9 Best Small Grow Tents For Growing Indoor Plants 2024

9 Best Small Grow Tents For Growing Indoor Plants [year] 1

Well, it is obvious from the title that what we are up to; we are here with a description of some best 4*8 small grow tents for growing plants.

Well, in today’s world where technology has taken over, and the industries are developing at the expense of the environment. Deforestation is the most dreaded outcome; we are continuously killing plants and trees in the name of development. 

Forests are cut to build concrete apartments. The situation is even worse in metro cities where it is almost a Utopia to own a house with a garden. Keeping in mind such significant problems of the contemporary world we are here with an impressive list of some wonderful small grow tents that will surely help you out to combat space issues for growing plants.

Why Small Grow Tents?

Growing plants does not come with a need; they are an excellent aesthetic dose to brains. If you are a gardening enthusiast or you wish to have a beautiful blooming garden, then do check out this fantastic list of small grow tents that we have hand picked for you! 

You can grow any type of small plant and believe me when I say any type of small plant I mean it. From succulents to vegetables, you name a small plant you wish to grow, small grow tents are a perfect fit.

Green is the dominant color of the world: Let Space be not the limitation!

Brief About What Small Grow Tents Are!

Small, Grow tents are tents specially designed for growing small plants. They are mobile which means you can move them from one place to another, so it makes them a perfect pick for those who are living in rented apartments. You can just drag your plants to a new location by taking a burden of carrying the hefty plants on your shoulders.

Ventilation holes are present in the grow tent so that your plants can breathe. The best part about small grow tents is that they are easy to maintain, and require less space.

Benefits Of Small Grow Tents!

  • They have reflective panels inside, which ultimately helps in burgeoning the efficiency of light.
  • If you are growing weeds with a strong aroma, then small grow tents are effective in containing the strong smell.
  • They are space-saving.
  • They can be used to grow a variety of plants as they can be bundled together rather than taking the whole area of the room.

List of best Small Grow Tents

VIVOSUN 96x48x80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

VIVOSUN 96x48x80 Mylar Hydroponic small Grow Tent​s

When it comes to “grow tent”, one can not ignore VIVOSUN as it is one of the most popular brands providing us with high-quality products at nominal prices. VIVOSUN comes with light-reflecting technology; therefore you don’t have to worry about electricity bills.

Its build quality is spectacular as it comes with a very tough and hard body that does not allow light to leak out of the tent this, in turn, helps in better growth of plants. VIVOSUN  is too easy to assemble, thus making the most arduous job as easy as pie.

VIVOSUN comes with an engrossing feature which is its observational window with the help of which you can keep an eye on the growth of your plants.

 This feature helps a lot in planting and makes Vivosun a bit different from others. However, it weighs about 55 pounds which puts him in the category of some of the heaviest ‘grow tents’.


  • Reliable material.
  • Highly reflective
  • Tear-proof canvas


  • Heavyweight

iPower 96x48x78 Hydroponic Water-Resistant

Another super fantastic name on the list is the iPower. The iPower grow tent is well designed and structured. It provides you with a total of 64 sq.feet areas to grow your plants.

It has a substantial body as made up of very good quality and durable material which gives him a longer life. iPower comes with an amazing interior finish of reflective mylar coating because of which tent can hold the light inside itself. This ensures the betterment of plant growth. 

iPower is totally waterproof so there is nothing to worry about small damages that might be caused by water. It has high-quality zippers which makes your opening and closing hassle-free. It weighs about 39 pounds which makes it a bit heavier and sets a drawback to it. Otherwise, it is one of the best ‘grow tents’ available in the market.


  • Highly durable.
  • Reflects 97% light
  • Easy organization tool bag


  • A bit heavy to handle

Gorilla Grow Tent – The best small grow tent

Next on the list is Gorilla Grow Tent. You can for sure rely on this small grow tent and you will never get a chance to complain as Gorilla Grow is one of the best and trustworthy brands available in the market. It has phenomenal build quality. 

It is constructed well and provides you with the best available environment for plantation. Gorilla Grow is based on the diamond reflection technology which does not allow the light to escape outside.  It has double stitching which also helps in holding the light. 

This in all total enhances the growth of plants. Its metal interlocking system is best and makes it very stable and robust.

It has a tool pouch and infrared blocking root which are very easy to access. Another interesting thing, you can easily adjust the height according to your requirements. Best available option in the market which provides the best quality material in the best value of money. 


  • Sturdy Material 
  • High durability


  • Too hard to assemble 

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Apollo Horticulture 96″ x 48″ x 80″ Grow Tent

Apollo Horticulture is another option that can be opted for. It is one of the best products with sublime interior and exterior design. Like most of the others, it is also based on reflective mylar coating which holds the light inside and not allows it to escape. 

Its exterior is made up of 600D rip free and waterproof canvas which makes it more durable. This feature also helps in holding the light otherwise escaping of the light may lead to damage to the environment which in turn affects the growth of plants.

Like Vivosun, Apollo Horticulture also has an observational window to check the regular improvements in the plants without opening the door.

 It is held by strong steel poles which makes it very stable and solid. It comes with a user guide and also 90 days warranty. It also falls in the heavier range of grow tent and weighs around 46 pounds.

Overall, considering all the features, it is a good option to take a look at.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The metal poles ensure security and stability


  • Comes with only 90- day warranty

IDAODAN 96″ x 48″ x 80″ Grow Tent

9 Best Small Grow Tents For Growing Indoor Plants [year] 2

Our next stop is IDAODAN grow tent. This is another dominating name in the list of small grow tents. It has a 10% reflective mylar material on the inner side thus making it sure that no amount of light leaks out from the tent.

This feature makes this wonderful product by IDAODAN a pocket-friendly product that will save your electricity expenses.

This  4 x 8 grow tent has a strong 600D material which is very thick thus assuring you of its superior quality. The 600D material is waterproof and tear-proof which makes it very long-lasting.

One thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing this small grow tent is that this tent weighs around 41.9 pounds which makes it a bit heavy as compared to other tents, so you need to be careful while assembling this tent.

This product comes with a 2-year warranty which makes it worth trying as well.


  • No light leakage
  • Sturdy material


  • Bit heavy

Ipomelo 96″ x 48″ x 80″ Grow Tent

9 Best Small Grow Tents For Growing Indoor Plants [year] 3

Our next pick is a small grow tent by Ipomelo. This tent comes with a superb finish and 600D thick material for its outside canvas. This 4 x 8 grow tent is tear proof as well as water-proof because of its thick material. 

Not only this it is because of the material of this 4 x 8 grow tent that there is no light leakage from the tent thus making it sure your plant gets ample light to grow well.

You can easily hang the lights inside the tent as this tent comes with a strong structure powder-coated steel of 19mm which makes sure there is enough stability in the grow tent.

This Ipomelo Grow tent also comes with a removable waterproof mylar tray that will make sure that your delicate plants are absolutely safe. It is also a pocket-friendly product as you will save a lot on your electricity bills because of its no light leakage feature. 

The Ipomelo 96″ x 48″ x 80″ grow tent weighs in at 24.6 pounds which is pretty easy to handle. Thus, you must surely try your hands on this amazing  4 x 8 grow tent by Ipomelo.


  • Waterproof and tear-proof
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble


  • The initial expense is high


Hope this article would have helped you in finding out the best small grow tents for your passion for gardening. It was a small effort to get you acquainted with some amazing small grow tents by commendable brands that provide phenomenal features. So just pick the perfect fit as per your preference and you are done. Happy Gardening!

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