[78% OFF] NTC Hosting Review 2024 – Good or Bad ?

[78% OFF] NTC Hosting Review [year] - Good or Bad ? 1

If you are a webmaster and are looking for a web hosting site, herein lies your solution. There are many web hosting sites used worldwide.

Let us look at NTC Hosting review along with their pros and cons to understand whether it is a good investment or not.

Established in 2003, NTC Hosting has been in this business for over 17 years and therefore offers you multiple services. They provide web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and semi-dedicated servers.

As part of the NTC Hosting review, it is important to know about their data centers that are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Bulgaria, and Finland.

Services Offered by NTC Hosting

The NTC Hosting review’s first page will surely be their plans and services that they put forth before their customers.

They offer Cloud, Virtual, Hybrid, and Dedicated plans.

The company provides top-notch technologies. It hosts a bundle of goodies like low-cost web hosting packages that enable a user to have much disk space and data transfer quotas, and advanced Email Managers.

On top of that, NTC Hosting lets you manage multiple websites, have a website builder and free scripts installer.

NTC Hosting’s services have been crafted out into two basic categories. First, are the general use plans that are ideal for the users ranging from small individuals to humongous corporations.

The second plan is a targeted package that aims at customers that use Joomla, WordPress, Moodle and 4images. This is called the Application Hosting.

Application Hosting also offers the ease of one-click application framework installer for more than 40 PHP applications. It is also encompassing Prestashop.

The first can be used by newbies, the second plan is intended for webmasters.

NTC Hosting’s services extend to free domain registration, limitless monthly traffic, daily automated backups, and Let’s Encrypt SSL. Its website builder offers more than 100 templates.

One of the major points of NTC Hosting review is the provision of a custom-made control panel. They allow the customers to use their control panel.

NTC Hosting’s backup options are one of the finest. They take nearly 4 backups each day, which is automated. They even let you save a copy of that to your Dropbox, it is the cherry on the cake!

You can even be sure about the safety of your website. They guarantee a 99.9% service & network uptime. All hosting accounts are designed to be shielded through the ModSecurity anti-hack firewall. 

In a nutshell, if you want to be visible in no time, NTC Hosting will help you out! They use fast SSD servers that run the ZFS file system. Your site gets the acceleration it deserves.

The Pricing Policy of NTC Hosting

NTC Hosting Review

The second parameter in the NTC Hosting review will be the prices at which they offer their innovative services. Their plans range from $5 to $350.

The various plans are priced at different bars and they are cost-effective in face of the services one gets from them.

NTC Hosting also offers a 30-day free trial that lets you get a taste of their services. You can test them for a whole month and then decide whether you want to buy their services or not.

Like Spotify, you do not have to make a long-term commitment. You can take their monthly subscriptions and upgrade according to your needs. If you are sure, then you can go ahead with their annual plan.

Another positive feature in their policy is the 30-day money back guarantee that you can avail if you are dissatisfied by their services in the first month of your subscription.

Support and Customer Service Offered by NTC Hosting

The third parameter in NTC Hosting review shall be their approach towards their customers.

NTC Hosting is a UK based company whose resources can be easily monitored through their ‘Multi-Lingual Control Panel’. This helps the customers across the globe to work in the comfort of their own language.

NTC Hosting has a platform that helps customers avail 24/7 technical support. The telephone and live chat are only available during the business hours. They even have ticket and email support options.

In the live chat, you are in a click connected to a real agent who helps you out with all your problems.

NTC Hosting review gets a thumbs up from users because of their ‘Encyclopedia Knowledge Base’. It has textual instructions and video tutorials to guide you.

The concerns of the customers are investigated by a class of experts that are knowledgeable and friendly. As the customer base of the company is expanding, their data centers are too expanding.

The new, skilled staff and the data centers help the people with the company’s facilities like Debian Linux-based server specifications – Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz Quad Core hard drives (2x750GB SATA) with 4MB of Cache and 4GB of RAM.

Competition NTC Hosting Faces in the Market

The fourth and the last parameter in NTC Hosting review shall be the competitors that NTC has in the global market.

Its competitors are Hostinger, InterServer.com, x10Hosting, and BlueHost.

Before you select a plan, it is good to have a knowledge of the competitions and the deals offered by them.

According to us Bluehost and Hostinger are better alternatives as compared to NTC, in terms of features and pricing. They are a better option with deals and offers that entice the customers. 


  • The guarantee of 99.9% uptime.
  •  The website is safely protected from viruses by their safety walls.
  •  The backup services are far better than many that only offer a backup on a monthly basis and no Dropbox facility.
  • Their control panel service is offered in many languages and they offer a 24*7 support team.
  • It is easy to move between their plans and upgrade at any time.


  • They do not offer any of the popularly used control panels like the CPanel or DirectAdmin.
  •  Their telephone and live chat are limited to business hours only.

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We have reached the platform, that is the end of NTC Hosting review.

You should give the 30-day free trial a go to understand the services and to make an informed decision. It will help in analysing their packages.

Do scroll through their terms and conditions to not violate any and get your subscription in jeopardy.

If all this data seems too overwhelming, here is a summation of the positive and negative aspects of the NTC Hosting review. You can use these to weigh the company. We recommend considering Bluehost and Hostinger for your website hosting as compared to NTC as you will get better deals and offers along with a wide range of features. 

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