8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2024

must have wordpress plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress Plugins to help your business soar? Then we are here with the must-have WordPress Plugins of 2024. WordPress plugins make WordPress exceptional and valuable. However, there are more than 58000 plugins to choose from, and it isn’t easy to pick the right one.

Therefore, we have carefully reviewed the best-selected plugins for you to consider.

Our readers often ask us about the best WordPress plugin suggestions so that they get great speed, backups, and better SEO.

We have experts who have tested thousands of WordPress Plugins every year so our users can find the best solutions.

WordPress is one of the best website development platforms online today, and with the best plugins to enhance your website, you will get beautiful results. 

8 must-have WordPress plugins


rankmath WordPress Plugins

This is a WordPress Plugin for SEO, and it helps websites get good SEO ranking. This Plugin lets you understand the keywords you are trying to rank on your web page content. This plugin mainly focuses on On-Page SEO and takes care of the basic and advanced SEO techniques.

Whenever you write content on your web page, RankMath offers the option to insert targeted keywords. The plugin later checks the content and highlights the right things. It also suggests the required improvements. 

RankMath is a revolutionary SEO plugin that has a modern and easy-to-use interface. It uses the latest optimization techniques, and you can assign unlimited focus keywords.

RankMath also launches a pro version, which is quite interesting with better features like keyword tracker & Schema Generator etc.


jetpack WordPress Plugins

Jetpack is a plugin from Automattic that offers the best features you miss from WordPress. In addition, you will get unique features like visitor engagement, site stats, display options, and security features. 

JetPack connects you to your WordPress.com account and gives you access to all your missing features. You can activate only the modules you make use of. Although some of the modules are started by default, you can go to the settings of Jetpack and activate the plugins you need.

Jetpack consists of multiple modules that helps monitor, enhance and manage the self-hosted WordPress website.

It is a viral plugin and has more than one million installs. When you install Jetpack, you will create a self-hosted version of WordPress.com, so this plugin brings two flavors of WordPress closer. 


This is one of the most popular free WordPress backup plugins, with more than one million active installations.

You can perform a WordPress backup to a remote location or in a clean WordPress installation using this plugin. In addition, Updraft plus plugin makes the restoration process easy to install.

You can configure and take backup of your WordPress website. UpdraftPLus is the only free WordPress backup plugin that allows backup and restoration in the free plan, along with several great features.

This is one of the best and most trusted plugins for backup and restoration. It is easy to set up and is powerful yet affordable.

UpdraftPlus is compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and its premium version offers several extra features and enhanced security.

UpdraftPlus supports more cloud storage providers using this WordPress backup plugin, and there is no need to worry about other problems.

This plugin will back up all your website data like posts, database, theme customization, and pages. 

WP Rocket:

wprocket must have WordPress Plugins

This is a popular cache plugin that improves WordPress performance. It is a paid plugin that helps a website load faster. This plugin not only loads your website more quickly but gives a more excellent user experience and better ranking.

WP Rocket cache plugin creates a cache of the static files of your blog posts. Whenever the user tries to access the post, it is served directly from the cache folder. A cache plugin helps WordPress load faster and reduces the load on the server.

This plugin makes your website highly optimized for speed and performance. With the WP Rocket plugin, you will get everything easy to access and configure, and none of the features interfere with each other.

The support with WP Rocket is fantastic as it is a paid plugin and offers excellent functionality while being beginner-friendly.

It reduces page load time by more than 50% and has a well-designed dashboard area.

Google Workspace:

Google Workspace is a powerful and fantastic plugin for business and education purposes. It is one of the best cloud-based office suites and helps take your business online quickly. 

This suite consists of apps like Google Slides and Google Docs and includes features like video and chat conferencing, keeping in view the work-from-home culture. In addition, several cloud-based tools like a word processor and spreadsheet manager help increase productivity in the workspace. 

Google Workspace has an extensive support system and a cloud-based working environment. Although these tools can be used offline, they come with the primary purpose of assisting online workflows.  

Dynamic Month and Year:

You can easily add the current date, year, month, etc. using this amazing plugin including content and title. This plugin can boost your website’s SEO and uses the default WordPress language.

It automates your affiliate marketing and offers dynamic coupon expiries. This amazing plugin supports RankMath, SEOPredd, and Yoast plugins and can be used in place of their date-based variables. It also allows you to make your articles more dynamic and SEO-ready with the use of various combinations.

This plugin is highly useful for affiliate marketers, copywriters, and Amazon affiliates. Dynamic month and year plugins are easy to use and activate using shortcodes and with the changes in months and years, these shortcodes get updated automatically. 

This plugin by WPBeginner helps you to add insert code in your header and footer in the entire website. You can easily add or edit code right from your WordPress dashboard using this plugin.

If this plugin is not there, then you will have to manually edit the header and footer theme files in case you wish to add any code.

This plugin makes adding code faster as the code does not need to be added manually. It is easy to delete wrong things and the plugin prevents wrong editing of theme files.

Insert header and footer plugin preserves the changes made in the codes and keeps your code separate when your theme updates. It also keeps your dashboard organized and you can see all your codes and scripts.


This is an open-source eCommerce platform that is made for WordPress. This plugin helps your business sell products digitally by creating an eCommerce marketplace.

WooCommerce plugin comes bundled up with PayPal, BACS, and cash on delivery to accept online payments. 

It also integrates with hundreds of other solutions like Facebook, Zapier, Sage, MailChimp, Square, Stripe, ShipStation, and Fulfilment by Amazon.

WooCommerce is a powerful platform that has lots of amazing features to help you get started with an eCommerce platform.

This eCommerce plugin helps in setting up an online store with great ease. WooCommerce is a free plugin with premium extensions. It is easy to use and learn and comes naturally to you.

This plugin is quite popular and widely used and you can set up your own online store with ease.


It does not matter what type of website you have; you can use these must-have WordPress plugins for Business websites and easily enhance your website’s popularity and traffic.

Have a good day, peeps! Comment which plugin you liked the most.

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