Zebit Review: Buy Now and Pay Later (Honest Review) in 2024


Zebit, the name itself is a bit unique and attractive. Let’s explore more about Zebit by reviewing it, so we’re back with a fantastic review on Zebit.

Here Zebit is a platform that provides radically better financial alternatives to all your customers. Zebit gives you access to credit; it allows you to buy now and pay later at the marketplace.

They follow the concept of “credit providers merchant” The amazing thing Zebit offers you is that it doesn’t come with an interest or other additional charges.

The big question that arises is what products does it support? Are they acceptable in the marketplace with a wide range of products? 

What Zebit is and what it offers to you?

zebit review

Zebit is an online store founded in 2010 by Marc Schneider and Michael Thiemann. So the idea of Zebit can’t be said to be unique.

Still, being a reasonable observer, Zebit observed that many of the leading products in the market are overrun, and it came up with the unique concept of paying for over six months. 

What products does Zebit Offer you?

Customers can purchase a variety of products in various categories that Zebit offers, which are:

The brands that make you rely on Zebit are Gucci, Apple, FitBit, LG, Whirlpool, Xbox, and Pandora.

How Does Zebit Work?

You must fill out the short application if you need to start with Zebit. If approved, you’ll receive a Zebitline amount of up to $2500 in credit.

Hence, you can use this as credit for purchasing the items from Zebit Market.

While purchasing an item, you will have to make a down payment with a debit and credit card.

The leftover cost will be split up into payments of 6 months. Zebit allows you to set up the payment to correspond with your pay schedule.

Alternatively, you can buy an item from the Zebit Market in full using another debit or credit card. Your Zebit Line will drop with each purchase and increase when you pay it off.

What should you be aware of?

– Zebit Allows a refund for the defective items only. 

– Zebit doesn’t charge late fees; your credit card will be stuck if you miss any payment.

– Purchasing an eCertificate will charge you an 18% handling fee.

What are the features of shopping with Zebit?

  1. No Fees or Interest: Like similar financing service Splitit, Zebit doesn’t take any additional charges.
  2. Financing Period: You can pay off items for over six months.
  3. No prepayment penalties: You can also make the payment in full at any time.
  4. ZebitScore: This is a free assessment of your current financial situation
  5. Popular Brands Available: You can shop for various new brands and eCertificate with Zebit Market.


  • Zebit does a soft credit check through a third-party provider that won’t affect your credit score.
  • Zebit doesn’t perform credit pulls or report credit information to any credit bureaus.
  • No additional charges will be charged further except the listed price.
  • You can get a gift card from the majority of retailers at Zebit.
  • Easy to set up a payment schedule.
  • NO FICO score is necessary with Zebit.
Zebit Review: Buy Now and Pay Later (Honest Review) in [year] 1

How does Zebit make money?

When you read about a company that offers customers the ability to pay over time, the first question is how? However, Zebit is a business, so making money is not a crime!

What does Zebit do? Zebit purchases products online at a wholesale price and resells them at the retail price, so they make a profit on each product they sell. So there is nothing new except the thing Zebit allows you to pay for over time.

What is ZebitLine?

The credit extended by the consumer to Zebit is referred to as a Zebit Line.

The credit by Zebit can only be used for purchasing the products directly from Zebit, and it is not a line of credit that can be used anywhere.

Zebit re-evaluates the payment history from previous Zebit purchases, and your Zebit line may be adjusted accordingly.

ZebitLine can be increased if you continue making the payments on time without defaulting.


Zebit charges no fees on the purchase. However, the listed price will be the final price you must pay over six months. Afterward, you must register and log in to search for the right product.

How to Open a Zebit Account?

Zebit is always a good option to go with, so, the next step is to open a free account. Go to the website Zebit.com and click ‘register’.
The application process will start, you will need to enter your personal information that also includes the source of income and amount that you make.
If Zebit approves it, then they will provide you a credit amount in Zebit up to $2500, which can be further used for purchasing. 

Will Zebit Impact on FICO Score?

Applying for Zebit does not impact the FICO score. Zebit does not pull the FICO score in the application process.
The good thing that most of the reviewers love is zebit does not report the payment history to credit bureaus.
Therefore, Zebit stands out in the market as compared to others based on features.

Is it Safe?

During the application process, you have to provide your personal information to Zebit.
Zebit uses the encryption type that is used by banks and other institutions to safeguard their data. 

It is found to be the necessary step that Zebit takes to protect your data. You can trust Zebit based on loyalty towards its customers and trustworthiness. Zebit is rated 4.7 out of 5 by TrustPilot based on reviews! Also, Zebit has an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau.


Should I use Zebit? It is totally up to you what you decide whether you are satisfied with the Zebit Services or not! First, however, you must consider your situation and the features, pros, and cons.

You can go through our guide and decide whether you are comfortable with the features or not. Question yourself, and then go ahead with the registration process.

This Zebit Review will help you in making the decision. You can comment below for any queries and questions with Zebit. Stay tuned for more fantastic reviews!

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