[80% OFF] X10Hosting Review 2024 – Good or Bad ?

[80% OFF] X10Hosting Review [year] - Good or Bad ? 1

Since the early 20s, the company X10Hosting has been serving digital marketers and webmasters. For the X10Hosting review, it is essential to first understand the company’s plans, uptime, performance, customer service facilities, and the competitors in the market.

X10Hosting Review – Detailed

The X10Hosting is a privately owned American web hosting company that was established in 2004, with its headquarters at Tilton, New Hampshire. It is famous for the different plans the company offers.

Plans Offered By x10Hosting 

So let’s move ahead with the x10Hosting review, they offer the following plans-

  • Free Plan
  • Shared Plan
  • Cloud Plans
  • VPS Plans

To perfectly convey the X10Hosting review, we should first understand their plans.

Free Plan :

X10Hosting Review

Firstly, the free plan opens doors to many widely used features that gather the attention of the cybernauts. This leads them to highly recommending and giving X10Hosting reviews a thumbs up. The free cloud web hosting presents the users with hosts of other services.

The users get the ability to use all the features and the facilities of cloud SSD servers. These are much better than the traditional HHD. The SSDs are a better alternative.

The customer gets access to create a site, free of cost. They can put out their ideas in front of the world. With the premium services being launched, as the needs expand so does the users’ ability to get hold of more features.

Does reading instructions and following manuals become a tiresome job? x10Hosting reviews are always positive because of their one-click software installation. They have more than 300 of these. Some of them are – WordPress, Sitebuilder, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, SMF, and myBB.

The services x10Hosting offers are countless. This will make you give x10Hosting review a positive affirmation. 

It gives you 100% access to the cPanel/custom control panel or cPanel X3 control panel. This even lets you use their creation for beginning your journey – x10HostingBasic. 

The x10Hosting review remains incomplete without mentioning another spectacular resource, that being the access to unlimited bandwidth which will help you reach their goals in no time.

The brightest point of x10Hosting review is the inexhaustible disk space the web hosting company guarantees to its customers.

Therefore for having the experience of their services, you can go ahead and try them! You can test their free services and know for yourself. Don’t forget to review their Terms of Service’ and Acceptable Use Policy’. If any of their terms are violated then they discontinue the services they offered you.

Paid Plan :

Next in the x10Hosting Review are the features of x10Premium Infinity. It is a paid shared hosting plan that has its own website. If satisfied with their free plan you should definitely try out their paid ones.

It lets the users have limitless bandwidth, disk space, and domains. It offers the same features of the cPanel control panel, site builder, and Softaculous installer.

The additional bonus of the paid services are the automatic daily backups and provision of PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.5, Perl, and Python 2.6.

With the paid package the efforts you need to put in lessen. R1Soft Server Backup Manager automatically backs up the data a couple of times, every day. You get the hold of a user-friendly control panel too, it lets you database archives.

Here is something you can’t refuse! The premium plan lets you use Attracta SEO Tools that can help boost your online marketing.

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The Pricing Policy of X10Hosting 

X10Hosting Review pricing list

The x10Hosting review needs to mention the prices that the web company offers to be true to its objective. The first plan being free, holds no position here. 

The second, paid premium plan can be eyed as cost-effective. They range from $4 to $7. You can choose a plan that caters to your needs.

The plan helps you save a lot! x10Hosting supplies quality services with tremendous features that you could use. If you commit for a long period of say, two- or three years then the package becomes more better value-for-money.

With a longer duration, you get services and a better return on them. If you are not happy with the services then you can cancel your subscription and get a refund. You are entitled to a refund only if you cancel in the initial periods.

The company though reserves the right to cancel your subscription themselves, at any point of time. Under the given circumstances, they will refund a part of the money only if you have not violated any term. Your credit is ensured if your uptime is below 99.9%.

The Support and Customer Service X10Hosting Offers 

If you need support while setting up a blog or a site, x10Hosting reviews in that arena are top-notch. Their staff is skilled in their field and ready to help!

You can search your question in the search box, located above, but if you are not satisfied then you can seek help from their online community. You can post your question to a community of nearly 75,000 and you will soon have your answer.

You might have a few concerns or a complaint. The complaints will be actively taken up by the x10Hosting. Though they don’t have the facility of live chat, they look into the concerns and respond within a period of 30 minutes to one hour.

If you are a premium member then you get the unique feature of a full-time support team.

 X10Hosting offers a facility of Self-help Knowledge Base’. There they answer the FAQs and provide general, account, email, domain, and MySQL help.

They are a small hosting provider website and therefore you will definitely be looked after. In this x10Hosting, it gets a plus one for its support and customer service.

The Other Players in the Field

No review can be complete without knowing the competition. So, x10Hosting’s review will even be incomplete.

The company’s competitors in the market are Hostinger, InterServer.net, Liquid Web, Kinsta, and BlueHost.

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#13GodaddyAlready AppliedGrab Deal Here
#14DreamHostAlready AppliedGrab Deal Here
#15WPX Hosting
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#19IO Zoom VPSAlready AppliedGrab Deal Here
#20stableHostAFF40SHGrab Deal Here
#214UK HostAlready AppliedGrab Deal Here
#22Miss HostingAlready AppliedGrab Deal Here
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Pros :

  • Freedom to choose from several packages and navigate between them.
  • The opportunity of 99.9% uptime SLA.
  • The provision of SSL certificate with long-term contracts under the premium plan.
  • Well managed support and customer service.
  • Their backup facilities are amazing.

Cons :

  • The terms of services are a little harsh.
  • There is no provision for canceling the contract.
  • The control panel instructions are only in English.
  • The security features might not be promising.


x10Hosting review clearly states that it is a web hosting company that is worth using your resources on. They are not a large conglomerate so therefore the customers are paid attention to.

To have the best experience it is vital to choose the correct plan for you. Try the free one and then as you expand you can go on upgrading your plan according to your needs.

The services x10Hosting provides are of fine quality and their packages are reasonable. So, to sum up, the x10Hosting in a couple of words, it is best to highlight their key positive and negative aspects.

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