15 Best Surf Fishing Carts in 2024 [Review & Guide]

Fishing Cart

Buying the best fishing cart you can, is a necessity for making your weekend outing one of the most pleasurable and hassle-free activities you’ve ever done. Whether you like to fish in a lake, river, ocean, or local pond, the best fishing cart is a must-have.

A fishing cart is an amazing piece of equipment that not only makes it easier to transport everything like bait, lures, rods, and coolers – but also keeps everything organized.

15 Best Surf Fishing Carts to buy

As an added plus point, some carts provide you with a place to sit and rest as you wait for that first delectable mouthful.

There’s no excuse not to bring a cart with you if you’re going fishing alone or with a group of your best fishing mates, because where else are you going to keep the snacks and drinks to pass the time if you don’t? Here are our recommendations for the greatest fishing carts on the market.

Berkley Sportsman Pro Fishing Cart

Berkley® Sportsman's Pro Cart
578 Reviews
Berkley® Sportsman's Pro Cart
  • Compact design for easy transport and storage includes 4 removable rod holders and an integrated seat and cutting board
  • Telescoping handle for easy toting and durable lightweight molded wheels
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame with electrostatic finish and heavy-duty fabric to protect gear from the elements
  • Large pivoting feet won't sink into soft dirt or sand; supports up to 300 pounds

The Berkley Sportsman Pro Cart is an excellent alternative for people with less equipment who are just getting into fishing and need the best fishing cart for the best price.

It’s small and comes with four helpful rod holders, as well as an inbuilt seat that eliminates the need to bring your own. The load capacity, despite the low price, is astonishing, since it can handle up to 300 pounds, which is more than even the most costly carts can handle.

The tough wheels can withstand a variety of terrains, and the corrosion-resistant frame is ideal for the splashback and the unavoidable wetting from the water’s edge.

The instructions, on the other hand, are – to put it mildly – horrible. It will, however, be worthwhile if you can figure them out.

Special Features:

  • 4-rod holders
  • Compact design
  • Integrated seat
  • Durable wheels
  • Supports up to 300 lbs

Plus One Cart Pier Fishing Cart

The clever design allows you to store all of your belongings, including tools and extra cargo, while also allowing you to accommodate an ice chest to keep your drinks cold all day.

It can carry up to 300 pounds of goods, and the telescopic handle makes it simple to maneuver whether you’re pushing or dragging. The bright yellow wheels are easy to spot, and the rust-resistant structure ensures extended life.

The wheels are suitable for solid ground but will not hold up well on soft sand, so if you want to fish from the shore, there are more dependable solutions available.

Special Features:

  • 6-rod capacity
  • Expandable flatbed
  • Tools rack and cargo walls
  • Hauls up to 300 lbs

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Berkley Collapsible Fishing Cart

The Berkley Collapsible Fishing Cart is the Catch of the Day or our pick for the best fishing cart on the market. It delivers on a multitude of fronts to guarantee you’re completely packed and organized for your next fishing trip.

It can handle up to 200 pounds and comes with 6-rod holders (removed) and a foldaway cutting board for when you catch your first fish. The large capacity allows you to transport a 48-quart cooler full of food and beverages.

When you’re not using it or carrying it to your destination, the collapsible design offers quick, effortless storage.

Special Features:

  • Collapsible
  • 6 removable rod holders
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Supports up to 200 lbs
  • Foldaway cutting board and knife storage

Muscle Carts Blue Marine And Fishing Cart

If you’re searching for a multipurpose beach fishing cart, the Muscle Carts Blue Fish and Marine Cart is a great choice.

This enormous size option gives you plenty of room for rods, seats, coolers, and other essentials, ensuring you never go without.

It’s simple to push or pull, and the low-pressure tires are ideal for softer ground, making for a relaxing trip to the beach.

The strong metal frame provides dependable performance, and it can carry up to 220 pounds, so fill it with all the beers you can find. However, if you choose this cart, keep an eye on the tires, since they may require more frequent inflation than other options.

Special Features:

  • Jumbo size
  • Holds chairs, rods, coolers, and more
  • Carries up to 220 lbs
  • Push or pull
  • Low-pressure tires

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Gorilla Carts Fish & Marine Cart

gorilla Best Fishing Carts

The Gorilla Carts Fish & Marine Cart is one of those products that you can tell is robust just by looking at its name.

It has a tough aluminum frame and all-terrain wheels that are ideal for all situations and conditions, making it a versatile device that can be used for both athletic activities and fishing.

This fishing wagon has eight removable rod holders and a foldable bait tray for storage, and it can carry up to 200 pounds of weight.

There are also places for your lures and accessories like fishing pliers, allowing simple access when you need to cast a line or make a fast repair to ensure excellent performance all day.

It’s simple to store and set up once it arrives at your door; but, while the tires are capable of rolling over any terrain, they aren’t as sturdy as others and may be susceptible to damage. The rest of the cart, on the other hand, is solid, so as long as you don’t crash it into the ground, you should be alright.

Special Features:

  • All-terrain tires
  • Rugged aluminum frame
  • 8 removable rod holders
  • Foldable bait tray
  • Pulls up to 200 lbs

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A high-quality fishing cart should be at the top of your priority list. But what precisely is quality? It can relate to a variety of things, but it usually refers to everything from building to performance, as well as minor details in between.

It’s critical to pick the best fishing cart that can support the weight it claims to support (usually no more than 200 pounds, though this varies by manufacturer) while also being rust and corrosion-resistant. 

Because of your proximity to water, this last criterion is extremely significant. Your fishing cart’s material will also differ based on the brand and style you like.

Nylon is used in some carts to make them quickly collapsible, while metal framing or plastic casing is used in others to keep everything secure.

When it comes to picking the material for your fishing cart, there is no right or wrong answer, but the material you choose may have an impact on how easy it is to use.

Nylon is lighter, but it is also less robust and more susceptible to rips and breaks. A plastic or aluminum frame, on the other hand, is less stable and may make packing gear more difficult.

The maximum size of your fishing cart will always be determined by how serious you are about fishing.

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