SwissArmy is amongst the most popular brand. SwissGear SA1908 TSA is the top collection of Swiss Army Knife. The products offered by them are well known for their durability, functionality, and convenience. This backpack is designed for efficiency at the airport checkpoints because of the SmartScan feature. This feature is best used for travellers.

SwissGear SA1908 TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack Review 1

SwissGear bags have an airflow back system which helps you to prevent from sweat and heat building on your back when it is on.
Side Access Entry to this backpack is easily accessible without opening your backpack.
ScanSmart TSA Friendly Laptop Compartment with fold-flat design provides an efficient way to get through the airport security.
Ergonomic and Padded Design gives it a unique look. It gives proper comfort and support while carrying the backpack.
There are not so many interior and exterior pockets as compared to the other SwissGear backpack models.


Rating 4.5 Star
Material Ballistic Weave  
Colours Available Black
Outer Compartment -2 * 2 Small Side Pockets
Zipped Compartment -4 includes SmartScan Section
Fits Laptop Screen Size Up to 17″
Dimensions -18*9*13
Weight 2.65lbs    

Design & Craftsmanship

The material used in SwissGear SA1908 is ballistic weave fabric which makes this backpack strong and durable. The backpack is quite big with 9*18*13 inches. It weighs 2.65 lbs. The fabric used in the SwissGear bag is light-weighted with wipeable nylon material. Carrying this bag you’ll feel that material used to this laptop bag is quite sturdy and it can help you out in holding your stuff without any fear of fabric.

The SwissGear SA 1908 TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack has a simple design with a SwissGear logo in the front. The style is simple but with a classic look. The backpack is available only in black colours.


This laptop backpack has four compartments with many internal pockets. Each compartment closes with the double stainless steel zips with a SwissGear logo and holes wide. Many of them have an issue with the zips which sometimes can be broken when the backpack is too full whereas many people find it strong.

At the front of the backpack, there are two external pockets with a large compartment in the middle. The top carry handle is thickly padded and reinforced with durable quilted fabric. The backpack can easily be carried. The backpack also has a slit for your headphones, this helps you to keep your headphones safe.  


  • At the back of the backpack where the laptop compartment with the unique quick recognition window for the ScanSmart feature.
  • This airport friendly is attractive with the ScanSmart features.
  • It helps to pass through the security checks which keep your laptop safe and protected.
  • On both sides of the backpack with the expandable mesh pockets that allow fitting various sized water bottles.

Airflow Back System

  • SwissGear Backpacks, the back, and shoulder straps are heavily padded with a multi-panel airflow design.
  • The mesh padded panels on the backside of the backpack with the ventilated air holes.
  • This helps you to keep you cool while carrying the bag and gives your back and shoulder the maximum support and comfort.

Support for your Back and Shoulders

The airflow back system protects you from the sweat even in hot weather, not all backpacks have the same feature which can help you in backpacking and hacking. The padding of the backpack is very much comfortable to carry even after few hours. The ergonomic design of the shoulder straps helps to distribute the weight of the backpack evenly.


You can easily carry it, the backpack can easily be fitted anywhere. The weight of this backpack is quite light. The backpack is not overly big and has a good size. It doesn’t require much space to get fit into it. It can easily be fitted anywhere and requires less space.

External Pockets

Two external pockets help you in keeping your stuff that you can easily access whenever needed. The bottom pockets of the backpack are quite flat that holds your small things. Inside the top pocket, a removable key fob is attached for storing your keys so that you can find them easily. The side pockets help in keeping the water bottles. The bag becomes too full. Therefore the backpack is handy. You can easily reach these pockets.

Wrapping Up

The SwissGear SA 1908 laptop backpack is great to carry with you on Flight. The ScanSmart feature makes it efficient for you at airport checkpoints. This backpack is comfortable for those who generally flies whether short or long haul flight. This can be a smart buy for you.