8 Best Pill Organizers of 2024 – Pill Dispensers [Reviews]

Best Pill Organizers

Remembering to take your medicine is a simple yet easy thing to forget to do. Whether you have just one or many pills to take, keeping them organized can be a hassle. A pill organizer can not only organize your medicine but also make it easier to remember when to take it. 

But before just buying any pill organizer there are a few things to consider. Matching the right organizer to fit you needs is necessary for optimal success. Depending on your needs you should think about the following:

8 Best Pill Organizers in 2024

(Things to consider when buying a pill box)


Is it easy to take on the go? Not everyone stays at home all day and being able to take your pills with you is often a necessity to consider. 

Ease of use

Making sure that you have easy access to your pills without them just fall out of the container is important. Pill organizers should be easy to open while still secure enough to prevent spillage.

Size and configuration 

Whether you are taking just daily vitamins or deciding to use the pill box to house jewelry, having sufficient space is important. Though portability is important you shouldn’t have to completely sacrifice have a large capacity.

Best Overall: AUVON iMedassist Weekly Pill Organizer 

Best Overall: AUVON iMedassist Weekly Pill Organizer  Best Pill Organizer

Simplicity is the mother of all inventions. With the AUVON weekly pill organizer you are able to organize your daily pills and retrieve them with ease. The large compartments with spring assisted open design allows for ease of use and storage of larger pills.

The colorful lids allow for easy identification at a glance to choose the pills you need and the distinctive printed labels aid in this endeavor.

The unique design is BPA-free and allows you to avoid things spilling out when shaken or when children get a hold of it. It measures 8.84 inches by 2.1 inches, with each compartment big enough to hold 8 fish oils. 


  • Push button friendly for arthritis
  • Large enough once a day


  • Not easily portable

Best for Multiple Doses: AUVON iMedassist Weekly Pill Organizer 4 Times a Day

8 Best Pill Organizers of [year] - Pill Dispensers [Reviews] 1

Having a lot of daily pills can be a hassle to organize. When scheduling specific times to take your pills organization is key.

With the AUVON iMedassist Pill Box 4-times a day you are able to break up your daily pills into four easy compartments. The large case allows for simple storage for your weekly pills.

The colorful daily pill container (each compartment: 0.9”x1.1”x0.9”) are detachable making it a small portable way to take your medicine on the go. The secure clasp can prevent your pills spilling with in your bag on the go.


  • Moisture-proof
  • Large enough 4 times a day
  • Secure clasp


  • Difficult to open for some users

Best for Your Purse: ZIKEE Weekly Pill Organizer 2 Times a Day

8 Best Pill Organizers of [year] - Pill Dispensers [Reviews] 2

Convenience is necessary when on the go. When you are out and about the ZIKEE Weekly Pill Organizer is a good thing to have. Within the portable outer case (sized: 5.84”x3.24”x1.9”) are colorful detachable containers.

Though portable it can hold most daily pills with ease and safely because of its BPA-free material.

The silk screen printed labels can survive confrontations with your keys when put into your bag or pockets. Traveling just becomes a whole lot simpler.


  • Easily portable
  • Dual protection from spillage and children
  • Hard to rub off labelling
  • Day and night design


  • Difficult to open for some users

Best Portable: ZIKEE Weekly Pill Organizer 3 Times A Day

8 Best Pill Organizers of [year] - Pill Dispensers [Reviews] 3

When you need just a bit more space but still wish for something semi-compact the ZIKEE Weekly Pill Organizer is just what you need. With colorful daily pill boxes broken into three compartments (sized: 1.5”x0.9”x0.9”) you are able to organize your daily pills without difficulty.

The transparent outer case gives you the ability to plan a full week and safely store your other pills for the rest of the week. The food-grade quality material and secure clasp keeps your pills dually safe and brings less stress to your daily routine. 


  • Large enough 3 times a day
  • Easily identifiable containers


  • Difficult to open for some users

Best for Arthritis: LALAGO Weekly Pill Organizer

8 Best Pill Organizers of [year] - Pill Dispensers [Reviews] 4

Going that small bit extra can set you apart from the rest. The LALAGO Weekly Pill Organizer does just that with braille and raised labels allowing for ease of use for a larger demographic.

The switch to molded labels means you don’t need to always put on your glasses just to take your pills. The spring-loaded design also allows for an effortless opening experience.

This semi-transparent colored pill organizer is sized at 9.53”x1.75”x2.93”, which is big enough to store your daily pills. 


  • Braille labelling 
  • Spring loaded for easy opening, arthritis friendly
  • Secure clasp


  • Bulky

Best Monthly: FULLOT Monthly Pill Organizer 1 Time a Day

8 Best Pill Organizers of [year] - Pill Dispensers [Reviews] 5

Sometimes planning ahead is a necessity. Being able to plan beyond 1 week can put some people at ease. With the FULLOT Monthly Pill Organizer you can have one less thing to worry about in your daily schedule.

The colorful once day compartments are removable from the rack making them convenient to take with you. This monthly also comes with numeric or days of the week stickers allowing for customized labelling according to your habits.

The individual compartments (sized:1.3”x1.3”x1.2”) can also hold a number of pills meaning no needing to open multiple bottles at a time. 


  • Easy to plan ahead
  • Large capacity for month


  • Not easily portable

Best Design: PULIV Weekly Black Pill Organizer 3 Times A Day

8 Best Pill Organizers of [year] - Pill Dispensers [Reviews] 6

Black is simple and chic. Rainbow color is not for everyone and the PULIV Weekly Portable Pill Organizer caters to that need.

This portable sleek black pill box breaks up the daily pills into three compartments (sized: 1.22”x1.24”x0.72”) for morning, afternoon and evening. Each compartment can easily hold 7 large pills making it simple to add all your daily pills.

The pocket-sized daily boxes make for convenient on the go transport. With one hand the clasp can open making access simple and less of a hassle.


  • Easily portable
  • Suit for male


  • Difficult to open for some users

Best for Travel: AUVON Canvas Bag Weekly Pill Organizer 2 Times a Day

8 Best Pill Organizers of [year] - Pill Dispensers [Reviews] 7

Sometimes being discreet is the preferred method of choice. With its simple black canvas casing the AUVON Canvas Bag Weekly Pill Organizer allows for a simple but discreet way to take your pills on the go.

The canvas bag also sports a built-in mesh allowing for storage of prescriptions, medical cards or other accessories. The twice a day design splits pills into morning and evening doses depending on your schedule.

With a large capacity ( sized: 2.5”x1.5”x0.7”), silk printing and BPA free material you get all the good that comes with a great pill box in a small easy to carry package. 


  • Good for your privacy
  • Suitable for travel
  • Perfect size


  • Small

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Finding something that caters to all your needs is an important aspect of choosing a pill organizer. No matter what you use it for pill organizers should make life simpler not harder. The ones above strive to give you that sense of ease needed within life’s daily struggle. Having one less thing to organize can make the day go by faster. Depending on your needs the above list has a little of something for everyone. 

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