Rocket.Net Review 2024– Pros & Cons of Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Rocket.Net Review [year]- Pros & Cons of Best Managed Wordpress Hosting 1 is a WordPress hosting company that offers WordPress hosting solutions that are fast and fully managed. They have an edge cloud infrastructure so the platform is incredibly fast. The dashboard is hand-crafted and easy-to-use to manage all the websites. Hosting plans by include CDN, backups, security, and automated updates.

Rocket.Net Review in 2024

Rocket.Net Review

With, you can focus on growing your business and skip managing technical matters. Here we will give you hosting review.

It allows you to host your website on a fast cloud platform and you will get amazing loading speed. When you host a website on WordPress its speed has a direct effect on the search engine ranking. 

With a bad or cheap hosting company for your website, your site can face numerous problems. With the right company for your website, your website will be successful. hosting makes hosting easy for all sized websites and you will get instant benefits with it. You will get blazing fast speed along with in-built security. 

This helps in localizing your website as it finds the nearest city according to visitors. There is so much freedom and scalability with 

Rocket net new best web hosting features:

This web hosting comes with an appealing and amazing interface that is quite easy to use by non-technical people. This web hosting is astoundingly simple as compared to other complex hosting providers as the simple interface is available along with remarkable and exciting features.

Listed below are the features of web hosting: 

  • Panel Control: This is one of the best features of as its control panel for WordPress is quite easy to use and it helps you deploy the WordPress websites. You can also manage plug-ins with themes and can backup whenever required. 
  • Applications security: keeping your website safe and secure from malicious tools is quite imperative as several online threats are lurking around. This is why the tech team at is on board and provides security at an advanced level. 
  • Robust server stack: This hosting has been built with an NGINX server that can segregate the content quickly as compared to other servers. is powered with PHP version 7.4 that makes a website work fast. 
  • Customer Support: You will get 24*7 support from dedicated professionals that supports you with the queries regarding the hosting. You will also get help on emails, phone calls, and live chat. The response time offered is amazing on the ticket and emails. Phone calls and live chat is recommended for instant support. 
  • Speed: if you host your website on, it will be ready for any type of utility as you will get the ultimate speed with full-page caching. To get your content optimized, there is no need for customization. 
  • Performance: The performance of is the fastest when it comes to managed WordPress hosting of TTFB. The speed performance of the page is outstanding and there is an average loading speed of 2.15 seconds. This means that you will get exceptional execution of a WordPress website, so it will be great to get WP hosting by 
  • Backup facility: if you want to avoid unforeseen events then it is important to create a backup. In case of any technical glitch, you can reverse it with restoring options. There are options for both automatic and manual backup on your dashboard. All you have to do is click on ‘Create Backup” and your entire website will be converted to a backup zip format file. 
  • Staging with just one-click feature: This is a unique feature that you get only with high-level premium hosting services, but offers this feature even with its basic plan. The staging environment is a dummy environment where you can test the functioning of plugins and themes, which you want to change on the website. Many times there are plugins that might not be suitable and might damage your website, so it is better to test an update in a staging environment before you go live with a particular update.  
  • Managing plugins: This web hosting service helps you simply add, update or delete a plugin directly from the control panel with great ease. 
  • Visitor analytics: It is quite easy to check the website’s daily visitors directly from your dashboard and there are three options to choose from, which are 24 hours, 30 days or 60 days. This is an astounding tool to monitor analytics and follow trends as it is really important to keep a track of traffic on your website. 

What we like about WP Rocket Hosting:

There are numerous things that make it a wonderful choice and here are some of the features that we liked:

  1. UI of Dashboard: The UI of the dashboard is one of the best as it is clean and interesting. It is better than other competitor websites. 
  2. CDN is awesome: The CDN offered by this web hosting service is high-performing and amazing. 
  3. Flexible Pricing: Pricing plans are quite flexible and you can choose one as per your requirement so make use of flexible pricing plans. 
  4. High Uptime: The uptime of is reliable and trustable and you will get an uptime guarantee of 99.99%. 

Pricing and plans by

Rocket.Net pricing

WordPress hosting offers flexible and comfortable pricing plans that are suitable for everyone. There are three hosting plans available 

  1. Single plan: This plan costs about $49 per year and you will get hosting and support for one website throughout the year. This plan is suitable for users with one website who have to handle less stuff. 
  2. Plus plan: This is the second plan that costs around $99. You will get hosting and support for three websites throughout the year. If you own more than one website, then this is the best plan for you. 
  3. Infinite plan: This plan costs around $249 and with this, you will get hosting and support for as many websites as you want for one year. This is a perfect plan for those who handle several websites and you don’t have to pay for the hosting individually. 

These plans have been designed as per your comfort according to the number of websites you want to host. All the features in the plans are the same, so there will be no difference. In case you feel that hosting is not right for you, then you can claim your money back within 14-days of buying the services.   


What is WP Rocket hosting?

This is a speedy and reliable hosting service that offers WordPress site owners efficient hosting.

Which payment methods are available to buy the hosting?

You can pay using Stripe and Paypal as payment options. Also, the cards that work with these services can be used here. 

Will a WordPress update prevent hosting from working properly?

The support team constantly provides updates, so that user does not face any issues when WordPress updates.

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As per our hosting review, Hosting is an amazing choice if you are looking for hosting for your WordPress website. It is not available for non-WP websites. If you are looking for the new best hosting option for your WordPress website then you must consider this as an option. 

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