10 Best Wilson Pickleball Paddles to level up your game in 2022

Wilson Pickleball Paddle to level up your game

Being a well-known brand name among tennis, racquetball, and squash players. We anticipate seeing a lot more of these paddles in the hands of crossover players from other racket sports.

If you’re looking for one of these Wilson paddles, we’re here to assist you in making the best decision.

Top 10 Wilson pickleball paddle:

The “Power Comb” core is present in all Wilson by Engage paddles.

So it all boils down to the weight of the bat and the finish on the hitting surface.

Because many of the characteristics are similar, we’ve included a quick summary of each paddle below to demonstrate what’s different and which one could be best for you based on your playing style and preferred weight.

Wilson Profile Graphite Paddle

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The Wilson Profile Graphite Paddle is the company’s newest product.

As it is now the lone paddle in the product range, they appear to be concentrating all of their efforts on this one paddle. It’s available in pink and blue.

Wilson went all out with this one. The paddle measures 8.4 ounces (typical 8.3-8.5 ounces) and has a racket-like feel, which is to be expected from a manufacturer that has been manufacturing tennis equipment for decades.

The substantial construction, 5 “To me, the long handle and larger 4 1/2 grip size scream tennis. (Be aware that several websites mistakenly advertise grip size as 4 1/4.) 

This paddle will appeal to “conversion players” who are switching from tennis, which makes up a large portion of new players.

Wilson Energy pickleball paddle

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At the time of its inception in 2014, this was the lightest paddle in the Wilson series. Although the company representative in the video below cites a weight of 7.3 ounces, the paddle’s marketed weight range is 7.6-7.8 ounces.

The paddle we tested weighed 7.8 ounces, so it’s still a lightweight paddle. The five “Cushion grip and handle give it the tennis racket feel we’ve come to expect from Wilson.

With a circumference of 4 1/8 inches, the grip is very modest “, making it a viable option for those with petite hands (Although many former tennis players are accustomed to building out their racket grips, this may also be accomplished with this paddle). The Nomex core gives this paddle a robust feel while keeping it light.

Wilson Surge pickleball paddle

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The Wilson Surge is a wonderful choice for players who want the most playing surface on the paddle’s face and don’t want the edge guard to get in the way (thin plastic protective strip that covers the rim of the paddle).

The Surge outperformed the previously released Wilson Energy in the lightweight area, weighing in at an even lighter 7.3 oz.

Wilson Power Comb technology, which is their version of a lightweight honeycomb core, is used in the Surge. This paddle’s weight and feel make it an excellent choice for control players who excel at drinking and finesse shots.

Wilson Tour BLX Pickleball Paddle

Tour BLX Wilson Pickleball Paddle

The Tour BLX was Wilson’s top-of-the-line pro-level paddle, and it included a basalt fibre weave. It’s the only paddle we’ve seen with this technology, and while it doesn’t exactly stand out in terms of playability when compared to graphite, it has a similar touch and feels.

The paddle is close to 9 ounces in weight, which puts it squarely in the heavy category. Although the added weight will be appreciated by many power players seeking to add some extra punch, it appears that the paddle is relying heavily on the basalt weave technique, which I’m not certain is enough to make this a winner over the other graphite paddles now available.

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Wilson Tour pickleball paddle

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7.6-8.0 oz. weight range (mid-weight in the range of Wilson paddles)

Fibreglass Composite Blend & Textured Skin as a Finish

What is the purpose of this?

For all-around players, the mid-weight is ideal.

The texture of the paddle’s skin and the composite face is intended to aid in shot control. The textured face also aids in the application of spin to the ball.

Wilson Tour Pro pickleball paddle

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In the Pro-Engage era, the Wilson Tour Pro is the heaviest paddle. This paddle, which weighs between 8.1 and 8.5 ounces, is designed for power serving and baseline shots. The distinctive Fiberglass hitting zone aids in the production of excellent pop and feel.

The Wilson Tour Pro, although being a heavyweight paddle, has a softer feel and improved control thanks to the polymer power comb technology.

The paddle is also highly durable, thanks to the Shock Stop Dampening Bumper Guard that protects it from abrasion. You have an excellent grip and general comfort when shooting with a cushioned perforated grip.

Wilson Surge Lite pickleball paddle

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On this list of the top Wilson pickleball paddles, a lightweight paddle makes its debut! The Surge Lite is a lighter version of the original Surge paddle, as the name implies.

This paddle is distinct in that it has a comparable composite face to its sister but is somewhat lighter. Wilson Surge Lite is ideal for players who want compact grips and don’t want to carry around a lot of weight.

The Wilson Surge Lite paddle has an 8.25″ width and a 15.5″ length, which is standard for all pickleball paddles. Surge Lite, unlike Surge and Tour Pro, is designed for players who are just getting started with pickleball.

You can achieve great spin and learn to perform shots with accuracy and precision thanks to its lightweight build.

It’s more about technique and finesses with the Surge Lite than it is about power serves and baseline hitting. This is the paddle you should choose if you like to play near the net.

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As previously stated, Wilson and Engage arranged to create this new paddle line. All paddles are created in the United States and offer the same high quality as Engage paddles, but with Wilson’s branding and customer service.

These seven new paddles were released in the middle of 2018 and are only now beginning to appear on courts.

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