice right hand is called, or the current track is added to the (Huawei Music) top choices.

On account of the Mate 40 Pro, just Celia is accessible as a voice aide.

In the event that you utilize a gadget with Google Services, Google Assistant is likewise accessible.

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According to our Huawei Buds Studio review, these buds can persuade with a high wearing solace and versatile, dynamic commotion dropping in the test.

The last smothers clamor dependably, and the earphones’ low foundation commotion makes them appropriate for shutting out commotion without essentially playing media.

The sound of the FreeBuds is additionally very satisfying, yet in any event, when the High-Res codec is usable, we feel that the sound stage is too confined and the earphones can’t satisfy their High-Res sound guarantee. Subsequently, it is a pity that most players can just utilize SBC, yet the discernible contrast is tiny with the FreeBuds Studio.

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