15 Best Nintendo Switch Games for all in 2023

nintendo switch games list

Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles introduced in this century. As a gamer, there is no doubt that it is one of my favorites. Nintendo Switch is entering its 6th year in 2023 upon its release and is still my favorite and also the favorite of many more gamers. The best part of Nintendo is its excellent selection of games that you can choose from.

Must you have heard of Mario Kart, right? It’s a Nintendo Switch game! Other favorites include Animal Crossing, Pokemon 3, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, Kirby 1, Splatoon 3 and many more.

My personal favorite is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild due to its impressive visuals and because of my love for RPG games.

15 best picked Nintendo Switch games

With all these said, let me help you and introduce you to the 15 best Nintendo Switch games in 2023, which you can play even as a newbie Nintendo switch user.

list of best Nintendo Switch games

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Animal crossings is an all-time favorite Nintendo Switch game. It got a massive rise in popularity in 2020 as the world went under lockdown due to covid 19.

As a result, more users joined the game as the game is all about living and doing chores like an average human. It is a virtual simulation of normal village life with very cute graphics and cute animal characters spread across the game.

2. Super Mario 3D All Stars 

It is another excellent Mario game you can enjoy with your family and friends. All of the best Mario games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy are included, which automatically makes the game very popular amongst Mario kart fans.

Not only this, but it is also the HD version of these classic games that makes it all the better.

3. Luigi’s Mansion 3 

It is a Mario spin-off game strikingly similar to the Ghostbusters and Resident Evil storylines. In the game, Luigi goes on a spooky journey in a haunted hotel.

He goes around collecting ghosts and solving puzzles.

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4. ARMS 

ARMS is a 3D fighting sports game that supports up to four players. The game is all about fighting, ninjas, behemoths and such things alike.

The game is very fun to play and, funnily, has a striking resemblance to Splatoon. The game is a good action game integrated with many elements and is fun to play with your friends.

5. Bayonetta 2 

Bayonetta is another action game available on Nintendo. In this game, you can shoot, stomp and slam your opponents, get to various locations, and meet other Bayonetta.

The game mostly depicts a Chinese and Japanese landscape and architecture where you have to fight and defeat Viola ( the story’s antagonist). The game’s graphics are next-level, which is also very popular among Nintendo switch users.

6. Bayonetta 3 

The upgraded 3rd version of Bayonetta is all the better. The game comes with everything present in Bayonetta 2, like the fighting, actions, graphics and quests but all the more improved. With Bayonetta 3, you can also summon demons to fight for Bayonetta.

7. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

This game revolves around a storyline situated in a demonic castle, and then a lone savior comes to save your day! The game has a massive resemblance to many Castlevania games.

The main character, Miriam, must save humanity and herself by fighting through all the castle’s enemies and defeating the ultimate boss, Gebel.

It contains many weapons, attacks and equipment like any other fighting RPG game, which you can use to break through the castle and upgrade your character upon each win.

8. Bravely Default II 

Bravely Default II is a classic JRPG game with a modern twist. The game revolves around battles as well, and here you can do many actions in one go or save up the actions for later as well.

Overall, you can get a very similar vibe to final fantasy V in the game, and it is probably the best game in the bravely series.

9. Super Mario Party 

It is a classic Nintendo game and probably a fan favorite. The Mario series is, in general, a fan favorite. However, the graphics of this particular Mario game are on the next level. The graphics are vibrant, with added special dice in the character selection section.

The game is fun and family-friendly, as I played it with my mother and enjoyed it a lot. The game can get serious and competitive sometimes, but it just adds to the fun!

10. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl 

Various versions of Pokemon games are present on Nintendo Switch. However, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl takes it to the next level. It is an updated version of the Diamond & Pearl games.

Thus it is better in graphics, battles and overall experience. It takes place in the Sinnoh region, where you can fight and update your pokemon collection with better and superior characters.

11. Apex Legends 

Apex Legends is one of the first games I played as a Nintendo user. That is a good battle game. It is something you will love if you love games like Fortnite. The games are very competitive and fun.

The switch makes it even more fun. The controls make all the fighting smoother and enjoyable.

12. Rocket League 

It is a super popular game that combines racing cars and football. The game is situated in an arena, and the cars are what you control as a user. You aim to put the football into your opponent’s net and score points.

You can drive all around the arena, even on the sides. The game allows teams of three and is a classic player vs. player game with a twist.

13. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition 

The game depicts you, the user, as a mercenary monster slayer, and you wander the continent filled with monsters and continuously waging wars. Your task is to track down the child of prophecy who can save or destroy the whole world.

It is one of the best battle games I have ever played, and you have endless quests and side quests in the game.

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14. Emergency HQ 

It is a very popular strategy simulation game and is a completely free Nintendo switch game. In the game, you get to join forces and create your own.

You have to train and build your units and complete missions. Completing these tasks, like extinguishing fire incidents and saving people in accidents, is what levels you up in the game.

15. Pokemon Sword/Shield

The game might not have too many twists and surprises, but it is a classic. It provides an excellent pokemon experience focusing on pokemon combat and fighting.

In the game, you explore different places in their world, catch and train pokemon and upgrade your level while fighting other pokemon. Pokemon games are already very popular, and Nintendo adds to the experience.

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